Tuesday, February 8, 2011

rock-a-bye baby.

This is going to be a new feature here on the blog.
Most people are in-shock about how Kennedy reacts to music, or her instant calmness when Dave Matthews is playing.
So, I will be posting her "playlist" every once in awhile :)

You & Me- Dave Matthews
Blackbird- The Bealtes
Here comes the Sun- The Beatles, or Colbie Caillat
My Girl- The Temptations
Little Wonders- Rob Thomas
Crush-Dave Matthews
Funny The Way It Is- Dave Matthews
Capri-Colbie Caillat {this is permanent, this was my song to her thru pregnancy as well}
Never Grow Up- Taylor Swift
Hey Baby- No Doubt Lullaby Renditions
Save Tonight-Eagle Eye Cherry
Better Together- Jack Johnson
Better With You-Five Times August

If you want to also post your babies/child in tummy/out of tummy playlist, email me & I can make the tape say your babies name :)

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  1. What an adorable post -- Skylar has a playlist too! Do you mind if I borrow this idea sometime??? ♥Cyn♥


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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