Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade BINGO

12:52 PM

 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade BINGO

Like most Americans, we start our Thanksgiving by watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade every year. Let's be honest though younger kiddos have a hard time staying engaged watching with all the commercials & cut-in commentary! So I made these fun Bingo cards to play while watching the parade a little bit more fun & keep kids engaged in the parade! I did photos instead of words for younger kids that can not read yet! This card is specific to 2021! Don't worry about Bingo markers, you can just use a marker to "X" when you find the float or balloon! 

What happens when you win? Well, you could play just for fun & no real prize! Maybe you win getting the first piece of pie after dinner or helping Mom with a Thanksgiving dish! My girls fight over who helps peel the potatoes {one year I am going to remember to buy more peelers} It up to you on how you want to play!

I made 4 cards for you to choose from!

You can print them below or click HERE!

The Best Toy Advent Calendars for Kids 2021

8:23 PM

The Best Kid Toy Advent Calendars for Kids 2021

When you're a kid it seems like that month leading up to Christmas is the absolute longest. Watching movies, singing Christmas songs, baking, nothing seems to make it go faster & only gets kids more excited. Which is why I love advent calendars for kids. Just a little  indulgence every day with a Christmas advent calendar really curbs the appetite for toys & surprises! 

There are so many different kinds of kid advent calendars. We have & do quite a few. What can I say, Christmas is my love language. But, for weeks now I have waited for advent calendars to be released to compile them all up to bring the best of the kid toys advent calendars for this year! I made sure to choose some that would appeal to boys & girls & a big age range!

A lot of these will sell out quickly, so make sure you get them as soon you can. I've actually been sitting on this list for weeks now but didn't want to over do & scheduled this to go live November 1st. Disney, LEGO, Star Wars & Harry Potter Advents always go the fastest so keep that in mind! 

1. Minnie Fashion Advent Calendar

18. Playmobil Advent Calendar

21. Disney Puzzles Advent Calendar