8 months!

10:17 AM
I am little late.


some facts:
you can drink out of a straw & transitioned to a straw sippy now!

you have TWO teeth!

you walk with your activity walker & try to so badly by yourself, but end up falling

you crawl, climb, stand & pull yourself up on every.thing.

size 3 diapers; size 3m onesies; size 6m pants

you got your ears pierced!

you are eating babyfood,puffs, recently arrowroot cookies, & now insist on trying alittle of what I eat every dinner so far just mac & cheese, hot dogs,  scrambled eggs & chicken Alfredo

you say: mama, dada, nana, yeah, doe {dog}  & recently starting nooo

you love your baby dolls, they are you new favorite thing

you are kinda obsessed with the laptop, you bang on it every chance it is out; which makes it pretty hard to for me to work

We love you more than yo u know buggy!
Happy late 8 months!


7:49 AM
{inspiration: Alysha @ Supermom}
did you see my post below?
Her ears are doing great today!

bling bling!

9:52 PM
you guys remember this post?

well on whim we went & got her ears pierced

I am kinda glad I just did it instead of sitting & thinking about it forever
setting a date & time to do it.
So many thoughts went thru  my head.
is she too young?
will she remember?
what if it gets infected?
do I want to cause her pain?

But I decided this is what we were going to do!

I was reassured when she only cried for maybe 5 seconds & that was because I had to hold her arms & forehead still!
 this was JUST before they clicked it!

which by the way is nothing like when I had mine done the second time for second holes {first time I was 6 weeks} its isnt real loud at all!

This was about 30 seconds after!
& yes that is her first sucker.
go on, hit me with the bad mom stick.
But seriously how cute does she look!

So far I am glad we did it now.
& happy with our decision! 
I will do a update if things change!


4:28 PM
Carters is having BOGO.

I swore when I got pregnant I wouldnt put my baby in Carters.
Apparently I hadnt been to the outlet; cause this shiz is freakin cute
& the one of the main sources of bugs wardrobe which you all are always asking about!

If you have a outlet near you, go TODAY.
Tuesdays are double stamp days which is a stamp for every $10 you spend
when you fill up the card you get $10 off with each card!

So far I have only gone to  the outlet 3 times
but I buy in bulk when they have either BOGO or 50% the entire store!

If you go & plan on buying alot. 
go to their website; & print off th 25% off 50$ or more
makes a huge difference!

First off.
Um i totally bought 12 MONTH clothing 
what the crap
I was looking at the 9 month & 12 month stuff I got her
{she is still in 3m onsies; 6m is still a pretty big}
& was like no way.
no freakin way.
my baby will never fit into these
she has to stop growing.

Heres my goodies!
over $200 worth for a cool $120!
 I spent so much I got 2 and a half cards full 
equaling to a free $20! 
& got this 40$ super cute dress with leggings

60% off
& then turning around & using my 2 cards for.......................... 
43 cents! whoop whoop!


11:59 AM
Kennedys birthday is in THREE months.
Ok you MAY think I am crazy for even thinking about it
but lets get real here, I am going to be a emotional wreck
& true be told I want to sit back & relax & enjoy her in all her one year-ness!
I am going to do a bit of an inspiration board soon; now that everything is coming together
I need your help!
I don't know which invite to go with; I designed 3!
Help me & vote which one you like the best!
Thanks in advance friends!




9:32 AM
I am avoiding just going grocery shopping with bug 
with fear that someone might call CPS {child protection services} on me

Yeah your freaking out
& rightly so

My childs head looks like I pushed her down the stairs several times
I haven't.

This whole "look momma I am gonna walk" & "look momma look at me hold on with one hand then dance like michael jackson on speed"
Each of these ends..& not well.. mostly with her hitting her head on something
your thinking..what kinda mom are you?
Hey, you should see my knees; her bruises are as bad as my carpet burns on my knees from my dives trying to catch my poor baby from another fall.

On top of that, which is where I kinda need advice
I babysit a almost 2 year old
& finds it fun to bash my chids head into things or kick her head
I of course stop this as soon as I walk into room
& have a niece that is for some reason massively jealous of my daughter & bashed her head into the vent because she was  "in her way" 
I also found her with her hand over her mouth the other with her hand on her forehead telling her shut up!
I seriously almost died, I was bawling trying to call her dad. 
She is 4 by the way.
She also is always telling me to "just put her to bed, gosh"

My poor girl cant catch a break.
Each parent just kinda of giggles & says "bad {insert name}, say your sorry!}
Sweet well that did alot, I said the said thing, & followed in a time out.
Now I am not suggesting they beat their child; but I am getting to the brink
I mean seriously I would put up a picture, but its awful & you might start to think I did push her down the stairs.
I didnt.

So, what do I do?
The hubs says I shouldnt babysit them anymore
but hey I worked in a daycare, if she was there the same thing would be happening
its just "kids being kids"
but then he reminds me, yeah but we keep her home.
grant it 50% of these battle wounds are self inflicted from those "hey mommas"
but what do I do about these bite-size bullies?

what we've been up too!

2:03 PM
We spent days at the park & sitting on blankets under shaded trees:

We spent days at the lake, on the boat; enjoying the company of good friends:

We have spent time outside playing in the water upon til this past week {its to hot to be outside; & they suggest not to be outside as little as possible}
We have spent a couple nights at the drive-in; our fav thingn pre-buggy & now we love it more being able to see 2 movies with bug!
 We celebrated my sisters 19th birthday!

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Heattt Wavvve!

11:22 PM
I wish I had excuse for me not posting.
Well a good one.
But, I don't. 
I am on every day sometimes multiple 
& gone to a new post screen several times
& just sit there
I think I am in funk.
We made a pretty  big decision & I am trying to gather my thoughts on it all & will tell you guys soon!

Right now we are in a HEAT WAVE.
Crazy Heat Advisories 
lots of us have our AC set at 67 & it is still 71ish in the our houses
When there is a breeze it HOT
So we have been spending our days inside!
Kennedy is go go, taking a few steps at a time
her head is a giant bruise
I hate it
I try everything to catch her, but I can't every time
& I know its all a part of a learning process!

I am hoping by next week I will have more of "meaningful" post for ya'll
I have a series of mini sessions this weekend plus some normal session so I am busy getting everything ready for it!
I am so excited for them!
As hectic as it is; I am so thankful I get to do what I love!

Enjoy the rest of your week!
I am still reading ya'll posts, just in a weird funk; promise to be back to normal soon!

balance. {a rant}

3:15 PM
I am struggling ya'll.
I am burning myself out on both ends.
I want to be the best momma.
I want to be the wife.
I want to have the best home.
I want to be the best photographer.

& I just can't seem to find the balance.
I am seriously editing for my photography business 24/7.
Seriously every time Bug is occupied or napping, I am on PS.
But wait, what about the dishes, dinner, laundry; yup I have to be doing that too.
on top of that I babysit 2 days a week, with on.the.go.into.everything one year old.
2 days a week no big deal right? well right now I have my 4-year old niece that just went thru her parents going thru a divorce & is acting out. everyday. & spending the night most of those nights.

I know what you thinking since some biznatch left the a mean comment on my facebook 
"& you want more than one kid, HA"
honestly I love the chaos
the toys at my feet, the go-go-go-ness, the coloring then playdoh 5 second later
but they aren't my kids & I still want to give them %100.

I have THREE dogs also to take care of.
& I feel like I am failing.
I mean this is what I have wanted to be my whole life.
& i feel like I am failing.

First off, Kennedy teething; I know I have said this before.
But that was nothing my baby SCREAMS & I am mean SCREAMS blood curdling sobs
I really don't like giving her tylenol so I try to space it out as much as I can & during that time it is awful.
Tablets were apparently recalled & ora-jel? just started working today which has been GREAT. before she would just scream louder!
On top of that she started this pinching thing, & it hurts. BAD. my face has marks all over it.

My neighbor called her a "brat" yeah dont get me started.
I know she is just hurting & the pinching is her learning

sidenote: yes I did punch her out ;)
the neighbor not kennedy 

The other day I took 5 hours to clean out the garage, the hubs has been complaining about getting it done.
It was hot those 5 hours & i worked my butt off!
He comes home, Kennedy screaming after awhile goes "the garage looks nice."
no thanks babe. no wow that garage looks awesome. no holy shiz my niz cleaned your ace off.
just a "garage looks nice"
& he got mad at me for asking "just nice?"

I feel like I can't win.
I can't help kennedy with her pain.
& can I just briefly touch on I hate the trying to walk phase.
She falls all the time, & I hate it.
I feel like a awful momma everytime she falls. But I can't catch her everytime.

Without even going into to much detail do see what I mean?

I just need a bit of confidence I guess, Brandon to tell me "hey, your a great mom; thanks for all you do."
But he is a man.

I just need to find the balance between everything.
I just want to be the best for my family.
I am beginning to think I can't.

rockin the baby!

10:50 AM
I did the rockin the bump from "thing I can't say" & when I saw this link up, it was soo appropriated because tho my baby is still a baby, she doing all these new things so fast & it making miss my little squishy baby!
so here go, it was so hard to choose! enjoy!

look how little her head is.

new happenings!

12:21 PM
In the past weekend some MAJOR milestones happened.

Kennedy is crawling FORWARDS!
She crawled forward once, then stuck to going backward
& now she is going the right direct & at the heels of my feet

She learned to wave Bye-Bye
I tried forever to get a video but we made her do it so much over the weekend she was getting sick of doing it on demand!

She WALKED 3 steps!
I seriously could NOT believe it.
After I stood her up to do it again she went to fall face first & caught her; & that was the funniest thing ever
so now that she is what she does & dies laughing it is so funny!
It may have been a fluke, but it was pretty awesome; yet horrible cause she is reaching these things a little too fast

high chairs!

11:55 AM
Well im a firm believer that the moment your trys babyfood or cereal you need to run out & get a highchair; unless you already had one of course. But our bumbo sufficed thus far but I think now with eating finger foods {puffs & yogurt melts} we are in the market for one!

While my dream highchair is: 
Boon Flair Highchair

I can't fathom throwing down over $200 on one!
So here are my favs in our budget.
Things I want: safety,easy to clean, less space as possible, unless it is pretty {like the boon, sigh.}, a tray as  cute as Ikeas highchairs are, I need a tray 
Things I don't want: a on top of chair strap seat, something she can't grow with, isn't hard to take off tray with one hand

Chicco Polly Magic
Kolcraft Easy Recliner
Trend High Chair by Baby Trend 
{which matches her bouncy}

Astro High Chair by Valco Baby

All of these are tested and approved by the independent Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

Which highchair do you have? Do you love it? 
Do you have one you are getting, why did you choose it?
I need some input mommas!

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the 4th!

12:27 PM
Some of my favorite memories as a child of Fourth of July consisted of our backyard, bonfires, sparklers & stayin up late! This year it was no different. Saturday I had a wedding
& Sunday we had a BBQ with my parents at our house.
with lots of yummy food
 Kennedy wanted to do nothing but play in the grass all day!

 Taking several naps thru out the day, go figure ;)

 I picked this up at a garage sale for $3 she loves it, but I found a brand new one that was purple for $2 this past weekend, psh.
 My little sister is almost 19 years old but barely  feet tall, & she loves babywearing kennedy; it jus so funny cause Bug is bigger than half of  her in it! :)
 I love their relationship, this is my mom

 The way Bug spent the night, up in her room missing out on the fun.
What did you guys do?

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