Back to School Unpack Happy with KidBox

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Back to School Unpack Happy with KidBox

I love subscription boxes & the girls love getting things in the mail!
KidBox is the perfect mixture of the two because it saving me from going to the store shopping with them, & they think it is the absolute coolest thing to get a whole box just for them! I mean, honestly, who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail? Kids think it is so special when they get something all for themselves! I love when they got these, they said "What?! It's for ME?!"

I am sure you have questions, so let's get to it!

So what is KidBox?

It is the first kids' personalized style box that provides parents with a convenient way to dress their kids in cool brands at significant savings -- by bringing them right to your door!

The whole brand is built on a mission to clothe 1 MILLION kids in need, with $17.3 million in clothing donated so far! For every box kept, they donate an item of clothing to a child in need through their partnership with Delivering Good. 

How does it work?

KidBox dresses ages 2-14 for boys & girls. Baby boxes include sizes 0-24 months. They carry 180+ name brands, like Puma, Jessica Simpson, 7 for all ManKind, Justice, Levis & More! We got some amazing things in our box, Kensley got Joes jeans, & Matilda Jane leggings! Kennedy got a pair of amazing silver shorts!

You take a fun quiz that helps figure out your kiddo's style!
Our quiz got the girl's style pretty spot on!
They wore their favorite pics from the boxes in these photos shown on this post!

I know what your thinking, I am not buying clothes I've never seen for my kid! Because I wouldn't do that either!

 KidBox is a try before you buy-service-- you don't pay anything until your 7-day home try-on period is up!
 Shipping is always free! *yasss*

 You can keep your entire box &  get all items at an amazing discount, & even if you buy only a few items from the box they are discounted too, just not as heavily as if you were to get them all!

Why everyone loves KidBox:

1. Obviously, their mission is incredible! It is so neat that doing something like this with your kiddo also is a teaching charitable lesson.
2. Convenience! Forget the hassle of the mall & stores. You get brand new, stylish outfits, catered to your kiddo right to your door!
3. Savings! Everyone has a budget. KidBox helps you get your favorite name brands, & find new brands to love for a discounted price! The average retail price is over $200 on a box of 6-7 items! So your savings are more than 50%!
 Speaking of savings I am so thrilled to share a code for your first box! 
Use code : MRSMUMAW
     Get your first KidBox HERE    

Family Travel Guide to Hershey / Harrisburg Pennsylvania

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Thank you so much to everyone who hosted our family during our trip & made this travel guide include all of the very best of the best for families to plan their trip! As always, all views & opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting my blog &  family!

Things to do, Where to Stay in Hershey / Harrisburg Pennsylvania

It has been a month since our trip to the Hershey area & I am thrilled to finally put together our family guide to the area!
Here you will find out things to do, where to stay & fun places to eat!

NOTE: You will notice some things mentioned are not located in the Hershey/Harrisburg area, however, we are still adding them to our guide because we feel they are worth going outside the area to visit!

Of course a trip to the "sweetest place on earth" is a must! There is something to do for everyone at an entire theme park, themed to candy!

          For our tips to visiting Hershey Park click HERE          

Yes, Hershey World & Hershey Park are two separate places although they are within walking distance of one another. We saw several people think their Hershey Park tickets got them into the Hershey World attractions. Don't be that guy! Here you can make your own chocolate bar, go on a chocolate tour, do a taste tasting & so much more! 

3. Take a trip in Hershey downtown & have a donut

Don't stay confined to the theme park area, travel into town! 
Take a look at these street lights?! Can you even?

Stop at Duck Donuts for a fun treat! They have a TON of different fun flavors, & you can even come up with your own! I got the maple, bacon & I HIGHLY recommend! This place was an experience on it's own! 

4. Stay at Hilton Harrisburg 

Hershey Park hotels are $$$. Do yourself a favor &  we booked at the Harrisburg Hilton and had an amazing family-friendly stay. We found that the rooms were extremely spacious for families & affordable. The hotel is about 13 miles from Hershey. So super close to Hershey attractions. But aside from that, it is attached to the Whitaker Center for Science & Arts, & walking distance to City Island & Capitol Complex. It has two restaurants within the hotel & its super close to other restaurants!  If you're lucky you can get a room with a view of the river!

     Book your stay HERE     

5. Zoo America

This zoo is amazing & all of its animals are from North America! It was so neat to not only see animals that are common for our area but also see animals that are common from other sides of the US.

This stop is in Easton, PA. A short drive from the Hershey/Harrisburg area & so worth the drive!
Make your own crayon, make lots of art & see the world's largest crayon!

America's only all-water cavern & wildlife park. This was the most amazing experience for our family! It is secluded back off the beaten path, & again a bit of a farther drive than anywhere else mentioned, but this truly is a MUST SEE. We hit it on the way home, & I recommend that to anyone else too. Or on your way into Hershey if you're coming from west of PA. Truly so amazing!

Visiting Historic Penn's Cave

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Thank you so much to Visit Penn State for hosting us at Penn's Cave! Wow, what a great time we had! As always, all views & opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting my blog &  family!

Visiting Historic Penn's Cave

This may be one of our most fun stops ever!
We visited Penn's Cave on our way home from Hershey. If I remember right it was about an hour or so away. It wasn't terrible at all, & it was on our way home.
& if you're wondering if it's worth the drive off the "beaten" path, it SO is.

Penn's Cave is America's only all-water cavern & wild park! We weren't able to visit the wild park too, so I imagine it would be even more amazing than what we already think! There is so much history in this place!

Before you arrive, bring along a sweatshirt. The temp drops to extremely chilly no matter how hot it is outside. I think the day of our visit it was close to 90 degrees & in the cavern, it was 60.
I could be totally fudging those numbers, but regardless I went in thinking I wouldn't need a sweatshirt & quickly started teeth chattering & was happy Brandon had given me his!

When you arrive, know that you need to keep your backpack ect in the car.

You enter the "Visiting Center" & that is where you buy your tickets. During our visit, The first tour of the day was 9:30 AM & the last was 7:00 PM.  Tours leave every hour. But do check their site before your visit, in case those change! 

The tour is about 45-50 minutes long. Which is something to consider, as you know your child best. You have to sit quite still the entire tour. My girls, even my ants in her pants one, did great as they keep you very entertained.

After you pick your time slot, you can look around the store or outside, & wait for them to call over an intercom when you to head down to the cavern.  They have really neat things available in the store. They also have a cafe you can grab a bite to eat. Or buy a bag to mine for stones in!

Also make sure you check out Penns Cave Hotel

Once your time slot is called you head down.
It's so bizarre because just a couple steps down, you instantly feel the temp drop!
You wait for your boat at the "dock". 
They have a little machine for you to feed the rainbow trout if you wish. The girls found this really cool!

The boat is a flat bottomed, square boat! As crazy as it looks, in the hundreds {I can't remember how long it's been since they have been doing this} they haven't had one tip yet!

The tour guides are amazing, & hilarious {think Disney World/Land Jungle Cruise ride} the tour is full of corny dad jokes to make you giggle but just as full of information! They point out certain formations & tell you all the history. It was SO educational.
They, with full disclosure, who you complete darkness by having you put your hand in front of your face then turn out the light for just a brief second. It is so neat! I thought the girls may be scared, but they thought it was really cool too!

This is what they called "cave bacon"

You get to the end of the cavern, & come outside to the pond. It is so gourgeous! & you maybe even lucky to spot some elk or baby deer while your're out! It is SO freaking neat to float back into the cave! Then your able to view everything from the opposite angle on the way back!

I am sure you can see now, why this made our must do list!!