This weekend was great! My best friend from Florida came to visit. I love seeing her, & I know how much she misses not seeing Kennedy grow. Great news, she moves back in 6 months! I can't wait. I was supposed to go down with her to go to school. But couldn't be away from my family. Brandon always thinks about if I would have where we both would be. SO CRAZY. 

me & shelby;prom 05'
at my wedding
So, the hubs, me, shelby & her boyfriend all went bowling...without the baby. This was so hard for me, because the next day I was to be away from her..ALL DAY. Then we wen't & saw "Hall Pass" which is hilarious FYI! So for our second date night since bugg-a-boo. It was great.

Then bright & early on Saturday I had my first 2011 wedding to shoot, it went great. The bride was gourgeous & the venues were beautiful! I didn't get home til about 11, & that is now the record for the longest I have ever been without bug. It was hard. They say it get easier, though I have left her maybe a hand-full of times for only 3 hours tops. It was awful. Luckily my next wedding isn't for a few months!

Sunday was just family timee spent in jammies, litterly all day.Just napping the day away. It was amazing. After a long day of being away from my family, it was what I needed. The hubs made..brace yourself.. me breakfast & dinner! Over all great weekend! 
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