Kennedy had her first playdate Saturday morning, hmm maybe this is where the sick germs came from?
Anyway, thought I would do a little photo blog of the day! 

Meet Alayna, she is 7 months old, 4 months older than Kennedy & they are just a few cm's from being the same height!
she kept putting her hand on her chest like, MINE!

then she was holding her hand, obviously kennedy is more into her own hand over there haha
hand hold-age.

grabs to the face.

it didn't even phase kennedy haha

blue eyed babies!
on to after the play-date, I thought she would nap but she wanted to try out her toy!

teething baby=growl box

drowl box, alll over her cute ralph lauren outfit, sigh. outfits don't last long anymore.

I will leave you with this adorable photo of her singing while banging on the piano, tell me you didn't just laugh? haha 

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