So, as I said in a previous post. I would talk about my breastfeeding journey when I was ready & less of a touchy subject.
Well, I am ready.

It first started out great. Then she wouldn't latch on so I used a nipple shield or as the hubby called it my "extend-o nipple". This worked wonders, but then she wouldn't have it.
So I was just pumping and bottle feeding. In my mind, at least she was getting the nutrients & I was keeping eye-contact & touching her during the feeding, I felt no disconnection. So I was happy. She would latch great during bath-time, but that was only time, so werid.

Then I got my breast infection, & this is where it all started.
She start projectile throwing up, yes she has reflux but it was going beyond that.
My stored supply was dwindling so I was supplementing.
Well, then it was out, & I was no where near off penicilion yet.
So, we went full on formula. 
Bad idea, this made her tummy worse.
We switched to soy, & it was a whole new baby.
No spit up or anything.

So here we are at 3 months, still on formula. When I noticed my milk came back in. I did some research, learning that at 3 months most babies tolerance goes away! On top of that I have learned so much research on re lactation! After consulting a lactation consultant & my own google research, I started on re lactation journey, about 2 weeks ago! I started with a pumping schedule, but I started to slack. I am now on a very much strict schedule now. & I am starting fenugreek 3x a day tonight. I have also tried to get her to latch, & she does like a champ its like a whole new baby; but then she gets so ticked off that not enough is coming out. 

I really hope I can be another success story to re lactation. I recently read someone saying "I know I was ment to breastfeed" - I couldn't have put it better. 
So, here we go! You guys are now apart of my re lactation journey, it going to be hard very hard! 

my life=pumping for the next several weeks!
I am sooo excited!