Backyard Season: Backyard Patio Fire Pit

3:43 PM

Thank you so much to Wayfair for sponsoring this post & making our backyard patio a paradise. This space has become everything I wanted & more. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

Last year I told you all about our quest to make our backyard more utilized & beautiful as we are in this "backyard season" of life. Like I explained before, with our girls ages we have hit this time in our lives where a huge chunk of our spring, summer & fall is in the backyard. The one thing I love about our home is we have a huge backyard, but we weren't using it to its potential at all. So we started with the playset makeover & we have moved into the patio section!

I will have a few other blog posts on the whole area, because we have & still have so much to do in this area to make it what we want. But today's post is about teaming up with Wayfair on making our firepit area perfect for our family!

If you are a new here, we are huge smore lovers. If you follow me over on Instagram you will often see us eating marshmallows & smores proballyyyy a little more than what we should. So, after we made this privacy fence wall, a firepit area was vital. Before we had an old portable firepit thing that was passed down from my parents. Then last fall, we made our own. But, it had it's faults. We had to worry about having wood, & then the wood being dry. Brandon had me move out the pit because he was worried it was too close to the house, & then it wasn't as aesthetically pleasing as decor heart wanted.

So, I found THIS propane concrete firepit. It is beautiful by itself. I mean honestly, we could just not hook it up & I would be happy its so pretty! The outer edge doesn't get hot at all so I don't have to worry about little fingers getting burned or anything. The hose I can easily hide under the rock & stick the tank behind the sectional. It also came with a great cover.

I also got THIS gorgeous white iron end table for next to sectional too! It's a statement piece & super functional. It's metal & withstand the weather fabulously! It adds some light to this color too as the firepit & wood are all very dark!

My striped pillows are also from Wayfair! They are sunbella, so I know the quality is amazing. I got these last year & they look brand new still!

I am so thrilled with how the firepit area came together. It is exactly what I wanted, it feels so cozy & a plate where we can relax &....snack. It honestly feels like an extension of the house. We had built the sectional last year & I am in awe of what just the new fireplace did to space alone, then adding in end table & decor elements really took it to the next level! I see so many summer & fall nights out here cuddled up with blankets around the fire. I can't wait!

As you can see, Wayfair has something to make everyone's patio a paradise. From a quick refresh with some pillows to completely pulling together a space with a firepit! Thank you again to Wayfair for sponsoring this post!

Easter Bunny Chow - Easter Snack Mix

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Easter Bunny Chow - Easter Snack Mix

Quick Easter/Spring snack mix to munch on while watching Peter Cottontail, use as a class snack or give to others. It's fast, easy & so yummy! 

This is a great one to include the kiddos to help! Nothing with a stove, knives or anything really too messy. I had my girls measure out everything into bowls, then they added it all together. They only thing they really needed my help with was melting the bark! They had such a blast!


1. Layout a cookie sheet & line with wax paper.
2. Mix cereal Chex, marshmallow, pretzels & bunnies together.
3. Melt the almond bark in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Stirring about every 45 seconds. 
4. Pour melted bark into the cereal mixture & mix all together.
5. Spread the mixture onto the wax papered, cookie sheet & top with sprinkles.
6. Let cool for about 15 minutes.
7. Break into bite-sized pieces & place it into gallon-sized ziplock with the powdered sugar. Shake to coat the mixture.
8. In a large bowl mix cereal mixture with the M&Ms.
9. Enjoy! 

50 Things to do While Social Distancing

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50 Things to do While Social Distancing 

These are such crazy times, aren't they? It kinda scary, unsettling & filled with so much uncertainty. The only thing we really do know during this time is that social distancing is what needs to happen to flatten the curve to stop this thing from spreading more. Pretty much, the less you're around people, the less chance you have of spreading or contracting the coronavirus. 

With having to avoid public places, cancel travel plans {so mourning so so many amazing travel plans 😔} not being able to attend social gatherings & some may be working from home or unable to work, has a lot of people asking what they should do with the time they have been handed.

First, I want to say I don't think, actually I know, there is no certain way we should be handling our time. Whether your time is posted up on Netflix all day or maybe working out, running miles every day or painting or really anything you choose is the right way for you. There is no right or wrong here. This is uncharted territory for everyone & anyway you are coping is just fine.

However, if you are looking for some things you can do while social distancing here is a few to try:

1. Put together a puzzle. These are time consuming, fun & rewarding! Get the whole family involved. 

2. Play board games. Don't underestimate the fun that can happen with a board game. I feel like a lot of adults forget just how fun games are. I have an entire post of our favorite games you can check out HERE.

3. Facetime friends & family you love.

4. Make homemade popcorn.

5. Built a blanket fort.

6. Try an at-home workout on Youtube. {I love these Tone It Up workouts}

7. Start spring cleaning. Being stuck at home isn't fun, but I am a firm believer that your space affects your mood. Decluttering and organizing can be a total mood changer!

8. Bake something yummy.

9. Have a Disney movie marathon. Or maybe even a 90's movie marathon, check out my 90's movie list HERE for ideas!

10. Create some chalk art on your driveway!. Maybe write some positive notes for others walking by to read!

11. Create some art. Painting & coloring is calming to both kids & adults, studies have proven. Try a coloring app like Colorfy.

12. Have a spa day. Get out your nail polish, do a face mask and relax in a nice bubble bath! Include your kiddos too!

13. Try a new recipe.

14. Clean out your email inbox. Unsubscribe to unwanted emails. File away important emails into folders.

15. Organize your closets. Watch the Marie Kondo Netflix series for inspiration or read the book! 

16. Make a new playlist. Let it all go & have a kitchen dance party! I have a ton of fun playlists HERE.

17. Rewatch your favorite TV show! Perfect time to watch Gilmore Girls or my favorite One Tree Hill.

18. Rearrange furniture to make a space feel fresh & clean.

19. Take a walk. 

20. Learn a new skill. There are so many free resources being offered right now. Maybe watch some videos on sewing, knitting, painting, take a virtual cooking class {I have loved watching Rachel Ray's Instagram videos during this time}  For kids, look up courses on

21. Read a book.

22. Clean out the junk drawer. Don't act like you don't have one.

23. Wash your makeup brushes. Then go through your beauty products & discard anything expired or that you no longer use. Like that lotion bottle that has been sitting there with juuuuuust enough at the bottom.

24. Learn how to juggle. I mean, why not?

25. Listen to a new podcast. Never listened to podcasts? Check one out.

26. Clean out your pantry & fridge.

28. Get outside. Try to spend at least 20 minutes out in the fresh air, even if it is just sitting on your porch.

29. Sing karaoke. Disney sing-a-longs are the best. 

30. Make a fun TikTok. Or learn to do a TikTok dance!

31. Play hide & go seek WITH your kids.

32. Give your dog a bath.

33. Go on a scavenger hunt. Print a list HERE.

34. Tie-Dye a shirt.

36. Have themed dinner nights. Dress up fancy... theme all the food Italian.

37. Clean out the garage.

38. Make homemade donuts.

39. Organize your digital photos into folders on your computer & back them up.

40. Play a video game. I heard the new Animal Crossing game is a lot of fun.

41. Try yoga.

42. Shampoo your carpets.

43. Write a letter to someone.

44. Print photos or make photo books.

45. Make homemade ice cream.

46. "Window" shop online by making a wishlist on Amazon.

47. Start journaling. Hey, who knows, maybe you will be the next Anne Frank.

48. Clean out & organize your purse/wallet.

49. Clean out your car, top to bottom.

50. Camp out in the backyard.


The Ultimate 90's Family Movie List - 90's Movies for Kids

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The Ultimate 90's Family Movie List 
to watch with your kids

I don't know if it's the nostalgia or the fact that any movies that recently came out are re-makes but, 90's movies are just the best! Can't you agree? Are you having trouble figuring out what 90's movies to show your own kids? I got you covered! I bet you some of these will spark you remembering a movie you had forgotten all about!

My favorite thing about showing these movies to our girls is them seeing the technology & fashion. Some, actually a lot you can see making its rounds again. So many of them have the wholesome feel-good, predictable, Full House Tanner family value that makes it's appearance at the end & I just love that!

This list took me HOURS. There are over 100 movies for the, if I do say so myself, best 90's movies for kids list, ever!

Don't look too much into the exact dates. Some of these aren't exactly 90's movies, they are roundabout though. I didn't search every single one of their release dates. But if you remember one of these, more than likely remember them all even if they are a year or two off!

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Now, there are plenty of other movies I could have added, but I really want to pick ones that most households would allow their kiddos to see.

90's movies rating note:
Let me preface, as someone that found out the hard way. Movie ratings were very much different than they once were. As was the humor. I don't know how many times I have turned on one of the movies I remember adoring & be blown away by innuendos & language! Luckily, as oblivious as I was watching as kid so were mine. However, if you are worried make sure you check out the movies on CommonSenseMedia to ensure it is appropriate for your household!

Here we go, in order what so ever but how they came up in my head:
Although, I am partial to anything has John Candy. Goldie Hawn, Johnathon Taylor Thomas & the Olsen twins in them... ;)

1. Richie Rich {PG}
2. Little Giants {PG}
3. Matilda {PG}
4. Home Alone {PG}
5. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids {PG}
6. Space Jam {PG}
7. The Big Green {PG}
8. Pippy Long Stocking {G}
9. Mighty Ducks {PG}
10. Angels Outfield {PG}

11. Cool Runnings {PG}
12. Homeward Bound {G}
13. Stuart Little {PG}
14. Free Willy {PG}
15. Harriet the Spy {PG}
16. Rookie of the Year  {PG}
17. The Sandlot {PG}
18. Little Rascals {PG}
19. Blank Check {PG}
20. Babe {G}
21. Gordy {G}

22. Beethoven {PG} 
23. The Flintstones {PG}
24.Ghostbusters {PG}
24. Hook {PG}
25. Shiloh {PG}
26. Money Trouble {PG}
27. Casper {PG}
28. Parent Trap {PG}
29. My Girl 
30. It Takes TWO {PG}

31. Dunten Checks In {PG}
32. Andre {PG}
33. 3 Ninjas {PG}
34. Heavyweights {PG}
35. Secret Garden {PG}
36. The Little Princess  {PG}
37. Baby's Day Out {PG}
38. The Brave Little Toaster {G}
39. E.T. {PG}
40. Curly Sue {PG}

41. Milo & Otis {G}
42. Jumanji {PG}
43. Indian in the Cupboard {PG}
44. Iron Giant {PG}
45. Man of the House {PG}
46. Tom & Huck {PG}
47. Jungle 2 Jungle {PG} 
48. Mrs. Doubtfire {PG-13}
49. Karate Kid {PG} 
50. Father of the Bride {PG}
51. Dennis the Menace {PG}

52. All Dogs Go To Heaven {G}
53. The Borrowers {PG}
54. Mouse Hunt {PG}
55. George of the Jungle {PG}
56. A Goofy Movie {G}
57. The Beverly Hillbillies {PG}
58. Flubber {PG}
59. The Land Before Time {G}
60. Kindergarten Cop {PG-13}
61. Problem Child {PG}

62. Never Ending Story {PG}
63. Simon Birch {PG}
64. Uncle Buck {PG}
65. Jurassic Park {PG-13}
66. Jack {PG-13}
67. Now & Then {PG-13}
68. Sister Act {PG}
70. Beverly Hills Family Robinson {PG}
71. Ever After {PG}
72. Dr. Dolittle {PG-13}

73. Trading Mom {PG}
74. The BabySitters Club {PG}
75. Wild America {PG}
76. Fly Away Home {PG}
77. Troop Beverly Hills {PG}
78. House Arrest {PG}
79. The Out-of-Towners {PG-13}
80. The Money Pit {PG}
81. Overboard {PG}
82. Housesitter {PG}

83. A League of their Own
84. Fried Green Tomatoes {PG-13}
85. Madeline {PG}
86. Baby Boom {PG}
87. That Thing You Do {PG}
88. Three Men and a Baby {PG}
89. Mr. Magoo {PG}
90. No More Baths {G}
91. The ButterCream Gang {G}
92. Little Women {PG}

93. Blast From The Past {PG-13}
94. Paulie {PG}
95. The Miracle Worker {G}
96. The Face on a Milk Carton 
97. A Kid in King Arthurs Court {PG}
98. BIG {PG}
99. Airbud {G}
100. My Dog Skip {PG}
101. We're Back {PG}
102. Anastasia {PG}

103. Good Burger {PG}
104. Getting Even with Dad {PG}
105. Black Beauty {G}
106. Far From Home {PG}
107. Pinocchio {PG}
108. Inspector Gadget {PG}
109. My Favorite Martian {PG}
110. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West {G}
111. Carpool {PG}
112. Delirious {PG}

Which was your favorite? Is there one I missed?! Let me know!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home

6:12 PM

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home

The weather is getting better everyday & we are spending so much time outside! We are also taking lots of walks to get out of the house & get our legs moving. I had bought a scavenger hunt for kids paper pack from Target, which the girls loved! They wanted to do more so I decided to come up with some scavenger hunt ideas to make some for them & share them all with you! I made some so you can do the scavenger hunt at home in your backyard or as you go on a walk! Just remember to keep with social distancing during this time!

*TIP: After you print the lists, put them on clipboards to help check off the items!*

Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home

I hope this spices up your time outside with your kiddos & gives them something to do!
You can always make it a game & give a treat to the first person that finds everything!

*NOTE the bear in the window is because of the "I'm going on a Bear Hunt" trend that hit social media during the COVID. We have so many homes participating but if no one is near you, you can cross that one off*
Scavenger Hunt Ideas - Scavenger Hunt at Home



16 Family-Friendly Shows to Watch with your Kids

11:43 AM

16 Family-Friendly Shows

We really are trying to make the best out of the time we have been dealt together as a family.
Our screentime rules have been bent a little during this time. As I am sure many have.

 Anyone have a favorite show & the day the new episode comes on is so fun & you kind of look forward to it? I had a thought that that would be a fun thing to start as a whole family. Kinda like how my girls look forward to Friday for family game/movie night! 

We started last year watching American Idol together & it became a fun thing to look forward to as a whole family. So, I thought I would put together a list of some family-friendly shows everyone can watch together! Some of these shows we watched together on Sundays & some are new finds!

For the show's that full seasons are uploaded, watch as if it isn't & watch one or two episodes a week to save yourself from staying in front TV binging!

1. BE OUR CHEF {Disney +}
This is a new show to Disney +. We are looking forward to each new episode! If your family loves cooking shows, this is for you! It is a family cooking show that is Disney themed. Families compete against one another to win a Disney Cruise vacation! The challenges are all, of course, Disney themed!

Like I said above, we started watching this last year as a family! We had a blast watching the auditions. Then picking our favorite to see who would make it week after week! You can watch it live on Sunday on ABC or watching episodes from this season or past on Hulu.

Hear me out! I promise it isn't just my children that are obsessed with this era & this show! It such a great wholesome show! I think you will be surprised how into it your kids will get & you, yourself too! This show I feel like you really have to give it a chance & wait a little into the episode to get into it!

I am not sure if this show even needs describing? I feel like everyone knows what it is! I didn't think I would like this show years ago, but it turns out I as well as the whole family, get VERY into it! The show is men & women from all walks of life pursue their dream of reaching Mount Midoriyama on the world's most notorious obstacle course! 

5. FULL HOUSE { Hulu}
Everyone loves the Tanner Family! Bring back some memories for yourself & rewatch the entire series from the beginning with your kiddos! I much prefer this to the newer version, Fuller House on Netflix.

6. CHOPPED {Food Network}
Really about any show on the Food Network my kids' love. Chopped is by far their favorite. Even if you think, food shows aren't your thing... give this show a try! It is a competition show where contestants are giving a basket full of ingredients & they have to make a meal from it. They are then judged by their product & every round someone is "chopped" til they are down to the winner! We like to predict who is going to win every round together as a family! It makes it even more fun! There is also a Chopped Junior series! Also suggest any of the seasonal baking championships, Guy's Grocery Games & Master Chef shows!

Watch 2 special effects experts, methodically set out to bust urban legends! This is so fun to watch as a family, that everyone including Dad, will get into!

I know so many people think this show is outdated, but my girls LOVE this show.  & it will make you feel like your kid again, too! On Sundays, this generally their show of choice to watch their episode. We started & suggest the 90's episodes! Our favorite episodes are the field trip episodes where they watch something be made or visit places!

9. HOW IT'S MADE {Hulu}
It may be just my kiddos, but they love seeing how things are made! This show has a huge variety of things to watch being made! It's also nice because mine are always asking how things are made, so I will look for an episode for them to watch! 

10. NAILED IT {Netflix}
A different kind of cooking show as it's a comedy show. It challenges average at-home cooks to re-create professionally made novelty desserts that end up with hilariously disastrous results! Everyone is pretty much set up to fail! Lots of laughs from this one!

11. THE WHO WAS? {Netflix}
Have you seen these books before? More than likely your child has brought one home! This is a show set up like a sketch comedy series that cast teens as historical subjects! It isn't full of educational content, but it makes the idea of learning history fun with jokes, silly songs & satire! If they haven't read the books, this might encourage them to check them out!

12. MINUTE TO WIN IT { Netflix }
This one may result in your kiddos wanting to do some of these games, which may be a great way to pass the time! Contestants have to compete against one another to complete a challenge in less than a minute to win 1 million dollars! They seem like easy things to do, but they end up being much harder with so much on the line in a short amount of time!

This is a show where the host shares her passion for crafting with young families in a series of Disney-inspired DIY projects! This might also spark some ideas to do as a family together at home! We loved the Winnie the Pooh Flowerpots & Ratatouille chef hats!

I couldn't wait to watch Bob Saget every Friday night with my family! Bob Saget may not be the host anymore, but I still love this show! There is nothing more fun than laughing at funny videos together!

Non-Series Must Watch Family Shows:

This isn't an ongoing series, but a great doc to watch as a family. It is about 2 Nat Geo journalist traveling the Grand Canyon through the seasons. It's riveting & also educational about the commercialization of the Grand Canyon & how it is affecting the Navajo Indians. 

15. DOLPHIN REEF  {Disney +}
Another new Disney + show. The narration of this show was amazing to keep kids entertained. At one point, Kennedy even said "I like that they are talking in ways we can understand". It is a story of Echo the baby Dolphin & his journey to learn to be without his mother. It also branches into different other animal stories like a humpback whale & an OCD neat freak crab! 

16. OUR PLANET {Netflix}
Apparently, we really like nature docs? Hopefully, you all will or will end up loving them too! This one if an amazing documentary of the beauty of the world & the impacts happening as the climate is changing!