2019 Yearly Recap

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2019 Yearly Recap

What an incredible year we have had!
Every yearly recap I get emotional.
I feel so incredibly lucky, well not even lucky. I prayed for this life. It wasn't by just some random luck or chance that I stumbled into the life we have built one day.
 So, I guess I feel more so honored that I got chosen to be the mother of these girls.
That I get to do every day with them. 
I get to help mold some of, what I hope, will be some of their best memories. The memories they will tell around dinner tables with the people that they love one evening over a homemade meal, or they tell their children nustled in their laps on living room floors one day.

I feel it is also important to, in the same breath know 2019 wasn't just this highlight reel recap.
Things weren't 24/7 Instagram filtered and curated. 2019 wasn't without hard times & heartache. It had troubles, stress, we lost people we loved very deeply, there were fights, tears, anxiety & depression.

Our life isn't perfect, not for a second.
But, 2019 was full of lots of perfect moments that led to perfect memories for "our" family.

It also is not lost on me that, so many things that happened for my family this year was because you all! I am so proud of myself in 2019  I really gave my all to my blog & brand, & ya'll supported me so much! I am so immensely grateful to each of you. Whether it was a share, a click, purchasing through my links, commenting or just loving me & my family through your phone, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU. Thank you, thank you.


We rang in the New Year together at home!

We had a great girls night with my mom & saw American Girl LIVE ! We had such a blast!


I swear I was sick all of the month of February!

We went to Disney on Ice!


Was spring break! We headed to St. Louis & had the absolute best time! The girls still talk about this trip all of the time! We already want to make a trip back!


The girls went to their first Father Daughter dance at school together!

Kensley turn 6! She picked a super fun get away for the weekend in Chicago & spending a day at American Girl Place


We said goodbye to someone we loved so very much. I will never understand or be the same.

We were sent to GWL to make some content for them & had a blast!


Summer started off with a bang! & we got invited to go to Slime Fest! The girls got to see JoJo while there & loved it!

Brandon & I had a vacation just the two of us in Mexico! But, if you kept up with it on my Instagram it mostly looks like just I went on vacation myself ;) I still owe yall blogposts on this trip! Highlights were for sure visiting Chichen Itza & swiming in Cenote Ik Kil!


We soaked up every bit of summer that we could!

We had a great 4th of July!

The family all worked together to give The swingset got a makeover!

We closed out our summer with a trip to Hershey, PA. It was such an amazing, memorable trip! The girls still can't believe they made their own chocolate bars, & can now spew out some pretty cool facts about chocolate! ;)


Back to school for the girls! Kensley entered 1st grade & Kennedy 3rd grade.


This is always our adjusting month. To school in full swing, ballet starts back up. Our month to get in to what our groove will be like! But, it also brought on all of our favorite activities to kick off fall like:
 The Johnny Appleseed festival &
Apple picking


Watching Hocus Pocus 10000 times

On fall break, we did a little getaway in a cabin! It was the perfect getaway. We played board games, biked for miles, sat around bonfires. Seriously, was the most perfect couple days I could ever dream of.
 Our big costume reveal of 2019!
We choose Inside Out! You would believe we already have 2020 planned?!


Kennedy turned 9!

It snowed! & Didn't again for the rest of the year :(

Christmas cheer kicked off with our amazing stay at French Lick! Our stay was absolutely incredible. & we will never forget the fun that we had at this beautiful resort!


Sprinkles make her way to our home, Christmas cheer can begin!

Kennedy's months of hard work paid off, & she finally had her Nutcracker performances!

The tradition of family jammies continued!

& finally Christmas morning!

& there was our 2019!

Wishing you so much love, happiness and blessings in 2020!