Well, silly me already posted my little valentine I made.
So, I will post one of bug in her v-day outfit!
this is SOOC, her eyes are that beautiful on their own! :)

Brandon & I celebrated v-day on Saturday. 
That morning he woke up to a big arrow pointing down to a hot sauce packet. I know what your thinking, a hot sauce packet?
Well, I was going to leave a very cute assortment of red hots & hot tammales & a stick note that said "u r red hot." But, he ate them all. Hmpf. So the only other hot thing we had in the house was a taco bell hot sauce packet. I then left directions around the house up into the attic where his present was, which was a new Kenneth Cole watch, & a new Boston flat bill. {this years gift was a lot less work, last year i covered the inside of his car in over 100+ sticky notes, each had a reason why I loved him on it :)}
After work,
He came home & made me dinner & we ate in candle light. 
Bug in her swing right next to us, it couldn't have been more perfect.
Then, I started choking on a small bone like drowling foaming at the mouth.
I couldn't breath it was awful, Brandon is standing there screaming "I DON'T KNOW THE HIM-LACK" & raises my arm & held his hand on the my stomach from behind. haha although nice, this did nothing.
My body then starts to react by trying to puke it up, when my lovley husband screams again " DON'T THROW UP, DON'T THROW UP" thanks dear.
I didn't throw up.

It eventually de-lodged. 
& I was bawling & crying, it was so so scary.
When he says want something to make it feel better? I of course say yes.
He makes me guess what it is, I guess the new {well never than mine} photoshop. -Nope
I ask if is a "K" necklace {i really want just a inexpensive necklace with a "K" on it}
He gets all upset and puts a necklace box on the table, & I open it
It was a beautiful Open Heart necklace, from KAY jewelers haha
silly boy was all upset he thought I knew what it was :)
Anyway,  we fell asleep around 10 drinking champagne & playing with buggy all night.
I couldn't have asked for anything more PERFECT!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day!

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Read her first post about how she got her blog name, it is to cute!

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