that mom.

6:31 PM
I swore on everything holy i would never be that mom, doing this.
but I am
go vote for kennedy please!
you can vote everyday! :)

Fathers Day!

6:10 PM

Fathers Day was this past weekend
& I wanted to make it perfect for Brandon.
He work so incredibly hard for our family, I wish I had words to say how grateful I am for him.& today was the day we got to show a little more appreciation for all that he does for us then we do on other days.
The theme of the day was supposed to be surrounded but this little baby:
Lets talk about this DAD'S ROOT BEER. Shiz is hard to find my friends.
I started the banner & projects about a week before hand that all tied in the this root beer; the whole superman thing was cause it was the same colors as the label. I thought I could just pick up a pack on Saturday. HUGE mistake. NO ONE had it.
So my whole theme was ruined.
Oh well it was still cute anyways!
We our celebrating our Anniversary next weekend, so daddys "big" gift he will get then.
So he got a few sentitmental gifts for his office on Sunday!
Kennedy obviously is the at handprints. haha 

My family came over for the BBQ.
We normally go a zoo, but it started to rain; & by the time it cleared up it was time for the BBQ anyway.
We tried to get father daughter picture...
it didnt work well; kennedy of course wanted to play..go go go thats all she ever does..

so she gave a quick kiss & was off..

Sister was inside with papa, where she giggled for the first time!
He has her going; smiling away.
What a fun first memory for him; & all of us!
Finally it was time to eat

Everything was delicious!
We spent the rest of the night on a walk & relaxing.
Brandon said it was a perfect Fathers Day; which is just what I want it despite not having the root beer ;)