Disney On Ice: World of Enchantment

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Disney On Ice: World of Enchantment 

Disney On Ice provided our family with great tickets to this event. Thank you so much to them for having us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

Disney on Ice made it's way to these parts again!

Disney On Ice: World of Enchantment , Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

Who else ends up walking away with one of these every show? 😏

We were pretty pumped as we hadn't seen this show yet! & it had some characters we hadn't seen at other Disney on Ice shows in a long time!

Which included Toy Story & Cars!

& of course it did not disappoint!
I am patiently awaiting for the Moana show to make it's way here!

Disney On Ice: World of Enchantment , Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

Disney On Ice: World of Enchantment , Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

It was also, fun to see so much of Minnie & Mickey & the fab 5 making appearances! The girls love when they come out! They danced in their seats with them!

Can't forget the princesses too!
It isn't Disney on Ice without Ariel!

& it isn't ice without Elsa! She even made it snow!
The girls were on a bit of a Frozen strike for the past couple years. So I was a little surprised when they asked to dress up like them for this! Of course they were thrilled to sing along with them at the show!

As always, we had an absolute blast! The show never disappoints no matter which it is!

Thank you again for Disney On Ice for having us!

Tips for using a stroller at Disney World

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Tips for using a stroller at Disney World

Kingdom Strollers provided me with a stroller for our vacation. All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

Traveling with a stroller is a PAIN.
You have to check it at the airport & it will more than likely get beat up.
I know with infants it is pretty inevitable that you have to travel with one.
But if you don't have to take one to the airport, rent one! Who knew such a thing existed right?

If you look at Disney strollers at the parks... yes, they are convenient when you are IN the park. But, they are hard plastic.. they do not recline & they are pricey for just one day! Add each day for a week vacation & it can add up quickly! 

This is where renting from a outside company comes into play.

If you are thinking your child may or may not need a stroller at Disney World because of their age, usually the answer is to get one.

Here's the thing, *I* as a grown woman don't want to walk all that you have to at Disney in one day, My feet hurt, among other things at the end of the day. So, if i had a option I would probably be in a stroller myself ha! Trust me, if you're on the fence.. just do it. No one wants to be at Disney with kids crying because they can't walk anymore because their little legs are tired & their feet hurt.  If they don't end up needing it, just using it to store all of your things is great for the family alone!

If you are a long time reader you know that we use Kingdom Strollers every Disney trip! They are the best of the best for Orlando stroller rentals. & their customer service makes them the best of all the stroller rental companies!

All the strollers they offer are luxury stroller brands, so you know your kiddo will be comfortable. & the proof is in the pudding. The Kids love it! Another bonus when they fall asleep at the end of the day you can wheel them out to parking lot or bus ect instead of waking them up to give back the stroller when you exit.

They are affordable. Picking & renting your stroller online is so easy! You can pick from a single stroller or double stroller. Then all you have to do is at check-in, go to the bellhop at the front of your resort & to pick it up. You give them your name & they bring the stroller right to you! Then, drop it off at the same spot as you are leaving. Easy Peasy!

If you are worried that you are not staying at a Disney Resort, check their site because they also deliver to outside Disney property resorts & hotels too in the Orlando area.
Pro tip: Make sure you get the free rain cover with your rental. Rain is so temperamental in Florida, trust me when I say you don't want to be without the rain cover. You also have the option of adding on a free water bottle cooler as well, with your order.

Take a look around their website, they offer more than just strollers for rent!

Now that you have your stroller. {this trip we rented the BOB Revolution Duallie} Let's set your stroller up for you Disney days!

First, as I mentioned in my Disney bag post check it out HERE, getting stroller clips for your bag to put around the bars is a huge life saver! My bag had enough strap to make it big enough to go around the entire bar.

This stroller clip is the cutest! It's on theme being a mickey! We used ours to clip our resort cups on & our popcorn bucket! But, the possibilities for it are endless
. We got stopped so many times getting complimented on it! You can see in the video below how easy it is to clip stuff on one handed! With kids at Disney, with busy & everything all hands on deck. I am want things as easy & easily accessible as possible for Mom!



Next is this side pocket! If your kids are getting autographs you will want to put your autograph books & marker in there & anything else that you don't want to be getting out of your baby over & over. This pocket you can get in & out of with one hand. No zipping or anything & everything stays secure!




I always recommend buying a Disney balloon your first day.{ just remember to take it off & leave in your room on your Animal Kingdom day, as they don't allow balloons in that park.}  This makes it so much easier to spot your stroller in the sea. You will quickly realize that where you park your stroller when going into a show or ride, it more than likely wont be in the same place when you come out! Don’t panic cast members have to park strollers in certain places or conveniently move them to be closer to a exit. ou want something to help you find you stroller with ease!
This trip we were there for Christmas & decided to rig it up a little with battery operated lights. But, I think they were be great any time of the year. & it certainly helped even more at night to find our stroller!
*Don't worry about getting too confused with a sea of alike strollers, Kingdom Strollers put a family name tag on your stroller well. It will read "YOUR LAST NAME FAMILY"*

Alright, now you have everything you need to crush your day at the Disney parks with the family, kiddos in tow!

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Movies to watch with your kids before Black History Month is over

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Movies to watch with your kids during Black History Month

Currently, as Americans we find ourselves in a time of racial tension. In February, we celebrate Black History Month which invites us to teach our children about both, the pain & the great victories of African Americans across History. 

I feel that my job as a parent, personally is to show & try my hardest to show my children this part of history. I love a resource such as movies that show our children these things, bringing things to life outside of a book for them to see & hear in way that is much more real this day in age. 

Not every movie I have listed helps teach history, influence & great cultural impact that so many African Americans have made. But, they do have strong leading roles by an African American & I think that is just as important to being showing our children!

These movies, are great any month, but I really encourage you sit down & watch them with your kiddos before the end of the month!

A few of the movies I listed below I added a few notes I myself, would want to know when checking out a movie I was going to watch with my girls. I, however, know that not everyone cares about the same things I do when it comes to language. So feel free to do what you wish with that info. As always, I suggest looking any movie you may want to know more about on commonsensemedia.org.

I love Kevin Hart so much. This special on Netflix is funny & entertaining. It had the girls & I laughing & kept us entertained! There is funny re-enactments, puppets. It is packed with alot of information & it does it in the most corny way. 

If your new here, we love all things American Girl. We love all the stories that they bring with some of the dolls. & love even more when there is a movie to show it. This movie is about a little girl named Melody & how she creatively got through a racial violent time in her young life. I love how it shows her sticking up for what she believes in despite her age. I loved her & her mothers conversations. Everything about the movie I was glad my girls got to witness in this movie.

I always suggest this movie to be a movie you sit down & watch with your children..with your daughters. But, I feel it strikes even more meaning during Black History Month. Based on a true story it follows 3 African American women & their journey in working for NASA. This movie started so many conversations with my girls. I profoundly remember, Kensley so utterly confused about one of the women going so far away to the bathroom. This movie does not sugar coat racism in the 1950s but does in away that children can still watch & witness. 
This movies contains some salty language that can turn some parents heads in certain households. But it is still well within the rating of PG. For me, it was very easy to look over in the contents of what this movie is about.

This is a great story about a young girl who overcomes all odds against her. She stands up for herself & facing her fears. This movie contains a couple of foul language words a few times. Overall, I feel the message looks over those. But do feel they were not needed to be able to tell this story.

This movie is about obviously, Gabby Douglas. An African American, now Olympian. It tells the story of her struggles & how she got to be a Olympian. We know how her story ends, but her story to get there is inspiring for any to watch, especially for those of whoms children are in sports.

The best at home self-tanner products

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The best at home self tan products

I am self proclaimed tan-aholic. I have been since a teenager. Unfortunately then, that included tanning beds. I can NOT stress enough how much one should stay away from tanning beds. & this is coming from someone that went everyday, some times twice a day. The lights, & the warmth alone was exactly what I thought I needed in cold Midwest. But the risk is just silly. I know it is not nearly as popular as it once was, thank goodness. But so many people are still going in the chase for being tan.

I love the way I look tan. It makes me just feel better. I wish I was that girl that looks beautiful with their porcelain skin. But yall, I am just not cute not tan. & as a chunkier gal, tan fat just looks better!

Sunless tanning has become so easy that not going to the tanning bed shouldn’t be missed.

But finding the right formula is more tricky. So I am taking the ground work out for you.
I have tried ALL the spray tans. I've used drug store, specialty, online products. All of them & finding the right formula that isn't streaky, isn't orange, & have the right undertones to not scream fake tan is hard!

I am sharing with you my top 3 favorite, plus products to make sure you get the best tan.

First, you have to exfoliate. I use this glove, on the black side. For me this, has been the best product I have ever used to make my tan go on perfectly & smooth. However, a loofa or similar works too. This mitt is also amazing for taking off you old tan, to make sure you start with a clean slate for every application.
Image result for loving tan glove
Tanning Mitt & Application
Whether you are using a mousse or a spray you always want a tanning mitt to unsure you have a even tan & no steaks. I use this one, I absolutely love & won't ever use a self tanner without! It buffs the tanner into your skin flawlessly. I generally never put tanner on my neck or skin, however when I do & to also get my hair line to match I use a kabuki brush to apply for the best finish. For the hairline, it makes it get in there with out making your hair nasty with a bunch of product.

Now onto tanners I am listing these in order of price, but it also happens to be the order in which I love them. I love them all but going first to last, is from less favorite to most favorite.

The most affordable of the 3, this formula has a beautiful undertone. Getting a fresh tan look to your skin. This formula is a mousse. This one, from bottle to bottle I have found, can sometimes be slightly sticky.
Tan Wise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse

This is tanner that I use the most currently. I didn't expect to like it because it is a spray, but I really love it! It has a deep brown color formula. This is also, the best smelling formula out of all of them. It actually has a scent that smells pretty good! Like coconuts.
Fake Bake Flawless Darker

I LOVE the color of this tanner. It is so beautiful. It has a perfect red undertone that gives the "I just got back from the beach" color. As this is the most expensive formula of them all, it isn't the tanner I use weekly. However, I always have it on hand. 

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

& those are my favorite products! Is there any that you that you swear by that I should try?

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