5 Things to do in St Louis with your family

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Things to do in St Louis with your family

Several of the places mentioned below provided our family with our visit & lodging. Thank you so much to them for having us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

We just got back from a quick trip to St. Louis. When planning our trip I had no idea just how much there is to do in St Louis. What was even more shocking was the majority of it all is so family friendly. I wish we would have had at least another day to pack some more in!

Where to stay in St Louis with Kids

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 Where to stay in St Louis with Kids

Our stay was provided by Union Station Hotel. We can't thank them enough for having us during visit to St. Louis. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting my blog & family!

Finding a place to stay in St Louis was difficult. There is a lot of choices. Finding a place that was family friendly, made my search a little harder.

When I found Union Station Hotel, it hit everything we needed on our checklist plus more!

From the time we pulled up to valet everyone was so kind & helpful! We knew we picked the right place!

I know this sounds crazy, but there is enough to do at just hotel. Yeah, I said that. In size, it is huge. & there will be even more in the coming months. In the fall there will be an aquarium & Ferris wheel. Yeah..at the hotel.

As soon as we walked in they had us stop at the "whispering arch" & told the girls to go to one side of the stairs & Brandon & I on the other. Sure enough, being that far apart if you whisper you can hear it plain as day on the other side! The girls haven't stopped talking about it yet!

There is a seafood restaurant on site, which was delicious. As well as The Station Grille within the hotel. We had breakfast there each morning! For quick treats & food there is also a small deli like store that also serves Starbucks!

Ya'll they even have a peloton in the fitness center!

Obviously, the real show stopper here is the ceiling. It is magnificent! You can just sit in the lobby & look around at all for hours. If the hours happen to be in the evening, you will be in for a show! On the ceiling, every hour starting at 5 PM there is light show. IT.IS.AMAZING. Ya'll I can't. The show is set to such fun music & I just can't even accurately describe it! It is Disney like! A tip: When waiting for the show, order some apps & drinks to eat & drink while waiting & watching the show!

As if the light show in the lobby wasn't enough, there is another show on Union Station's property. The Fire & Light show is a multi-million dollar show of crazy flames & lights set to music. There is great seating all around the water. If it's chilly, try to snag one over by the bonfire that they light at night!

During our stay were put in a family suite. This gave us more than enough room to be comfortable while going about our activities & also a place to relax. After spending all day together doing activities it is nice to decompress on not be on top of one another back in the room. 

Our family had such a great stay! We already are planning our trip back when all the new additions are done!

Visiting The Magic House in St Louis

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Visiting The Magic House in St. Louis

The Magic House provided us with tickets to museum for our trip. Thank you so much to them! We had a blast! All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting my family!

Where to start!
A visit to The Magic House needs to be on your "must-do" list!

This children's museum in a giant house, each room filled with something different & exciting!

My girls had a blast, but I feel like this place is right up any toddlers alley! 

Who need's the stairs here?
There is a giant beanstalk that your children can climb to get up or down to the floors you are visiting! It was so much fun for the girls!

As of this post {March 2019} they have a exhibit featuring PBS' Splash & Bubbles! A favorite with my girls! They loved keeping the kelp forrest; where they picked up foam balls & thew them away. Playing with the puppets was also a favorite in this room!

They have a fun government section. You can go into the oval office & supreme court!

Make sure you look for the fun activity with stamps for learning the branches & symbols of the government!

The China exhibit was another hit! The girls cared for pandas &  Kennedy even wrote some!

Did I mention they have an entire room dedicated to bubbles?

The hands on learning is crazy here! Each room had books that went along with theme & so much info.

The biggest hit with my girls was the Children's Village.
It's an entire town that let's your child try a career in each section!
The faves here were the vet, grocery store & librarian! 

This stop is at least a half day trip! So much fun, & so much learning all packed into one. I am only wishing we had one closer!