Ok, so I got this idea from Oprah, when she had the ladies from the view on she said the easiest way to know about a lady is from her purse, & I thought hmm how fun! I really want to get to know my followers; mommas & non-mommas; so I thought I would do a fun link-up! 

What do you have in your purse &/or diaper bag?
Link up below & post pictures & list whatcha got! :)

I did my diaper bag:

pictured: two bottle, a 9oz & 4oz with gerber water, diapers,mittens, santi-hands,sassy bags, paci holder, powder, booger sucker, some change, burp cloth, squeaker for her enjoyment, formula holder {life saver},ziploc bag {with gas drops,destin,Rx cream for her toe, & clippers}
not pictured: extra set of clothes its alwayyys the one time you dont bring them you have ha blow out...honest.

when I dont want my purse, the diaper bag also contains this:

blackberry, point and shoot {sony powershot}, & planner/wallet

make sure you link up, & show whats in your bag? :)