Kennedy turns THREE! Little Mermaid Birthday Party {decor}

2:16 PM
You can see Kennedy Cinderella birthday party from last year HERE

Approaching Kennedys birthday I had the perfect "theme" picked out it was something she loved! & I had a long list of adorable-ness for her party! But, she one day straight up told us she wanted a Ariel party. Now, right now today? It was certainly easy to get tons of Ariel party thing? Months ago? Nada. The Little Mermaid hadn't been released in 10 years outta the vault so Ariel things were scarce. Honestly, Kennedy hadn't really even known of Ariel except when she made an appearance in some of our princess books. But. when my girls asks for a certain birthday party, she gets that party.
There happened to be oh you know predicted tornadoes that day! We were so afraid no one would be able to make but luckily everyone but one family was able! & we are so thankful yall did come! Luckily, it just ended up be a real windy thunderstorm here & all we well!
I didn't get very many pictures as I was crazy nervous about the storms, so barely with scarce photos!
Here we gooooo!
Turning THREE under the SEA!

The cake was supposed to have a purple bra. To match kennedys dress & Ariel. It came to me with blue. I know that it isn't a big deal; but it was royally pet peeving me. I tried to change in photoshop just to satsify myself; but it looked fake. So when looking at this, imagine it purple for me ;)

I got a pack of all the characters, & put each in a bowl with blue marble rocks around the desert table!
These were a big hit! Marshmallows dipped in colored white chocolate!

Clam, Pearl cookies: Shortbread {you could do sugar} cookies, pink icing in the middle & a pearl sixlet for the center :)

The "sea weed" was variously thru the house. Just different shades of green streamers twisted & taped.
 Thank you gift center!

Coloring Pages with packs of markers

 The Birthday Girl!!

The Best Thanksgiving Toddler Books!

6:10 PM

1.Thanksgiving Parade/Kelly Asbury//2.Clifford's Thanksgiving Vist/Norman Kidwell//3.I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie/Allison Jackson//4. The Night Before Thanksgiving/Natasha Wing//5. Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks/Margret Sutherland//6. Thank You, Thanksgiving/David Milgrim//7. Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving/Dav Pilkey

The June Clever of social media.

4:57 PM
I recently saw a post on Facebook with mommas, mocking truly mocking very harshly, another momma on.. guys you won't believe this. But they were saying harsh, awful things about this woman, her life, her family & what type of mother she was not because of the neglect or abuse; all of which before seeing the post & only  reading comments you would think they were talking about; but they said them because of the way she made her childs LUNCH. Yes, her lunch.
No it wasn't that she had sent no lunch at all for her child. It wasn't that the lunch pail was full of candy & junk. No the lunch  was the cutest lunch I had ever seen. The sanwich was cut from a cut cookie cutter, there vegetables cut up as shapes, with matching fruit. a silly face on babybell cheese wrapping. THIS was what they were saying awful things about this woman. THIS.

 I have been criticized for the way I do things.
My decorations, parties, the way I dress my children.
All of it has caused other mother to look down on me!

Comments have made me to get anxious & feel bad & scurry for something to say to bring down something I had done.

Now most of this people judge me and other by what they see on their news feed.

One small square photo in a box of something fun. A outfit. A cake.
Is making you thinking horrible things about another.

Lets all remember that on social media  we share the good because we love the good.
We want to remember the good.
We share the good because it is, well; good.
What I don't get it? Why are some assuming that "good"coming up in our feed or in our coffee date/playdate/at preschool pickup; why do some "assume" this is for competition? Or because they are lacking in another?

Why can't a mom genuinely love over the top projects for their children? Why can't she hunt for fun activities to do around her town as a family? Make that fun holiday themed snack?  Have a awesome "pintrest" inspired party? & can't a momma post a elf on the shelf pic without come backlash?
How dare she do these things that YOU don't enjoy.
I get it, some just don't like it. Its not their "thing".
But some? believe it or not; thoroughly enjoy doing these things for their children & family.
I can bet you those moms? You won't find them posting the spoofs on any of the things I mentioned above, poking fun at another other mother for not doing those things. She isn't sharing a post about a mom not "making enough "magic" in childhood"
She isn't saying anything about you choosing not to make a homemade valentine, & picking up a box of adorable Strawberry Shortcake valentines at CVS.
No, she isn't.

& how dare ANY mother judge another for that?

If one mother does one thing, & another doesn't. doesn't make one right or wrong.

If your a happy person you wouldn't look at these things negatively.
Because something is going on in YOUR life, whatever big or little thing it maybe be. You feel the need to assume that because a mom is doing these things she has more time than you, or she doesn't spend enough time with her kids.
You thinking she is trying make YOU look bad!
It is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.
It scares me that the women of the world, putting down other mothers are raising the children of the world.

Each of us is a mother, each different but each just doing the best for their children.
Unless she is hurting her child, how dare we snarl up our lip at anything that is benefiting THEIR child. THEIR life. THEIR happiness.

What I am trying to get to here is, before you roll your eyes at the next picture in your feed or the momma at preschool pickup; maybe take a second.
 This mom is proud of her awesome lunchbox creation. She took special time to spell out things with
her daughters cheez-its. Bought a special bento thing for that holiday themed lunch. It brought her joy, did she do for the instagram pic? for on lookers comments? Maybe, but I can guarantee you the reason she does it & is so proud?
The reason she gets up extra early to do those things, isn't for those things.
 It is the look on her daughters face when she opens at lunch box at school today.

Isn't there enough horrible things happening to children in the world that we need not worry about the mommas that are doing their absolute best for their children everyday??
Be kind.
Lift each other up.
Be the parent you want your child to be
& keep the elf on the shelf pics coming! ;)

Say Hello! {linkup}

7:00 AM
Gosh, I haven't done a link up in so long!
When I saw this on Laura's blog I thought it looked to be fun!

The questions?
1. What is your morning routine?
Check on the girls. Coffee. Watching GMA. More coffee. Wait for the girls to wake up. Clean up. Wait more for the girls. More coffee. Finally wake up the girls cause im bored. {they would sleep in til 1030 every day if I allow them {some days I do} they love their sleep!
2. Are you on Instagram? yes
 If so, what is your username? @mrsmumaw
 Who are 3 of your favorite IGers? jeepers, that's tough but if I HAD to pick:
3. Please tell us 1-3 of your daily “must read” bloggers.
my religious reads are:
Enjoying the Small Thing
but gosh, I really just love everyone in my reader. They kinda all are my must reads.
4. Tell us a little about you and your family.
I have 2 girls, 18 months apart. We are crazy, not in the sense that like coo-coo crazy; but like we are the family in walmart with the kids dancing singing down the isles. The ones you see at the restaurant wondering if you want to laugh at how cute the kids are being or annoyed at them. That's us. My hands are full. But, my heart is fuller. & I wouldn't want it any other way.
5. What are your favorite holiday traditions?
We cut down our Christmas tree every year. That is probably the one that sticks out the most. Its always the weekend after Thankgiving, I look forward to it so much!
6. Tell us one random fact about you! Make it fun!
I got married TWICE to my husband, within a few months of each other! No divorce in between.

Get Well Cookies

7:05 AM
So I made this awesome get well basket from my Mother in Law.
Like it was adorable.
Imagine it, this adorable basket, with all of your get well essentials: Tissues, soup, Cough drops...
Are you picturing it..Good. Cause I totally spaced getting a picture of this adorable thing.
I did, however get pictures of a pretty adorable component.
I knew what I wanted to put in the basket, everything I would want in a get well basket, but I need to make her smile. She was awful sick.
Get Well Pill Cookies in a Jar

Here is a short but sweet how to:
Sugar cookies dough, how ever you wanna make it! It took me awhile to get the size I wanted.
Now looking back I should have made the bigger ones to fill the jar better. I used all my dough & only got about half of the jar full :/
Next, I made my own frosting with powdered sugar. However you make it/buy it I just used food coloring to make the colors I wanted. I used combos of, red & white, red & blue, & solid white. I thought they looked most like pills.
The Rx label printable can be found HERE!

Things my kids say v0.1

7:08 PM
Kennedy says the most hilarious things. I mean like mind boggling funny crap comes out of this kids mouth.
Kensley has been a little bit later to the talking train than Kennedy. & that's ok, I mean why does she need to talk when big sister gets whatever she wants at any give grunt?
She is making huge improvement tho in last 2 months. & actually trying to talk to now. Like when you say "Kensley look a grape, say grape" before she would just laugh at you like "fool gimme that grape" but now she attempting to say words!!
She said trick or treat & happy Halloween last week, & while Brandon & I were probably the ones to understand, by golly my girl said it!

So anyway, I often text little snippets of all things ridiculous that comes out of my little almost three-nagers mouth to Brandon. I got to thinking, I should write these things down. Of course, if I wrote them down; I, Tara would no doubt lose said notebook. So here I come to my virtual diary & will start to get these babies down on, er..paper.

Sitting at dinner:
Kennedy pointing to each of us: my mommy, my daddy, my sissy. My best friends and we stay together forever. 

Amara ate the girls doc mcstuffins blood pressure cuff thing. 
When Kennedy found it she came running into the kitchen:
MOM, LOOK what Amara did. She is NOT my best friend anymore. {very into best friends right now} mom, you better go soank her butt. My feelings are so hurt!
We got Kennedy new boots at the GAP this past week, & a few later she was sitting, looked down at them & said "Hey mom, did I thank my dad for boots yet?" I mean I pride myself on my polite children {so proud of you girls in this young age of yours, don't ever lose your sense politeness please} , & often get complimented on it. But this? Just shows me I am doing something right folks, & its not just cause they want milk & they have to say please & thank you to get it.
Driving down the street, like a brick wall we smell a skunk that was ran over...
kennedy: OH MAN. MOM, amara {our dog that often farts, & will send the family into gaging fits} toot'd in the car!!
me: no baby, that's a skunk
kennedy: a skunk? oh man, tell his mom to give him a bath; he needs cleaned up!
kennedy: Mom can I watch mickey?
me: sure sweetheart
Kennedy over the summer learned to say her name when asked. We told her. her name is Kennedy Leigh. Well, when prompted to say her name it comes out: ken-er-lee. & I really don't see the need to correct her. I really hope she never corrects it. Cause well, it the cutest thing ever.
She also corrected me now if I called her sissy, & that stings a bit. She can only be called her name cause well, that IS her name, MOM.