This has been our lives the past few weeks with buggys monitor & the things I have learned:

Long Cords:
Though, functional. They are freakin long, & you will trip.
More than once.
If you were hooked up the monitor the heart alarm would go off.
Simply put, it stinks.
baby, baby carrier, diaper bag, & purse. Did I pack enough diapers?
Oh,yeah don't forget the monitor that is as big as my purse!
Not that I care what anyone thinks. But, I get the constant "what is she hooked up to?"
 "what is that thing?" "what's wrong with your baby?" I have even got the "Is your baby dying?"
Although, I have gotten the compassionate, "that sucks, I'm sorry your going through this" soft smile from concerned mothers. & people are more considerate.
Not that I will forget she hooked to this thing though scary, people make it impossible to forget.
These babies are loud. I know they are supposed to wake you up in the night {not that im not already up watching the blinks of the heart & lung lights all-night} but the alarm will wake up the whole neighborhood.
& no matter how many times it has gone off, it will still scare the ba-jesus out of you.

They also advise you not to touch your baby when it goes off, to assess. {for a few seconds}
I have yet to do that.How can you not touch/pick up your baby when you know they haven't been breathing for 20 seconds? Ya'll are on crack.
{update on alarms : we are up to 8}
Those adorable zip-up sleepers?
The hubby loves zip-up's  because with the buttons he never aligns them right & has to do them like three times haha.
The wires have to come up thru the top, giving her prime opportunity to grab them.
I don't know how many time she is in her swing & just a laughing, so I of course can't resist, go & swoop her up only to be stepping on the cord forgetting she is hooked up & have her get hanked back. :(
There is a strap that goes around her chest with he pads on each side each under her arm pit.
She had gotten a little irratated from them, so I left it off for a day last week.
Saturday at about 4 in the morning she started screaming.
I couldn't figure out what it was so I un swaddled her & noticed whenever she moved her arms the scream went up a billion decibels.
So, I un-did the strap & as I released it from her arm-pit the pads are velcro'd on to the strap as they were lift, it took of a huge square of skin with it.
I instantly started crying. It was BRIGHT red not mention it had no skin.
I feel like the worst momma in the world.
So, our life with monitor is over til Wed. when she has a appt.
So, for now I'm lovin' my non-wire baby.
But, terrified she stops breathing & I won't know.

Have I mentioned how much this sucks?
This isn't supposed to happen to my baby.
We have already been thru enough.

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