second pregnancy IS different

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This is kinda a little bit of a confessional.
I have said before how I have kinda felt guilty this pregnancy.
Things are so completely different.
With bug, I knew exactly how far along I was.
I wasn't working so my every move/thought was about her/being pregnant.
With Kensley I was SO sick, juggling a toddler, a house with a toddler {completely different when there isnt one},my health,& my business, I seriously catch  myself forgetting im pregnant.
Just a few weeks ago we passed a glowing pregnant woman, my first thought was I look at Brandon & instantly was sad/jealous, I think it is second nature to him too cause he was looking at me too; & I had to tell him "opps I forgot I am pregnant"

This baby I am not having a baby shower, which is what I want but shouldn't Kensley have a day where she is celebrated? 
With kennedy she already had half a closet full of clothes, some before we even knew gender from me & from SO many others. Kensley? Not one thing has been bought for her, even from me.

I feel like no one, including myself even asks about "her" just about fears of what might happen.
Even with me being pregnant, this pregnancy its not a big of a deal to Brandon if my back hurts ect; as opposed to Kennedy where he would jump to rub my back, & make sure I was comfortable.

She isn't ANY less wanted, not less loved. & I want her to be just as recognized as Kennedy was. She deserves that & needs that!!

So this is me writing to her, we are JUST as excited about you as we were with your sister. & I will do my absolute best to make sure you feel just as loved & just as excited for you ! Cause you are JUST as special & as big of a miracle as she is. WE CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU!

Pregnancy Porn.

3:43 PM
Hey just cause we got a baby strapped to our abdomen does not mean we stopping having wants/desires!
Ladies I give you:
Pregnancy Porn.


9:08 PM
First wednesday: I woke up feeling odd, the night before I had alot more discharge than normal {sorry for the TMI} i didn't think it was alarming, but enough for me to notice. Then in morning/mid-afternoon, my biggest fears came true. contractions, freakin in my back contractions t hat reminded me so much of labor it was unreal. Brandon flew home from work, & we went to the dr. I had some progression in my cervix he didnt say what just that there was, my pH was normal which is good; I already have my anatomy scan for Friday, so he said unless they continue; which they started at 3 mins apart, then died down to 6-7 min & by the end of the day maybe 1 an hour. to come in the next day or during the night if need be. Luckily I was just sore the next day from the contractions & none continued! 
Anatomy scan went perfect, & my cervix was still pretty "good" for me that is! It was seriously the scariest day. everything we have been praying not happen, started. & it was terrifying; but all in all turned out well.
I am part-time bed rest, but really just take it easy as much as i can with a toddler. I just, like he said before really need to be in tune with my body/uterus & its cues. which I feel like I have so I will continue!

How far along? 24 weeks
Baby’s Size: The size of an grapefruit
Total Weight Gain: still none, but I am to my weight as of my first OB appt; so from here on out, bring on the weight gain!
Bellybutton: innie!
Stretchmarks: none!
Maternity Clothes: I can still fit into my jeans, they are actually very big on me, but where the button lies they are super uncomfortable. So I bought my first pair of maternity jeans. I never had to with kennedy; I got them on sale for 22$! which is amazing; & they are super comfy!
Movement: Oh yes, you & see & feel it! 
Sleep: Sleep is still good. Waking up pretty early, which I did with Kennedy; I think it is your bodys way of getting you ready for baby!
Symptoms: Cravings, colostrum, emotional what am i saying I am always emotional just more than ever!
Food Aversions: None
Food Cravings: Chocolate cake & strawberry milk!
Best Moments this week: Speaking of being emotional, the trailer for "The Vow" came on, & i saw started bawling while eating my choclate cake. Brandon turned to me & said I was the definition of a mess; & we died laughing for 10 minutes! Also, getting her room cleared out & furniture bought & put in!
What I miss: Nothing, although a glass or 5 if wine sound so appetizing! :)
What I am Looking forward to: Alisha & I painting the her room!
Milestones: Daddy feeling kicks!


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oh hey. :)

did you love that i hosted the home tour & stopped after day one?
yeah uh..OPPS!

my laptop kinda broke in two!
I have a post update coming but I wanted to take a second to write post after I saw this post from Baby Rabies
I was honestly in shock of the responses she got.
it was alot like when I got 2 emails after saying we may not RF til 2; & one said i just kill my daughter myself now. RIDICULOUS.
Ya'll we are MOMS.
We ALL do things differently. 
Each doing whats best for their family.
Let me tell you I am not perfect.
We co-slept {still do sometimes} & bedshared for over 6 months!
I babywear.
I couldnt breastfeed with kennedys milk tolerance past 3 months.
I now have let Kennedy CIO a couple times.
She had whole milk 3 weeks before turning one.
She is Forward facing in her car seat.
She has had sips of pop.
She loves pizza & sometimes doesnt have a fruit & veggie with every meal.
in 95% of your guys' minds I am horrible mother right now for doing one of those things!
So many moms are SO quick to judge & it honestly makes me sick.
One mom might get on another for not ERF {extended rear facing} but didn't breastfeed. Each have stats towards both.
One mom will give another a hard time for co-sleeping but started solids before 6 months. Each having stats towards both.
But are SO fast to throw up stats in your face for what your doing WRONG; but have other stats against them.
Do you get what I am saying?
We all need to support each other.
There are going to be things we dont agree with, but if their child is not being actually harmed like abuse ect. support that mom. You don't have to do what they are doing.
I know I have said it time & time again, but I LOVE reading/listening to other parenting techniques, I would never have heard of co-sleeping ect if I hadn't. I dont't have to do the things other parents are doing; but we all need to support each other!
Do whats best for you child & family, Stats against you or with you.
& if you agree head on over & take the mom pledge!
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Home Tour

9:29 AM
Where your family eats!
The kitchen!
We hopefully this year will be remodling alot of this. new countertops & appliances.
But for some that don't know we bought the house I grew up in 60% of my life. & My family remoded the whole house about 10 years ago so it has already came along way, but we want to make it more "our style.

Little wine touches everwhere. The cookbook One Handed Cook; is probally one of my favs! Great babyshower gift!

where kennedy eats
this part o the kitchen is much more cluttered haha
side note: that phone doesnt even work, we just keep it on there to cover up the phone jack :)
On to the dining room!
The number one room in my home that I HATE.
The border KILLS me. Oh mother.
We already re placed the light because well that was 10x worse than the border.
In the next 2-3 weeks, that is going; we are painting it a some what gray. & The wall the the huge shelf is on will have 3 thinner IKEA shelves with all of our updated photos on it.
So its kinda bare in here until then!

there is probally a random elephant in every room of our house. I love them; & they remind me of my grandma who i have only heard amazing things about, she passed away when i was only a few months old!
Ok, now LINK UP! I want to see where you eat!
Also Check out these two too! ;)

Home Tour Series!

12:30 PM
I am super excited for next week! Ive been wanting to do a home tour series for awhile, & when I asked on twitter if anyone would be interested the response was great!
Randalin had a great idea for everyone to participate since not everyone has a house, but a apartment,loft condo ect. so the days are divided into general categories! You can do more than one room as well; so like monday you could do your kitchen &; dining room ect! or if where you eat is your living room you can post that too!
Heres the low down starting next week this will be the schedule:

Monday: Where you & your family eat {kitchen,nook,dining room ect.}
Tuesday: Where you & your family sleep {bedrooms}
Wednesday: Where you & your family work & play {office/playroom ect}
Thursday: Where you & your family relax {living room, study ect}
Friday: Favorite parts of your house that make it YOUR home {in photos}

So clean or don't clean your house we want to see your home as your home & get your pictures ready for Monday; stop on back & link up! The linky goes live monday morning!
These other two ladies will be sharing the linky; so make sure you stop by & check out their homes & say HI!

quick belly pics!

8:38 PM
I will do a more updated post & 22 weeks but for now; this should suffice your bump pic cravings :)

have you missed me?

2:55 PM
Im still reading; but honestly I have no time to blog.
ok I lied I probally do since I sit on google reader & read all of your posts everyday but I do that from my phone & blogging on a phone just isnt the same, ya know?
This is just gonna be a mass update of the holidays & a post to follow on pregnancy! :)
are you ready? 
We had Daddy home for a the whole week of christmas! 
Also, I finally got on iphone wagon; & have IG follow me: mrsmumaw
I hosted my first christmas eve! & it was a success!

We started to convert the front living room to a playroom! I  cant wait to show the final product!
Kennedy started saying 2-3 word senteces very clearly! Here is a video of her telling my parents dog to "go away"
I am trying to think of anything else; right now I cant! Stay tuned for my pregnancy update next! :)