Air Fryer Donuts

10:54 AM

Air Fryer Donuts

I finally got on the air fryer wagon..yesterday.
 {if you don't have one, this is the one I got & so far so good}
& I had to put it to use first thing this Sunday morning!
I mean I don't want to say I am pro already, but this seemed like a great gateway recipe for my first!

If all things are as easy to make as these donuts, I will be making every meal in this sucker ha!

What you will need:

Air Fryer {obvs}
Spray Coconut Oil
Can of  Pilsbury Grands Flaky Biscuits
Cinnamon & Sugar mixture
Melted Butter


First, make a hole in your biscuits. I use a child medicine cup, it was the perfect size! Save the middles for donut balls!

Next, you want to spray your fryer with coconut oil. You don't want to use PAM cooking spray as it will damage your basket.

Put the donuts in the basket, space them so they are not touching. I can fit 3 in my 2.6 QT.

Cook/Fry them in at 350 for 5-6 min

Once they are done, brush on the melted butter then roll in cinnamon & sugar mixture.

Serve warm! & with a glass of milk ;)

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Strawberry Trifle

2:58 PM

Strawberry Trifle

I am not sure why but every Easter our dessert always involves angel food cake. I don't know if that is an actual thing for Easter so that is why we always do, or if it just became a thing with our family? Who knows, I like it!

Anyway, I wanted to do something different this year with it & decided to do a trifle!

Trifles themselves really no matter what you are using in them, whether it's sweet or savory, just look so pretty. So that is a plus for a visual pleaser like myself.

The great thing about this dessert is, it isn't Easter exclusive. This dessert will be perfect all spring & summer long! Just image with some blueberries how cute this will be for the 4th of July.

It was so light & refreshing! Great for after you have a big meal like Easter dinner or a big cook-out this summer!

What you need:
-Angel Food Cake cut into cubes
-Whipped cream {I made my own, I'll add the recipe below}
-Fruit of choice
-Optional: vanilla or cheesecake pudding 

This is so easy peasy you going to wonder why I even need to put the direction on here!
It's all about the layering. I started off with whipped cream, but you can choose which you want to start with! Then you just start layering. Angel-food cubes, fruit, whipped cream, rinse repeat! I lined the side of the strawberry layer with them pressed up to the glass just for looks! 

You want the top layer to whipped cream, then layer on fruit for the topper. I only cut off the leaves on the top of the strawberries for the top, as opposed to slicing them like I did through out. I just thought it made it look super pretty!

Homemade Whipped Cream

Again super easy!

What you need:
-Mixer or whisk {you're going to want a mixer though, but maybe you just have better arm muscles than me}
-Heavy Whipping Cream

Pour heavy whipping cream into a bowl.
With mixer or whisk, mix for a few minutes until fluffy. 
Add sugar to taste!

5 Tips for the Best, Memorable Trip to American Girl - American Girl Doll Store Chicago

10:52 AM
While working with American Girl on this post, American Girl gifted Kensley's birthday lunch celebration at the Cafe during our visit. The Talbott Hotel hosted our family for our stay. We can't thank each them enough for having us & all they did for us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

5 Tips for the Best, Memorable Trip to American Girl - American Girl Doll Store Chicago

If you were born anytime in the last 35ish years, & more than likely a female, you have looked into an American Girl catalog & dreamt of having a doll & doing to their store!

Getting an American Girl doll is a special time for a young child & their moms too! Going to the store is equally as special! Whether it's to purchase your first doll or a special trip you want to make sure it best trip ever. This isn't like going to a chain store to pick up any ole toy.  It's really an experience! Even if you are not buying a doll, or really anything, there is so much to do at the store & I am going to break down how to have the best visit!
This visit Kensley picked to go here for her 7th birthday! A trip planned for a birthday is always a great idea too!

The store featured in this post is Chicago, Water Tower Place

1. Play in the Store
The great thing about the store is, if something is out it's there to be played with! The dolls, accessories & throughout the store, there are interactive fun things to do in the BeForever section! They are great for photo ops! & don't forget about the Bitty Baby section & Wellie Wishers! My girls also stop by the Bitty section to check out all the fun baby accessories! They still play with their baby just as much as their big dolls!

Some things to do in the store:


They have new section that you can personalize a slew of items for your doll that you can get same day! Shirts, bags, matching shirt for you & your name it! You can also completely customize a doll to your liking, but it takes 6-8 to relieve your doll.

Ears piercing:

You can get your dolls ears pierced! & not only that, your child can get theirs pierced too! This is another fun experience your child will love to do with their doll! & so memorable.  Make sure you go right away for a appointment!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

Special Events:

They frequently have lots of fun things going on in the store! Make sure you check them to see what is happening during your visit!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

Check out the in-store location exclusive merch:

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

I am not in the habit of talking about places we visit bathrooms. But even the bathrooms here are the cutest. & always thinking of your girls. The bathroom has hooks in the stalls & at the sinks to keep them safe & off the floor. They.think.of.every.thing.

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

2. Find a Personal Shopper
This will vary from store to store if they have any available. A personal shopper really makes you feel special. They help you shop & you get a home base in the personal shopper lounge where everything can stay so you aren't lugging a bunch of stuff around. Your shopper can help you find things you may not have known about that are available& they are great about showing the promotional & sale offers at the store! They have great knowledge & help with anything!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago - personal shopper lounge

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

3. Get your dolls hair done
Going to the salon is so fun! This is going to be the first thing you want to you do when you arrive at the store. Because of how much fun & what a great job they do, the slots fill up fast! So you want to get a appointment right away! More than likely if you have a doll their hair might need a little help! & even if it doesn't the styles they offer most people can't do {like Kennedy got a courageous fishtail braid on her doll}, so there is something to be offered to everyone! They also offer nail polish for the dolls too! It comes off with water, so your child's doll will get a whole salon experience!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

4. Eat at the Cafe/Bistro
Each location will differ if it has a Cafe or Bistro, but no matter which it is, you want to make sure you do this! You can make reservations right online. The restaurants are so fun in just appearance but the experience is something you will love! When walking in they give your doll or dolls their own high chair so they can come with you to eat! The dolls even get their own placemats with plates & cups that you get to take home! The menu is delicious & apps & kids menu are so perfectly tailored to children!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

Click here for more info on their Birthday Package

I love that each table has a little box of topics to start some fun convos while waiting for your food! Much like my Dinner Convo Starters!

Not up for a meal? They have fun bakery window you can go up & get some fun goodies! "Mary Ellen's Sweet Shoppe"

5. Make it a trip & order a American Girl Package at your hotel
For those visiting the Chicago store, we stayed at The Talbott Hotel! It was the cutest boutique hotel tucked in a very quite, slow street. You can pretty much see the AG store from the corner so the store is within walking distance! {only .3 miles} Guys, you have to do this. It makes the entire experience. It includes the dolls own personal beds, slippers & robes,too! {CHECK OUT THE TALBOTTS PACKAGE HERE} A turn-down service with warm cookies & milk. Breakfast in bed for two. It truly really puts so magic to your visit! If you look at the price of a American Girl doll bed vs the package it really make this a incredible value!
Check the website for the hotels near your store that offer the American Girl packages.

See wasn't it so fun? I hope all these tips helped give you the push, or polish your plans for your trip to the American Girl store! It is just so magical, & I bet you feel like a kid again to having so much fun with kiddos!

American Girl Doll Store Chicago