Summer Scienece Expierment! Its Magic!

3:06 PM
A fun end of summer activity to do!
This is a total favorite at our house! & a good rainy day project too!
The girls always say how it magic, & the q-tip are their magic wands!

What you need:
-Food coloring
-Dawn dish soap
-Something to hold the milk in! I used pie pans!

What to do:
-Pour milk in the pan, not too much but enough to fill it all the way around.
-Drop some food coloring into the milk, I did 3-4 of each color {only used 3 colors}
-Dip Q-Tip in soap
-Then touch the color with the Q-Tip 
-Watch for the magic! The food coloring grips onto the fat in the milk then the dawn breaks it up!

Watch the "magic"

MJ Monday

10:01 AM
In lieu of having something to write about every week to get back in my groove. I decided to pick something I love, that wont get old, that people most frequently ask me about & hello it occurred to me. Toddler fashion. Im assuming majority of my posts will be MJ outfits, but since we DO sometimes not wear wear them; ill still post under MJ monday.

Anyway, this post is going to be about a current issue in the news & my love for  Matilda Jane. I don't want to say just Matilda Jane, because it isn't about the brand. It about the look. My main goal of raising two girls, young girls in todays world is KEEPING them little girls. Not only emotionally but the way they are looked at & the way they look at themselves.

So this what got me wanting to talk about this issue today:

Hedi Klums very young daughter in heels, high heels at that. Now I am all for my girls playing dress up. We have a full basket of heels adorned with little bows & princesses on them. But her shoes are far from the heels that grace our playroom floor. How is this ok? 

Have you been in the GIRL section lately? In the shoe department alone we are seeing  heels for our 6 year olds. Even on a ordinary pair of flipflops. I understand they are every where. But moms, dads, parents. You don't have to buy them. You HAVE to parent. We have to stand up and  say NO to making our girls look like teenagers.
 Walk thru a chain store, like Target. I find myself in section, will all these clothes with sequence, & holes. & somethings I would wear myself. I love a good mommy & me outfit. But the crop tops? The cut off daisy dukes? The revealing dresses? Are those bikini strings? Guys, why is there leopard print on those string bikinis? Wait, let me look up again...Yup it says on the sign "GIRLS"  GIRLS. So your telling me in this world, when Kennedy goes up just 2 more sizes she skips cute modest dresses to crop tops, and jeans with classification like "low rise"?  When she is 5. 

I mean, do these designers have kids? Better question- Have they ever even seen a child? Do they know that they are not just like super petite grown-ups? If you have shitty questionable taste as an adult, that's fine by me. Do your thing. Wave your freak flag, I don't care. But we have an obligation to our daughters to dress them like little girls while they are still little.  

Grant it, I don't know what either of my girls are going to be like a 5. But I can't imagine in a year Kennedy is going to be over playing princess, playing with her dolls or have a bow in her hair. Or Kensley in 2 year over her playing with her stuff animal kitty or playing "kitchen".
& even if we jump over to the toddler department 2t-4t you see the same things. 
There is one thing I do know & that is my 3 year old IS still doing all those things. SO why are we dressing our girls to look twice their age?
Why are we settling for our daughters to grow up so fast?

My daughters are sweet, innocence, & young. They are YOUNG girls. Not a mini-adult. Not a "tween". They are little girls.

Which brings me to why , I love Matilda Jane cause they do just that. They keep my little girls looking like little girls. They have flowy dresses. With soft  fabric that makes them feel like princess but that lets them dig in the sand and run the playground. & beautiful colors. & ruffles oh, there will be a day when I will never see another ruffle on a dress, legging or pant but until then, let me hold on to my girls with ruffles. I love them just as much as I loved them at their age.
There is gonna be a day when the skirts & dresses are too short. & now with the shopping as it is now as little girls, I foresee that coming so much sooner than I would like.
Let teach them NOW to respect their body & dress appropriately.