Outdoor Toys to Get Your Kids Outside to Play

6:43 PM

 Outdoor Toys to Get Your Kids Outside to Play

Rounding up some great outdoor toys for kids to get them outside & playing! These are all highly recommended by me or other Moms & Dads! For whatever reason, it is getting harder to get kids outside & playing. Competing with screens to the great outdoors I've heard from other parents what a battle it can be!

But getting them outside it such a big big deal. For the development & for us parents sanity during the summer {& otherwise} LOL. I am a big believer that we don't even need toys for kids to be entertained. It amazing to me what my girls come up with, without a single thing to play with. BUT having tools to encourage play is sometimes the push to get them to get out there & have fun! 

These toys are some that have my kids begging to get outside to play & for me to play with them, too! It's hard to get my kids to come inside somedays. Our joke is a barefoot check at the end of the day, if their feet aren't dirty enough. You get sent back to because you didn't have enough fun! 

I hope you get some ideas from these toys, so you can get there, too! You may find some of these you played as a kid, too & will find yourself being able to play with your kids outside as well!

1. Velcro Mitt Ball

2. Zip-Ball
This is was my favorite as a kid! My girls could play this seriously, forever. Sometimes I have to sit on a chair on the front porch because we have been playing so long! 

3. Po-Go Stick
This isn't your ordinary po-go stick. Although, that would work too. This stick Kensley got for her birthday last year, it is interactive. It counts how many jumps you do & girls could go forever trying to beat each other's score! Great workout too, they always get off all sweaty!

4. Horse Shoe
Did anyone else's parents use to play this all the time? We even had pits at our house! This is the same concept but with plastic shoes instead of real! Fun one for the whole family.

5. Cup Stilts
This one may sound silly, but this brings just normal walking around the driveway or street even more fun! My girls love doing this! Who knew!

6. Sandbox Excavator
I mean, how cool is this to have in your own backyard?! Making your sandbox next level fun!

7. Bug Catcher Kit
Bug catching is a professional sport over here. WELL, as long as it isn't too yucky. These keep my dishes from getting filled with worms, rolly-pollies & fireflies!

8. Swurfer
Swurfer sent us this & it has been non-stop fun! This is so great for the kid that is maybe feeling a little bit too older for swinging or who loves a thrill! Super easy install! The only con is the kids argue who gets to be on it first! 

9. Wiffle Ball Scoop
Another childhood favorite for me! We could play this for hours!

10. Stepping Stones
The girls bring these outside all the time to play the floor is lava or set up obstacle courses! Endless possibilities for these!

11. Walkie-Talkies
Talk about endless play THESE. Get a set of walkie talkies. HOURS & so so many batteries of fun.

12. Clip-on Roller Skates
These make any shoe into a sort of heelies. So much fun & they light up! My girls had a learning curve to figuring them out. But once they did, hours of fun!

13. Night Hawk
If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this on stories. Kensley got one for her birthday & that same day, one was ordered for Kennedy. They use every single day unless they aren't plugged in! It kinda like a hoover board meets skateboard meets I am not sure, but they are so cool & we can't keep the girls off of them!

14.Two Bros Bows
These are fun & safe take on archery! Comes with a target you can put on just about anything!

15. Monkey Jump
This seems like the new it toy! Everyone is raving about it & it seems like such a great alternative to a trampoline which we won't own at our house! 

16. Climbing Net
This Is so cool! Hook it up to two trees or a swing set for tons of fun climbing right in your backyard!
Make a fun obstacle course & include this!