Last year almost to the day Brandon got me a gift-card to an Aveda salon here locally. It was to get my nails & feet done. I ended up using it in the summer for my nails, but with my pregnancy going from being the hospital to pre-term labor the whole time I just didn't have time. So with it expiring I called to see if they could get me in.

Great news, they could! I was pretty excited I was getting close to smooth feetsies. Mine are to point they make that awful noise on the sheets when I move. {i know i know yuck, hence the needing of get these puppies pampered haha} So, I am talking to her then I said something to Kennedy & she laughed. The lady on the other end asked if I would be bringing her, of course I was. I don't leave her with anyone with monitor (back on by the way, just not as often) & something happen & me not be there. {well I never liked leaving her}

Well, no babies allowed.

If she were to cry it would disturb the other clients.

This is my first encounter with a non-baby friendly place! Before having Kennedy & TTC I by-passed anywhere that had babies & they seemed to be everywhere & now a place where they aren't allowed.

Have you experienced a non-baby friendly place?