Cedar Point's Halloweekends with Kids

10:14 PM
This post is brought to you by Cedar Point. We want to thank them for having us, & for this opportunity in their blogger program. All opinions in this post are of my own.

We have the most fun this weekend, kicking off fall as a family!

We were back in Cedar Point again, this time the whole park had been made over for Halloween!
& boy did they get it right!
Halloweekends is at select times on Friday - Sunday, Sept 19 - Oct 28th.
{small video of our fun posted below}

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | www.mrsmumaw.com
We went on a Sunday for their "Great Pumpkin Fest". 
On Fridays & Saturdays they have this plus their "Haunt", & some days with just the haunt.
From what I have heard the haunt is absolute amazing if you are into scary things & haunted houses.
I, myself am not one for those people & neither are girls; so I appreciated that things are very clearly marked, & they have certain days if you wish you avoid it.

NOTE: Also, if your schedule doesn't allow for the day of just the Pumpkin Fest, they have necklaces you can purchase to not be scared, or if you want to go to the haunt but not have everything up in the your face.

Cedar Point Halloweekends The Great Pumpkin Fest

First, there is so much to do! 

1. Don't forget your trick or treating bags. As you kiddos can go trick or treats at 10 different stations!

2. There is little activity areas ALL around the park. I dont even think we made it to all of them!
Some faves of my girls were the corn pit, mazes & the tractor ride!

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids The Great Pumpkin Fest 

3. Like any other time at CP there is always lots of fun entertainment! There was a band on the midway & highly recommend the Skeleton Crew, this show is for the whole family! They put on a heck of a show with some amazing stunts, while being a little creepy & spooky.

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | The Skeleton Crew

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | The Skeleton Crew

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | The Skeleton Crew

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | The Skeleton Crew

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids | The Skeleton Crew

4. I know I mentioned the decor, but they really went all out! The towns square is set up with all sorts of fun spooky boxs for you so see. The pumpkin carving were phenomenal making it so fun to look at every turn, & perfect for photo ops!

Cedar Point Halloweekends with Kids 

5. There is even fun games you find! We loved this eye spy game in Camp Spooky. We broke off into teams to see who could check everything off their list first. {Kensley & I won!} At the end you get a prize!

6. What is the Great Pumpkin fest without the Peanuts crew? You meet them, & have a dance party back in Camp Spooky! They are even dressed up for Halloween!

7.  At 4PM is the Great Pumpkin parade! The girls absolutely loved this! Nice time to wind down a little and get a break from walking! Everyone was adorable!

Cedar Point Great Pumpkin Parade

Cedar Point Great Pumpkin Fest Parade

Cedar Point Great Pumpkin Fest Parade

8. Whats a pumpkin fest, without pumpkins?! At the end of trick or treating, the card they give you will be all filled out. You head over to the pumpkin patch & pick your very own pumpkin! Then if you want you cant take it over & decorate it!

As you can see, Halloweekends has something for everyone. Not just your haunted house junkie, but also for us that love some good old fashion fall fun & all things not-so-scary.

Pumpkin Spritz Cookies 🎃

10:12 AM
It's FALL!
Something about the fall makes me want to bake? Anyone else?

Most the time, it's pretty hard for me to find time to fully bake. But this weekend I really wanted to bake something for the beginning of fall!

I am obsessed with my cookie presses. I have two. Both are are amazing, just one is bigger than the other. For this post, I used the Pamper Chef, simply because I couldn't find my pumpkin disc for my Wilton.
Cookies presses come with tons of different discs to make different kinds of cookies! I love making the Christmas tree ones for Christmas!

Spritz cookies are so buttery & delicious. Gives you comfort of a cookie, but without all the work!
Of course the girls always want to help bake, & using the cookie press makes it a lot less stress & mess!

The "hardest" part of press is figuring to how many clicks to get the cookie that you want. It's super easy peasy. You want to make sure you press it flush with the pan the entire time til you are done pushing the dough through.
Speaking of pans, I am obsessed with this Nordic Ware big sheet! It's huge so you can get tons of cookies on it, & it means less pans to washes after!

With this recipe, to make even more "fall-y" you could even flavor the dough with pumpkin. Which I have done before, but didn't have any on hand. I added a little big of almond extract to this batch, but they are just fine with vanilla. I did one batch with orange food coloring, & one with out. Not for variety but because I ran out of food coloring LOL

Let's get cooking!


1 1/2 cups butter (3 sticks), softened
1 cup 250 sugar
1 egg
1 tsp 5 vanilla extract or almond extract
3 1/2 cups flour
Colored sugar or sprinkles optional


Preheat oven to 375°F. In large mixing bowl, beat butter and sugar on medium speed of electric mixer about 3 minutes or until creamy, scraping down sides as necessary. Add egg and vanilla; beat well. Add flour; mix on low speed just until blended, scraping down sides as necessary. (Dough will be soft and a little firm; do not refrigerate.) Add food coloring or pumpkin flavoring, if desired.
Fit Cookie Press with desired disk; fill with dough. Press dough onto Cookie Sheet  about 1 in. apart. 
Decorate cookies with colored sugar or sprinkles, if desired.
Bake 10-12 minutes or until edges are light golden brown.
Cool cookies 2 minutes on Cookie Sheet; remove to cooling rack.

Smores Campfire Basket

8:07 PM
We love fires, in the summer & in the fall. 
With fire automatically means smores...amirite?
We also have a wood burning fireplace & make smores on nights like game night for a fun snack.
What can I say, we just really love smores! ha!
It's such a pain to round everything up all the time. Or get the kids excited for smores, & be short something because you used to bake something else.
Cue a smores kit! This is could also be such a great gift to a friend or teacher!

What do you need?

First, your going to need a container! Baskets work great, but so do any other type of tub. You could even use some kind of Tupperware if you found one big enough!

Next, you will need:

- Graham Cracker {we even stick in vanilla ones for different flavors}
Marshmallows {you can keep them in the bag or in a jars}
Chocolate {obvs, you need the classic Hersey's bar, but I recommend trying Reese's too!}
Wipes {because when you eat smores, I don't care how old you are..they are messy}
Bug Spray {this maybe regional, but as soon as the sunsets the mosquitoes are out in full force, be prepared!}
*Not Pictured roasting forks, retractable ones are great to keep in the baskets!

If you make your own kit or basket, make sure you send it to me so I can see!

Tiny House, She-Shed Reveal

4:25 PM
My mom decided she wanted her out little personal space of her own outside of the house. So she decided to take the shed in her backyard & turn it into a "she-shed"!

I was a little skeptical at first on how we were going to fit everything she wanted into the shed, but it ended up all fitting perfectly.

I've been updating on my IG stories about the whole transformation, but wanted to do a full reveal!

I had so much fun helping her shop, decorate & style the space!

She decided she wanted shiplap like in our powder room, & it really made the space!
We need to get her a bigger clock. This was such a difficult space to buy for because we just werent sure how everything would piece together & sizing was hard to tell in store.

So, we obviosly had to completely insulate it. She added a AC unit,  & a sliding door. The front door & window were already there. 
New flooring & the sliding door totally changed it from a shed to what it is!

Isn't it amazing & SO cozy? It's hard to believe all of that fits in there huh?
Its the perfect little retreat right in her back yard!

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