Why we don't only put the A+ on the fridge

7:00 AM
I remember being a kid & bringing home my spelling or math test on Friday. I would be on the bus and would get the test out of my backpack & clutch it, as if somehow it was going to get out of my backpack & walk away. But, just in case, it wasn't happening on my watch. I would walk in & proudly say "Mom, Here's my test!" & Just waited with the biggest smile on my face! My mom would be so proud & that sucker would right on the front of the fridge. With the best magnet to hold it up. The entire family would see MY A+ every time they need milk, water, anything. 

But when I did't get that A, I would pray my mom wouldn't ask about the test when I got home. & just let it sit in my backpack in hopes she wouldn't find it.

Fast Forward to now, my second grader now has weekly spelling tests. She has week after, week brought home 100% A+'s and she is always so proud to take the Disney pin on her cork strip & display it for all to see. When my mom comes over, she will route her over to show her "look Nana, look at my spelling tests" She is always proud. & she should be. She studies & works on the words all week long.

On our little command center on the side of the fridge, each girl also has a basket. It has all their papers from their folders in it so nothing is lost & I go through it all. When I went through the baskets, I came across the previous weeks spelling test. & it occurred to me I hadn't asked her about & she hadn't brought it up. It was a B-, she had missed  2 words.

I asked her & she was so ashamed & I asked her why she didn't hang it up. 
Without ever saying it, she had the impression that only perfect papers & tests adorned our fridge.

Here's the thing, I am not a ever body gets a trophy person.
Not every effort needs rewarded.
Would I love for my kids to always get A+'s? Obviously, yes.
But that isn't realistic.

She worked hard on those words, I know she did. & I will proudly display her B- or C, or whatever it is, as I would a A+
She made some mistakes. But everyone does. 
& sometimes it's good to put them on display. & see them.
I mean, I have to look at my mistake of backing into the garage door... twice in week, every day! ha!
But, I DOES remind me to slow down & really watch what I am doing when I back out from now on.
& that's what I like to tell myself when I am annoyed we haven't replaced it yet 😜😜

I learned from backing into the garage door.
& I think we need to remember, our kids are in school to learning.
It's not always the end result of the letter.
I am more interested in how they got that letter. What was the process. Why do you think you getting things wrong.
So while, it's not a matter of always praising every bad or good grade that comes through our door.
It's showing them that, if you are giving your best, I am proud of your work. Even when it isn't perfect.

The week I put up her B-, she was reminded of it all week long. 
& she didn't like it.
Even with me encouraging her that she worked for it.

That B ended up pushing her to work even harder on her next test. Slow down & think harder.
& what the A+'s do, is encourage her to keep working hard to continue to get them. Because she likes that feeling.

The next week, she brought home a A+.
But she knows now, when she walks in with her test; she never will feel embarrassed or that I only want to see perfection, & that she needs to hide her mistakes from me. There is a lesson in every triumph & every mistake. & she can put any letter grade up on the fridge, & I will still walk by proud because she's learning. 

& I am learning it really is time to replace that garage door. 

Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup

5:01 PM

Crock Pot Cheesy Potato Soup

In the winter I love soups! They are generally very hearty & just warm you to the bone.
Sometimes though, soups can be a pain to make on week nights with all that we have going on.
This soup is so super easy, & everyone in the entire family loves it & wants seconds!

This recipe is so super creamy & cheesy! Just so delicious! & you can do it all in your crock pot!

Lets get to the recipe!

What you need:
- 6 Large Yukon Gold potatoes, cut in 1/2 inch cubes
- 1 cup of diced, onion
- 3 cloves of minced garlic
- 1 tsp salt
- 1 tsp pepper
- 4-6 cups chicken broth
- 1 cup cold milk
- 3 tbsp flour
- 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
- 1 block of velvetta cheese
 - Bacon bits
- green onion

1. Add the potatoes, onion, garlic, salt, pepper & chicken broth to your crock pot. Stir it all together & cook on high for 3.5 hours, until the potatoes are cooked & fork tender.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk the flour into the cold milk until smooth, then add that into potatoes.

3. Add in the heavy whipping cream, stir then cover and cook for another 30 minutes. Add in the chucks of cheese & allow it all to melt.

4. Ladle into bowls, & garnish with bacon & green onion. I already think it is pretty cheesy, but my girls even add a little pinch of sharp cheddar on top too.


Recipe adapted by Dear Crissy

American Girl Live!

1:15 PM
Christmas break is ending, & we decided to kick it off with bang. If you're new here, my girls are huge American Girl doll fans. So, when I saw the billboard for American Girl Live driving down the highway. It sounded right up their alley.

There wasn't much on exactly what it was. Even on the website. I wasn't sure exactly the show even was. So I decided I would post about it to help my other mommas thinking about going when it comes to a city near you!

My mom and I surprised the girls as we were leaving. & as we were about head out, my mom said she had something or me. Back when I was a girl there was like 4 American Girl dolls, & I dreamed of having one. I was so excited when I finally got one for Christmas. 20 years passed and I had wondered where my doll went. My mom searched & searched but it seemed like it was lost or sold years ago. I always mourned not being able to hand it down to my girls, since they are so into them now. So going back to surprising the girls, my mom surprised me / still the girls, as I obviously wont be playing with it; with a a original pleasant company Felicity doll, like the one I had as a girl. We were off to a great start for our girls night!

When you get to the show they have merch set up. There are shirts to buy & one for your doll. I wish they had a matching doll shirt for each of t-shirts they had available but they only had one matching one in doll size. There was also sweatshirts, hats, stickers {as seen from above} & other doll accessories. All of which is exclusive for LIVE shows.

They had a VIP meet & greet available {separate charge from ticket}, & boutique where the girls got to enjoy cookies, coloring & a professional photo of themselves with their dolls! {waiting to get those by email}

The musical is based around a group of girls going to "Camp American Girl" together & them bringing their dolls with them to camp.

Each girl has a story line where they learn a "lesson" about themselves. Who else would help teach that lesson but the doll they brought the camp! The dolls come to "life" in these scenes, & are so well done. My girls gasped at a few!  The stories are of bravery & focus on friendship. The dolls come to life in their iconic "meet" outfits which the girls loved.

The dolls you will get to see are: Mary Ellen, Luciana Vega, Melody, Rebecca, Nanea, & Julie.
I love that they added in a little bit of everybody for everyone, a GOTY, historical & BeForever.

image via

I couldn't take photo during the show, but it was all just so adorable. The songs were lovely, & we left wishing their was a CD of the songs sung during the show.

The show was long, but had a intermission to break it up.

I found it really neat  the age range of all the girls with their dolls, from toddler to teens there was so many girls with their dolls enjoying the show.

& if you are worried if your child doesn't have an American Girl doll of their own, there was plenty of girls without a doll, or with whatever doll they love enjoying the show.

If you have other special women in your life, life a Grandma or Aunt. Or want to make it a girls night with your daughters friends this is such a great time for everyone. I thoroughly enjoy the show as a grown woman.

We had such a wonderful night. It was a wholesome show, with lots of laughter & great songs. It made for a perfect girl night. Def recommend 10/10

2018 Year In Review

4:36 PM
What a year it has been.
Somehow each year has gone by faster than the one before it.
For some reason, this year seemed to have gone by the fastest of all.

Let's recap the year shall we? Make sure you stick around til the end as, I have something to say to YOU.

We started off the year the way we had started the last several years, & that is the beginning of the dance season. Soon, we would come to the decision to leave our studio. & even though we found a new, wonderful dance home. Kennedy would ultimately choose to work solely on ballet! This decision would prove to be one of the best decisions for our Kennedy & our family.

In April, Kensley turned 6!

& she finished finished up her last year of Preschool!

We got to partner with Cedar Point & have two fun trips with them!

Both girls started up a new school year in the same school! Kensley is Kindergarten & Kennedy in 2nd grade!

We had another great Halloween of fun Family Costumes!

Right after Halloween, We had another amazing trip to Disney.

During our trip, Kennedy turned 8!

& Finished up the year celebrating Christmas!

& for fun!
Here are the posts you guys have liked the most this year:

While I don't upload very often, as I expected the top videos are the Disney videos so far. You guys have asked for more vlogs, I am going to see what we can do to make more videos in 2019!
The top YouTube videos:

I want to thank all of you for an amazing year. I really took this year to put more into this blog & other social media channels & you have supported me so much. Every click, like, share, swipe up.. all means so much for engagement to help support me & my family. Even your questions about where things are from, how I did something. Every single thing, means so much. 
So THANK YOU for this incredible year. YOU all have been a big part of why this year was amazing for my family.

If you have a moment, would you fill out the survey below to help me make sure I am giving you the content you enjoy & want? It is completely anonymous & would mean so much to me if you would fill it out!

Here's to 2019!

Disney World 2018 Park Day 1

12:06 PM

Disney World Park Day 1

Our first park day!
We try to start our trip & end it with Magic Kingdom. It doesn't always happen because of dining but we like to!
& it worked out that this trip we got to start it at MK!

This day we didn't know til we got there & saw all the signs that they were recording the Christmas special for TV. The girls were really keen on trying to get on TV but we did our best to stay away from the filming areas! Brandon & I said how we must be old, because we really didn't know any of the musical acts at all! Ha!

We started our day with some friends at the hundred acre wood! For my guide on Dining inside the parks click HERE.

When we hit up Crystal Palace we always like to do the Pooh ride, right after.


Lefous Brew from Gastons Tavern! It is SO good! 

I didn't take a ton of photos this day, &  really any day. I am not sure why! I did video the trip & I am re caping each day before I put together a whole thing on YouTube! Check it out below!

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