17 weeks!

1:14 PM
How Far Along: 17 although the dr is bouncing between 16-18

How Big is The Baby: as big a avacado to a onion!

Total Weight Gain: still losing, will be at the dr's tomorrow though!

Maternity Clothes: bought my first pair of shorts, which i was soo excitied about. like i said before im not big at all :( when i see other preggo mamas fb week by week pictures im as big as they are at lik 8 weeks, BOO! but never the less my shorts are just to much pressure on my pelvis so i bought a pair & fell in love, SOO COMFORTABLE :)

Stretch Marks: none new! and those a fading!

Sleep: i wake up on the dot at 4:15 every morning, no matter when i fall asleep! i can only sleep on left side which actually good, they say it is better for you. but sleep has gotten quite uncomfortable, thinking i may get a pillow soon, who knows.

Movement: yesss & im still loving it! im afraid i will burst of joy everytime!

Food Cravings: nothing really! just strawberries & such

What I Miss: well to be honest although i am soooo happy that im not sick anymore, i freak out a little since im not & not having my weekly appts! but i know i just need to relax!

What I’m Looking Forward To: my appt got moved to tomorrow so hoping by around 230 we can find out the sex, if there is a US tech open, they have been crazy busy! so cross your fingers!

Milestones: no puking :)


2:21 PM
How Far Along: 16 weeks! well dr is bouncing from 15-16!

How Big is The Baby: as big a avacado

Total Weight Gain: I have only lost weight, so far about 10 lbs, doctor says it isnt a concern yet  but maybe depending on my weight at the next appt

Maternity Clothes: none, i wore alot of babydoll tops pre-baby bump, so i still can wear them, just with my pants with a maternity band, although i hate it. im still to small to wear maternity pants/shorts so it frustrating.

Stretch Marks: well im a lotion FREAK! so none on my tummy. But i had a flat, extreme flat tush, and all of a sudden i have one now, so under my tush i do :(

Sleep: i sleep so so much! but at night it is getting to be a bit uncomfortable.

Movement: yesss! & i love it! i get a kick back whenever i sneeze or i lay a certain way. Only can be felt on the inside tho! :)

Food Cravings: mostly fruit & veggies! :) good craving huh? & apple juice

What I Miss: not a thing! :) well my weekly appts, i went to everyother. now im up to 4 weeks!! i miss seeing my baby every week! :(

What I’m Looking Forward To: i have a appt on the 14th & we are gonna try to figure out the sex! they thought for sure it was a boy my last appt but it was just the cord between babys legs :)

Milestones: feeling  baby! :)

from my appt 2 weeks ago!