Smores Campfire Basket

8:07 PM
We love fires, in the summer & in the fall. 
With fire automatically means smores...amirite?
We also have a wood burning fireplace & make smores on nights like game night for a fun snack.
What can I say, we just really love smores! ha!
It's such a pain to round everything up all the time. Or get the kids excited for smores, & be short something because you used to bake something else.
Cue a smores kit! This is could also be such a great gift to a friend or teacher!

What do you need?

First, your going to need a container! Baskets work great, but so do any other type of tub. You could even use some kind of Tupperware if you found one big enough!

Next, you will need:

- Graham Cracker {we even stick in vanilla ones for different flavors}
Marshmallows {you can keep them in the bag or in a jars}
Chocolate {obvs, you need the classic Hersey's bar, but I recommend trying Reese's too!}
Wipes {because when you eat smores, I don't care how old you are..they are messy}
Bug Spray {this maybe regional, but as soon as the sunsets the mosquitoes are out in full force, be prepared!}
*Not Pictured roasting forks, retractable ones are great to keep in the baskets!

If you make your own kit or basket, make sure you send it to me so I can see!

Tiny House, She-Shed Reveal

4:25 PM
My mom decided she wanted her out little personal space of her own outside of the house. So she decided to take the shed in her backyard & turn it into a "she-shed"!

I was a little skeptical at first on how we were going to fit everything she wanted into the shed, but it ended up all fitting perfectly.

I've been updating on my IG stories about the whole transformation, but wanted to do a full reveal!

I had so much fun helping her shop, decorate & style the space!

She decided she wanted shiplap like in our powder room, & it really made the space!
We need to get her a bigger clock. This was such a difficult space to buy for because we just werent sure how everything would piece together & sizing was hard to tell in store.

So, we obviosly had to completely insulate it. She added a AC unit,  & a sliding door. The front door & window were already there. 
New flooring & the sliding door totally changed it from a shed to what it is!

Isn't it amazing & SO cozy? It's hard to believe all of that fits in there huh?
Its the perfect little retreat right in her back yard!

YumBox Lunch Planner

3:38 PM

Yumbox Lunch Planner

We are obsessed with our Yumboxes! We wanted to love other brands, but the leakproof seal at our girls' age nothing compares! To see my post on Lunch box 101 & more about the Yumbox, click HERE.

Sometimes in the morning, things can be crazy & I go to pack it, & I am like....what should I make? Or when I'm grocery shopping!

That's when I decided I needed to plan our lunches, just like I do for dinner. & now with two girls in school I will need it more than ever. So I made this little planner specifically for yumboxes! 

Come join our Facebook group to share, and get idea from others!

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Brandon did the majority of lunches last year, & this really helped him on what to pack the girls because I had it all laid out for him! This could also be a big help with older kids making sure what they are packing isn't just junk! You can plan it out for them to pack themselves!

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Print them below!
NOTE: The best way to print these is on a computer.

Mix of compartments:

Panino box:
Original yumbox:

Happy Lunch Planning!