Kennedy's SIXTH Birthday {Painting Party!}

3:36 PM
You can view Kennedy's other birthdays here:

Cake: Cakes by Laurie {as always}
Dress: Custom by Harp Diapers & Apparel

Pumpkin Patch 2016

8:14 PM
We've been to three pumpkin patches somehow this year!
Its been so fun trying out new & old favorites!
Here are some photos from the last patch on our tour!
We tried out Hilgers Family Farm!
It was so lots of fun with lots to do!
It was the perfect weather for our last day of visiting too!
Not too hot, not too cold! Made lots of memories!

The girls first Bengals game!

9:55 AM
Everytime we go to a game, the girls want to go so badly!
We just didn't think they were old enough yet. Some fans can get rough ect.
Last year we went to a pre season game & it was much more mellow & there were a lot of kids there so I knew they would do just fine at one of those!
So for Father's Day I got all of us tickets to a game!
The girls & Brandon were thrilled!
They had so much fun! They got to meet "who dey" the mascot. Eat classic football game foods! & oh my the reaction to the touchdowns! & singing the songs. It was all too much! SO cute & def was the best present for Brandon!

Kensleys touchdown faces. I couldn't choose one!