6:07 PM

march of dimes!

1:07 PM
we walked for babies today!
we walked for their research which helped our ladybug stay inside my belly at 26 weeks, & a couple times there after.
we walked for my friend Britney who just had her a babies 4 weeks ago, at 26 weeks.
one at 1.4 lbs & the other at 2.4lbs
they are doing above & beyond great!
& breathing on their own!

we are out at 7 am, & still happy!

my bff, joel. aka 2nd husband.

im ready to go!

so is momma!

this poor baby didnt get to make it to the march :( RIP

if you love babies as much as i do, you should vote :))

on a spring time afternoon..

3:22 PM
..this is what we did!

it was finally above 45 degrees & we took full advantage!

oh by the way....
just thought you all should know...
last night Kennedy was on the floor whinning; i heard 'ma-ma-ma-ma"
i thought hmm, probably by accident.
but today while visiting brandon at work
plain as day..
without anything before or after..
she said...
best feeling EVER.

vote,vote, vote!
please? :)

TTC Thursday 1.0 {clomid.}

10:52 PM
{for those whom don't know it is a fertility drug}
We will do 6 cycles, after this coming cycle.
Then thats it.
We are done.

I am afraid I will change my mind before then.
But we will see.

We are on 2ww.

Make sure you enter for the giveaway below!
&please please VOTE! 

giveaway#2 {hevea all natural pacis}

2:01 PM
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infertility awareness

12:53 PM
It is inferility awareness week.
I ask of you two things.
1. Go & vote for "our journey." to be in the top 25 baby journals.
Infertility & miscarriages should also being the baby-blog-shere & they aren't
Change that!
This is would really really mean alot to me.
You can vote once a day by clicking below! :)

2. Watch this video. 
What IF from Keiko Zoll on Vimeo.

wordless{ish} wednesday

1:30 PM
You know that hat ordeal I had this weekend with my newborn session?
Well I thought I should use one with all the trouble I wen thru to get the darn things!
So, I pop'd it on Kennedy's head!
How cute right?

& this from yesterday, see how night it lookes? litterly 15 minutes later there was a tornado watch!
I am so over this weather.
THere will be a day in 70's followed by 5 days of rain!

i want a baby.

11:13 PM
yes we all know i want one in my tummy.

but i am talking about the new lifetime show.

sobbing sobbing sobbing.

introducing solids 101.

5:53 PM
**note: this is with my experience**

Momma at Home Mondays 1.0

5:15 PM
I do laundry daily for Kennedy.
For Brandon & I do for almost 2 days straight.
My husband wears ALOT of clothes.
I generally stick to one outfit, unless the spit up is pretty nasty ;)
My one request?
If they are not in the hamper they don't get in the wash.
So the case of the missing shirt.
You know, when you have 3 minutes before you have to leave some where 
& you hear from upstairs 
"BABE wheres my shirt? you know the black one with the red?"
what do I look like, a clothes GPS 
You know I didn't wear the thing last.
Well I may have worn it to bed, but that is besides the point.
Followed by him finding it in a ball in the corner of HIS bathroom dirty {HIS bathroom is a post all in its own}

not my fault.
in my house, if you want it washed; be nice enough to place it in the hamper.
or do it yourself 

Viola, no case of the missing shirt.

new things!

3:05 PM
Since I have all these new wonderful followers, I figure I have no time to be a "bad blogger"!

So here's whats new!
A few features:
The first being Momma at Home Mondays, where I will be telling all things SAHM! Also on my survey I did awhile back alot of you wanted to know more about Brandon & I's marriage & how things work this also will be merged into this feature, since being at home & me being a wife goes hand-in-hand!

Second being TTC Thursday. I don't want this to be a morbid blog to all you momma's that really don't know what its like to struggle with IF {infertility} so this is my one day a week where I can cry & say how much it sucks.

I also want to do some guest posts on SAHM's, if you interested in being featured email me!

I am really excited about all this & hope that you all are too! :)

So its Monday right?
I will skip to Momma at Home Monday 

Easter/Weekend Re-Cap!

2:06 AM
In lieu of Easter I didn't get a chance to post a picture of Bug with the Easter bunny.
Yup we did the cliche easter bunny @ the mall.
But there was NO way i was letting that nasty costume hold my baby so instead each of us held her next to him :)

Friday we got the food for my easter lunch! & ya know else we did? NOTHING. We laid around, we ordered take-out applebees & watched rented movies. PERFECT. Brandon has had little to no days off lately, so cherished my day with him.

Saturday, was sooo busy. My etsy girl was supposed to over-night a newborn hat for me for a last minute newborn session. Well it didn't show up. So I did a little plea for help to local photog friends & luckily a friend had a few for me to use! I had to drive 45 mins to get there; got back just in time to do my session. & guess what? not one of the hats fit. I got home, my ordered hat was in the mailbox. Hmpf.

Sunday? EASTER
momma & da-da's easter basket had: teether,hello kitty plush toy, number stacker/toy & spoons :)
first time in the grass, she was so into it I could only get a few with her looking at me; no smiles :(
Aunt Tiffany
& before I forget again Melissa, the sunglasses are from carters :)

momma & baby

she learned "kisses" she slips the tongue every once in awhile ;)
my niece madison with bug :)

& drum roll please.......
my first Easter/holiday get together/luncheon

it went off without a hitch! I think that is how the saying goes :p
everything was wonderful, thank heavens.
& tasted delish
my mother & myself were proud :)

How was your guys' Easter?
Did you enter for the giveaway below?

100+ follower giveaway {layna bugg}

5:30 PM
You comment about them.
You ask about them.

Now you have a chance to win one!

Yup those adorable flowers on my daughters head? 
Some I make but the majority are from Jayme @ Layna Bugg

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3:16 PM
Holy schnikes! I thought the other day it looked like my followers had changed but I wasn't sure.

Well I looked today and sure enough 102 followers!

So first welcome if you new! I am so so glad your here for my journey!

Second I think this is in need for a little celebration!

Giveaway anyone?
Coming right up :)

Easter prep!

10:28 AM
This is my first mobile post, since my internet is still down! So hopefully it works and you can ignore typos.
Who am I kidding I always have typos :)

So I get to have my first Easter luncheon for my family! This is a big deal because
A) I have always wanted to host a holiday
B) my mom ROCKS at holidays and their meals, lot of pressure!

My mind was reeling with ideas I had the majority done and the table in slight mock up with what it will look like! My centerpieces just need fresh flowers and I did alot of DYI things that I can wait to post for all of you!

But first on my list was to finish kennedys easter outfit made by yours truly:) what do you think?

The outfit in whole cost me 6 dollars. The custom bow was 9!


11:27 AM
Here the thing. I am pissed off.
Yeah I know It was only one cycle.
But what happened to "my fertility should be tip-top"
does this mean its gonna suck like before.
Dr's shouldn't give false hope.

Do you know what else sucks, getting 2 BFP's, only to have BFN's.
It hurt. It stung. & I am emotional.

AF came a freakin week early almost to laugh in my face.
That sucks.

I won't be having a 2011 baby.
That sucks.

My chart seriously is crazy right now, cause of all this AF early-ness.
FF has me fertile for over a week!

You know what else, I forgot  how much scheduled sex gets old.
Temping every morning get old.
Checking my CM gets nasty.
Charting can be a huge pain in my butt. {i did get the phone app tho, WAY easier}

But when I get honest..
As much as that one line sucks, & stings. & brings me to tears.
& the reminder with AF here that "HEY YOUR NOT PREGNANT" screams at me.

You get two lines & here
comes the joy
But the after?
earth shattering FEAR.

Yup this is my life.

The life of a IF RPL woman.
Nope I am not bitter. ;)

By the way, girl I used to babysit; pregnant.
16 years old.
Her first time.

hoppy easter!

11:12 AM
Yup, another photo post.
I am avoiding posting, I know I need to talk about last cycle, & this.
I will get there.
Bare with me :)
I did a quick easter session with buggy-butt this morning
saved the best pic for a the end!