35 week dr update!

11:08 AM
I am 2 1/2 cm dilated! I could be 3 but her head is down so far that it has pushed my cervix back, & the dr didn't want to put me in more pain than I have been already lately. When I told him about the god awful pelvic pain that I have been  having he kinda brushed it off & then said he could still move her head from the outside, so it wasn't because she was down to far, this was before he checked me. Then  he check me & said "oh wow nevermind, her head is stationed and down so incredibly far no wonder you are in pain" then did a litterly 5 second ultrasound to see what he was moving, which was her shoulders. I was kinda sad it wasn't longer but understood. He did confirm that her head will def fit tho, so that is one obstacle we wouldn't be having. & my pushing would be limited because of how far down she is!

He is flabbergasted that my water hasn't broken, which I am not exactly sure why but ok. Have I mentioned how infuriated my dr is? Anyway, we talked of induction because of the pain, & he said he wanted to wait til I was 3 to 4 cm dilated. I was confused because I could be 3 but he didn't want to "hurt" me. But whatever, the man contradicts himself every other word I can't keep track. Anyway, Buggys heart beat was strong which is what we want, with my low fluid & cord around her neck it could cause some compression and stress on her but she is showing no effects by it. Thank goodness.

If she doesn't come in the next week or so, which he thinks she will; but hasn't he been saying this for 6 weeks now? I will def be induced before Thanksgiving, so my ladybug will be here for all of the holidays! SO EXCITING! I get to buy a my first Thanksgiving onesie! I can now officially say I am ready for her to come with all this pain. I was walking up the stairs Wednesday, well trying to walk. The stairs are very difficult for me now because of the pain. And when I got to the top I sat down to rest, & woke up more than 2 hours later?! Apparently, I passed out from the pain! NO FUN.

This past weekend we mourned the anniversary loss of baby angel #2. It was difficult, but made us so much more grateful than we already are if that is possible, for Kennedy. She is such a miracle. Hoping everyone has a awesome Halloween weekend! I shall be gaining 50 lbs worth of candy ;)

35 weeks!!!

12:15 PM
How far along? 35 weeks!!  one week until we are "full term" WOOHOO! I am more at ease with her coming now! I just can't believe we are this far, SO crazy!

Total weight gain/loss: im thinking 15lbs now. we will see this week!

Sleep:  sleep is for sissys ;) haha no but i don't sleep but maybe 45 mins a night.

Food cravings: I really want a HUGE box of nerds. Other than that, thats about it

Best moment this week: I went to this christmas warehouse, where they have a bunch of items for 1.49! & the baby section had infant/toddler leg warmers, leg-a-rooz, which i have been looking allll over for that weren't a arm & a leg! I was so excited, I bought all of the different patterns! :) oh & my hospital bags are finally packed!

Movement: all the time! it is actually quite painful, I believe that is from me having little to no fluid now.

Labor Signs: you know it, all the time contractions. it never ends, although it has lightened up SO much!

Gender: a mommy ladybug

Stretchies: I have now developed them on my sides, and one my lower tummy tucked underneath. they would appear this far haha

Belly Button in or out? its more flat than anything

What I miss: nothing, im really trying to soak up the last bit of the pregnancy right now. although I could without contraction,&  horrible heartburn

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: Making it til next week!!

Weekly wisdom: Even though milk help your stomach with the heartburn, make sure you are eating LOTS of fiber, or lots of water on top of the milk because you will pay for it. :s

Emotions: I cry all the time just thinking about her, or looking at her stuff. Or anything that mentions family,daughter,mother haha

prayer for someone in need.

4:12 PM
When I first started blogging one of my first followers and the first person I started following and had talk to in WTE message boards. I met Lindsay from Adventures in Baby Making. We ended up getting pregnant only a few short weeks apart, but Linsday was pregnant with TWINS! Two boys! I love her posts and how she is so honest, and her updates about the boys. She hadn't updated in about 2 weeks when I saw her pop with a post name "because it only takes a moment to change your world" I thought for sure she had gone into early labor and  her boys. But as I read I was devastated by what I was reading.

Lindsay was going to get some long sleeved maternity shirts & head home. As she was doing so, she was in an car accident. A ambulance has t-boned her on driver side of her car. She had broken left collar bone, left shoulder, several ribs on the left side, several cracked vertebra, tail bone, and pelvic bone (into three pieces), along with some bleeding in on her brain.

She gave birth to her boys prematurely at 33w4d. Lane went to the NICU but is in generally ok condition. Lucas on the other hand didn't make it. He was down very low in her pelvis and was crushed. You can read her story HERE and hopefully leave her a message.

I know you some are thinking well I dont know her, but everyone sometime just needs prayer. So, I am asking if you are reading this to say a prayer her Lindsay, her Husband & Lane. I can not even imagine the heart-ache they are going through.

I am holding my belly a little tighter tonight.

HELP: needing your imput and a dr appt update!

9:59 PM
I am doing this on my blackberry so bare with me if I mess something up, or it looks funny!
Need your ladies opninon on sleeping arrangements. What do you think it better co-sleeper vs. Play yard with bassinett on top vs. Normal bassinett vs. Moses basket
Also which is better to have upstairs and downstairs?!! HELP! ‪ ‬ ‪

On to my appt today!
I am offically 1 cm dilated!! I got another steriod shot, which puts me at so much ease in case we don't make it these next few weeks til 36 weeks. I will be more "ok" with her coming. Also, her cord is around her neck which they failed to tell me when I got my results from my bio-physical. But he only sees it as a problem during labor when pushing. He said it happens to 15% of his deliveries and hasn't had a problem and the baby is always a-ok. Speaking of labor he did say that I should have a pretty painless and easy delivery with how low she is! Waaa-whoo! So depending on how far I'm dilated when its go time, I may go natural!

I'm still measuring small and I am "all baby not fluid" which is explains why I feel so much smaller. It also makes me nervous because I'm afraid I won't no when my water actually breaks since I've benn "leaking". Uggh. I guess I will just "know" like they say, but it still makes my head reel! I got my beta strep 3 weeks early, and should have the results I'm guessing by early next week. I have had some bleeding (which is cause by my cervix changing) and if it continues after today (I will probally bleed in a little which from him checking) and decrease in movement I go in next week, if not I wait another week! So, there's your update :)


12:41 PM
Ok, Sorry for the over load of posts but my internet is in its tip-top con-dish so im using this time to blog it up!
Alot of my bloggie-pregnant friends haven't had their shower yet! So, I wanted to do kinda a rave/review on the monitor I got from my Mom for all of you that have yet to register or are looking for one on-line yourself! I have my 16 month old niece is in my care right now, because she is awful sick and her mother; well we wont go there. Anyway, she got to brake in buggy's room last night & I got to use my new monitor and had to tell ya'll about it!

First I must say, I was ify on the monitor when my mom first got it from me. I wanted one of those you know 300 dollar video ones. Which would be obv ideal, I have read alot of reviews & some of my mommy friends did not have such nice things to say about them, unless they were the ones that were like 500!

Not only can you turn on the night-light (which is so soothly, and it isn't to bright or too dull) from your side of the monitor and control the sounds (you get to pick between ocean sounds, & lullaby music) But, I litterly could hear her breath and every move she made when the receiving end was up on the dresser. Oh & when she cries it doesn't have the alarming "something must be horribly wrong" red lights! It has bright green ones that go up and down according to the volume of the cry, which I find less heart-attacky! :) What monitor you ask? It's the Fisher Price Remote Control Musical Audio Monitor N9147!

So, if you are looking for a not overly expensive, GOOD monitor check this one out!

33 weeks-ish!

12:21 PM
How Far Along: 33-34 weeks!!

How Big is The Baby: as of 2 weeks, 3lbs 5oz! According to the bump she is as big as a HONEYDEW!!

Total Weight Gain: 11lbs! although I think I have gained more this past week, even though I have been getting sick every morning. Yeah as if 5 and a half months of it in the beginning wasnt enough, lets add it to the end haha

Maternity Clothes: I really need to cave and get a pair of jeans, but I didn't want to spend a arm & a leg with my pre-term labor and only wear them once. I went to a second hand shop and the one pair that was my size, was PETITE. I was too tall :( so Ive been sticking to my velor sweat pants! :)

Sleep: Sleep? who sleeps? not this girl.

GENDER: a daddy's princess! :)

Movement: OMG, for you ladies that are just now feeling movement, or have been for a little while now! You are going to FLIP when you get this far. I see elbows & feet and all sorts of contortions! It is SO COOL! & super creepy some times haha

Food Cravings: nothing really, I could go for some papa johns pizza right now tho.

What I Miss: Well, I would not change a thing for this. But a day with out pre-term labor/contraction would be great. Just one. 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting my ladybug!

Milestones: Does bloodyshow count for a milestone I didn't want to come?

Symptoms: Heartburn, Colostrum, Leg Cramps, Constipation, Contractions
-speaking of this thought I would share that I was doing a photo session a few weeks ago, with a little baby and the family. A breeze came about & was confused by my chest feeling wet. I look down & I have leaked alllll the way thru my bra,under tank, & shirt. hahahaha

xoxo, Tara

nursery update!

12:03 PM
here are some updated pictures! :) there is alot of "decor" stuff & knick knacks to put up still! But people have been asking so here we go!

Here bedding I got for a MAJOR steal. First off may I just say how flipping hard it is to find purple bedding that doesn't have a cartoon on it?? Anyway, 65% off of this set from Target, it is from the Dwell Studio & still on sale ladies! I need to get the changing table cover!

I plan on putting a canopy over her crib, as well as her chandler my DH has yet to put up! & then her three pictures will go above the crib as well.

Ugly black lamp, is still in there from painting!

So, Im a person that loves to re-juv furniture ect to save money. & my mom got this recliner that rocks for...FREE! it is brand new, BUT UGLY green. I wanted a chair with the texture of the blanket on it but I was having a really hard time finding one for uh less than a thousand. SO, I had this blanket but it had ripped, and it just so happened to be big enough to fit the chair. Right now its just stuffed and tucked into it, but I will be upholstering it on the chair when I get enough energy to do so! :)

I have to get the other two storage containers for her changing table. I wasn't sure on what bedding I was going to choose and Target has these SUPER cute ones with like a flower and hippo and what not, so I left two open until I figure it out! The thing on top is my super awesome diaper cake I got from my babyshower that is too cute to undo yet!

So Im thinking about doing either one or both with this one.

What do you think? Well hopefully you all enjoyed peakin into our little buggys room! :)


ohhhh goodness.

12:13 PM
Lets catch you guys up, not last Sunday but the Sunday before, Brandon left to go fishing and litterly 20 minutes later I was having all this pressure and just needed to push, a lot of pressure. So we went to L&D, like the dr said to. They go to check my cervix, she pulls out her hand and it is covered in blood. My automatic thought, from everything I have known with my miscarriages, is something horrible and my baby is dying. I FREAK! and she asked if I have had my bloddy show yet, I reply no, & she tells me well now you have. My cervix is dilated a fingertip (1 cm) but which I didn't know there is two layers to a cervix and the part that is dilated in just the outter, & not the inner. But she said once that happens it pretty much the beginning of it dilating completely. When i was hooked up to be monitors, the nurse kept coming in & asking me about my contractions & I said I had only had one since I was there, & she looked at me funny and said I had been contracting the whole time (apparently I have become so used to it I dont notice the real little ones after four FLIPPIN weeks) anyway, I got a shot of breathane to stop the contractions and was monitored for a few hours.

I had an appt on Thursday, Dr said if he knew I was going to come in this week he would have told me not to because he didn't want to check me again because I was checked Sunday & checking again so close would stir up the membranes putting me into full-blown labor. SO, I go in next week, he wants to do my beta strep now instead of 36 weeks since delivery will be before then, but at this point I don't even feel like it going to happen anymore, & I just want her to come. I know selfish, as she deserves to go full-term but I am so EXHAUSTED. The constant contractions leave me so worn out, & in so much pain. The only thing that relives the pain is walking, which makes me have more contractions. I can never win. I have not complained my whole pregnancy, but now I'm freakin complaining. This is my 5th week of premature labor, & if one more women tells me "this is nothing, stop being a wimp, just wait for the real ones then you can say you are in pain" SHUT THE &#*$*U)(#$* up! You go thru 4-6 contractions a hour for 5 weeks and then call me a whimp, k thanks. :)

OK, I'm done now! I feel much better! :) I will update on my appt next week as soon as possible!