drive-in in our drive-way!

1:19 AM
We kinda became THEE coolest parents in our toddlers eyes this past weekend!
We hooked up the projector outside, surround sound & DVD player. 
Set up shop, for a warm cozy sitting area, got pizza & popcorn.
& had a movie night IN OUR DRIVEWAY.
It was kind of a bittersweet night. Right before we watched the movie, we found out Brandons Grandfather passed away. As if that in itself wasn't hard; not even 3 week before hand he had lost his other grandfather.
I was being torn between being so incredibly sad, & remembering one those nights as a family ill never forget!

We got to spoil dinner a little, & had popcorn before our pizza! Since we wanted to eat it during the movie, that made for a late dinner! So we needed to hold them over!

notice the dog in all picture just aching for a bite to eat haha

They may or may not love popcorn!
The girls I were smiling & kennedy kept saying how "cool" it was. 
Its so fun to do things that are so out of the "norm" *& breaking rules every once in awhile!
I think they make for the best childhood memories.

SO silly!

I love their relationship

 The movie of choice was monsters inc! We decided to start it as soon as it we could start to see it coming up on the garage door, since it was getting late! We may move it to the backyard next time, the street light shadows from the trees were awful!

Kensley didn't make it that far into the movie, & bug made it til about the last 10 mins!
It was so much fun! We can't wait to do it again!