Strawberry Fruit Dip

2:41 PM

Strawberry Fruit Dip

 School is out!
& that only means one thing SUMMER!!
We are always snacking on fruit, but even more in the summer. I can't keep our fridge full ever. I buy a carton of strawberries & in one day they are gone!
I remember one time when I was 7, I ate SO many strawberries it was unreal, & I broke out in the all of over rash; It looking like I was turning red! HA!

To switch it up every once in awhile for a sweet treat for our strawberry snacking; or when we go to a grill out & I don't want to come empty handed. I always make this super simple Strawberry fruit dip! Its simple & it's gone with in minutes! Such a crowd pleaser! Everyone asks me the recipe & no one every believes what it made of & how simple it is!

All you need is:

1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 big jar of Kraft Marshmallow Fluff or 2 small jars
Optional: I have added Cool Whip as well

Yes that's it!!

Mix both the ingredients up in the mixer. It's sticky but boy is it good!
put it in the fridge to chill. & there you have it!
Just don't go eating too many strawberries & turn red on me!

48 Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters

8:18 PM

48 Family Dinner Table Conversation Starters

Most of us in the season of life where our children our having real conversation with us, are also in the "busy" season of life.
To & from practices, homework, just go go go all.the.time.

Dinner time sometimes, isn't at home. But when it is, I try my very best to make sure we are all siting down at the table. Electronic off, TV off, sitting at a actual table.
5 days out of the week, it is just the girls & I for dinner. & even when Brandon is home, we sit down & we are unwinding from the day, errr trying to quickly eat before we have to get up & get a child seconds..another drink..wipe up a spilled drink..pray ect..& I really want to make sure we have great, meaningful conversations. But sometimes, its hard to come up with how to get started for those conversations to happen when your mind is still going a mile per minute. & the everyday "how was your day?" just doesn't cut it because you were met with the same answer "I don't know" everyday. Amirite?

That's where these conversation starters some in handy! & don't think they need to be limited to just dinner! I made these first for a friend of mine & she keeps her in her car for their after school drive!

 Print them out & cut them into squares. We put them in a little pail to take them from. Sometimes we do one, & it leads into lots of conversations. & sometimes we like to pick a few of them to keep going!

I hope you enjoy & get some good talks in at the dinner table!

Download them Below:

Target x Disney

12:39 AM
As we all know, our entire family are huge Disney lovers!
When I heard about the Target release of their collection "Love Mickey"
I knew I would probably need all the things!

So here I am rounding up all of my favorites that are available online as in-store stock can vary!

I got a couple things from "Junk Food" & the quality is so amazing, & everything is SO soft!
If you get get anything scented, the blackberry scent is SO good.

Do yourself some "magical" shopping!!

                           SHOP THE COLLECTION                        
Shop the collection below, by clicking on the photos!

The girls have been dying to make "You Tube" videos {but honestly isn't everyones kid right now?} We decided to make a our first video of our Target haul from this collection! I am SO cringe-y in it. But they girls about pee'd their pants after I edited it! If you watch make sure you leave a comment & like it; you will absolutely make their day! I've already been asked 10000 times if we have any yet! LOL

10 Skills to Ask Your Amazon Echo Alexa

12:00 PM
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10 Skills to Ask Your Amazon Echo

Those of you that follow me on IG, know about my little friend, Alexa.
Guys, the whole family has fallen in love with her.
She is so helpful, & honestly so fun!
The girls & I generally use her for music more than anything. {at any given time in our house you can hear one of the girls yelling "ALEXA, play greatest showman. or ALEXA, play Disneys ZOMBIES.. ALEXA is in caps because they can't just say ALEXA.. its always yelled ALEXA!}

amazon echo, skills for alexa, amazon echo for the family, alexa skills

But, there is alot more to her than listening to music. 
So here is the list of what things we use her for most!
I am here to get everyone to get a Echo! So either hopefully this will make you either buy one, or know how to use yours better! 

1. Music
I am just putting this on here, even though I already mentioned it. We synced our Spotify account, but it has capabilities to use more music streaming services, as well as your prime account.

You ask:
"Alexa, play Christmas music"
"Alexa, play Taylor Swift"
"Alexa, play Believer by Imagine Dragons"

2. Weather

The girls use this every morning when getting dressed!

You ask:
 "Alexa, What is the weather today" or "how hot will be today" ect.

3. Alarms, Reminders, Times

This is a super helpful for us busy moms, or those that can get scattered brained.
You can use it as your morning alarm clock. Or to reminder you to leave, or do something at certain time. You can also ask things like how man days til a certain date, or when a certain holiday is.

The time feature is amazing during Thanksgiving, because you can set multiple timers at once.

You ask:
"Alexa, set a timer for the potatoes for 20 minutes" 
"Alexa, wake me up at 6 AM"
"Alexa, when is Easter this year?"
"Alexa, remind me to leave for dance in 15 minutes"

4. Games
This a fun one with our family.
We play jeopardy, every Friday there is new questions & topics. So when we are making our pizzas for movies night we ask to play. We also love the Disney trivia game. Though, there are so many others. Sports, Pop Culture, you name it!

You Ask:
"Alexa, Lets play Jeopardy"
"Alexa, Lets play Disney Triva"
"Alexa, Play simon says"

5. Facts
Alexa, is litterly a speaker with Wikipedia.
You can ask facts about just about anything. It comes into handy with martial arguments. Like, hypothetically of course, how children Adam Sandler has. She has the answer.

You ask:
"Alexa, Wikipedia Abraham Lincoln" 
"Alexa, How old is Kate Hudson?"

6. Break a Tie
You can also use her for things to break a tie, or help you make a decision if your family or friends are indecisive.

You ask:
"Alexa, Rock, Paper, Scissors"
"Alexa, Flip a coin"
"Alexa, Roll a dice:

7.  Intercom
If you have more than one Echo, or you can use it through you your phone, to talk to someone somewhere else in the house.
I have even used this when I have gotten in the car & a child is still inside & I am waiting on them. HA! I use my phone in the Alexa app, & "drop in" to the Living room & make sure to put some fire under their butt to get outside! LOL I just talk into my phone like I normally would and tell them to hurry, or if they need something!

You ask:
"Alexa, Drop in to Kensleys Room"
"Alexa, Drop in to the Kitchen"

8. Shopping Lists 
This one is a HUGE life saver for me. I don't know how many times, I am in the moment doing something & realize we are low or out of something. & I just don't have a moment to write it down.
Just the other day I was giving the girls a bath & ran out of shampoo. I told Alexa to add it to my shopping list, & right then it popped up into my phone & saved it to my shopping list.
You can also shop right from Alexa through Amazon!

You ask:
"Alexa, add paper towels to my shopping list"
"Alexa, buy laundry soap"

9. Sounds
Every night, Kensley uses this in her room. She asks for ocean sounds. But there is also some fun ones the girls get a kick out cats, dogs & even farts! *eye roll*

You ask:
"Alexa, play ocean sounds"
"Alexa, bark like a dog"

10. Smart Home
You control your smart devices for your home through Alexa as well. I like doing this after I get into bed. I don't have to get up to turn the fan, on or off. & I won't have to curse Brandon not turning the light off AGAIN . LOL She will even start your Roomba for you ! *insert praise hands*

You ask:
"Alexa, turn off the lights"
"Alexa, turn on the fan"
"Alexa, dim the lights to 10%"

SO what are you waiting for! You have to get a Echo, & tell me all about it!
I am going to have two more posts coming up having to do with all things Alexa, stay tuned!

New {rest of the} Year Resolution

11:35 PM
So here we are in May. Can you believe it?
I feel like it was just the New Year, then BAM May.

Speaking of the New Year, since we are 5 months in now, how is your resolution going?
I imagine it's going 1 of 2 ways..either:
A) Your Killing it, going strong
B) You've moved on
If you're B, don't beat yourself up. I think, in my non-professional & lack of energy to google; the stats would show that like, more than 50% of people actually follow through.
& to the other half, way to go! You should be so proud of yourself!
This is for both you A & B people.

I know what your thinking here, & it is..where is she going with this? Why are we talking abuot this now?

I want you take a look at your past, & maybe even current resolutions..
What is the one thing they have in common?
They are you about changing yourself right?
 Something you, someone else, or society told you was wrong?

I started thinking when writing this,what does resolution even mean? The literal definition. 

a firm decision to do or not to do something

I am all for continually working on ourselves. Everyday, I wake up & think of what I can do that day to be a better mom & person than I was the day before. Be the person my girls think I am. To be the person I want to admire & look up to. As partners & now parents, Brandon & I's philosophy is always to continue to make a better life for ourselves & now our family.

BUT, what if we flipped the script for the rest of the year? We can still better ourselves of course. Never stop that.

What if we made 'a firm decision to do or not do something'? & what if that firm decision was to not think about what we think is wrong ourselves? or more so.. made a change on how we think & feel about ourselves?

Do I mean to completely go crazy & eat the entire menu at taco bell? or whatever you choose your resolution for?

No, of course not.

What I am mean is..
As women, mothers ect, we are always SO hard on ourselves.
There is always weight we want to lose, skin we want to tighten, hair we want to grow, eye brows we want fleek'd {amirite?} So much so that there are people that make money off of our insecurities everyday. Isn't that crazy?

So I was thinking as I was talking with a girlfriend, who was so down on herself about not keeping with her resolution & just tearing herself apart...
Let's make a LOVE ourselves. Stop focusing on what your dislike & want to change. To truly love ourselves. To be grateful, for ourselves & who we are, right now.

If we go back to my super science based statistics that I used up yonder, we have about 6
 months left in the year, so you really only have to do this for 3 months.

I think you can take 3 months & not think about what's wrong yourself, & be grateful for who we are & the life we have.
 Instead of writing down your resolution of what you want to change. I want you to write down things you love about yourself, find a positive in your negative {ex. your body carried a child ect}, write what you wouldn't change about yourself, accomplishments you HAVE made this year so far. This could be something as small as teaching yourself to cook, or something as big as buying a new home.

So let's do this together, K? 
I know we can.
Share this with other women you think could use some good postivity in their life too about themselves.

Focus on the good. Be grateful our bodies, & our lives.
& I just know the rest our year, is going to look a whole lot different.

I would love to see your list! Feel free to send it to me, or tag me in it!