...but you can't take the man out of a daddy

This evening, I was making a dish for hungry men that will be watching the UFC fights tonight. I left Bug in her crib {first timer here} but Brandon was just in the other room on the laptop {he was upstairs too} I still brought the monitor down so I could hear her. & switch between lullaby music & waves on my end for her to hear on her end.

She started fussing, & I heard Brandon go in talk to her saying such sweet things as I stood in my kitchen tilting my head to the side looking at the monitor I gave awe/sigh at sound of my husband & my daughter. When..
I hear him say.. 

"hey babe can you hear this?" {& he farts} followed the laughter & giggles.

Ladies & Gentleman{?} I give you my husband
a true "man's man"