10 gifts for the friend who loves One Tree Hill

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10 gifts for the friend who loves One Tree Hill 

If you have a friend who just so happens to live by the motto "I don't wanna be anything other than what I am trying to be lately" then you know that a One Tree Hill-- inspired gift will be the ultimate present you can give them! Bring the town of Tree Hill to your BFF by taking inspo from any of these 10 awesome gifts for the friend who loves One Tree Hill. You want to give them something that will totally make them want to join clean teens or something like that.

Since you can't travel to Karen's Cafe or Tric for something thoughtful, I've assembled some of the best ideas, as a die-hard OTH lover myself. And the best part is you won't have to worry about running into Dan Scott or Nanny Carrie while shopping!

Just like picking if you are team Peyton or Brooke {because if you aren't team Naley, you're wrong} is difficult, picking out the right gift can be a stressful task. I am hoping this list of One Tree gifts will make everything easier. Plus, we all know there's really only one correct answer and that's team Peyton. So, grab a box of crackerjack, and get to shopping. Let your friend know she is Brooke to your Peyton, the Mouth to your Lucas, and that you know exactly what gift to get them!

1. Ravens Jersey 

Every One Tree Hill fan needs their very own Raven's jersey. Who's number would you get? Nathan or Lucas'?

2. Naley Cracker Jack Bracelet

"Don't say I never gave you anything" If you didn't turn into a puddle during the infamous scene at that little table by the river when Nathan gives Haley this bracelet, your inhuman.

3. Keith's Body Shop Hoodie

Come on, grab this hoodie and go for a walk dribbling a basketball down a bridge blaring Gavin Degraw! IIII don't wanna beeee...

4. One Tree Hill Stickers

These are perfect to stick just about anywhere! I am thinking about putting the Tric one on the back of my phone!

5. Dan Scott for Mayor Shirt

We love to hate him. But you can't hate this shirt. It is so clever! To be clear, I would have voted for Karen.

6. Karen's Cafe quote canvas

"Somebody once told me that this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe" I am positive any One Tree Hill fan would love to put this canvas anywhere in their home or office!

7. Clothes Over Bros Sweatshirt

You can have your very own B. Davis piece with this sweatshirt!

8. Clothes over Bros T-shirt

If you get the classic clothes over bros sweatshirt, you gotta get Peytons heart on fire c over b logo tee in any color of the rainbow!

9. River Court Print

A true One Tree Hill lover has a deep love for the river court, this watercolor printable is perfect to print & get framed to gift!

10. Karen's Cafe Key Chain

Perfect small token of fandom to keep on your keys! "Fine books, Rare eats!"

Target is selling an Enchanted Mailbox that sends your letter to the North Pole

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Target is selling an Enchanted Mailbox that sends your letter to the North Pole

If you missed it, our elf returned & in the post about her return breakfast, I told ya'll about the mailbox she brought with her!

Well, we gave it go & IT'S AMAZING.

Grab some hot cocoa because here is my official Santa's Enchanted Mailbox Review

First, it is super cute.
Even if it just sat on the table it makes really cute decor. 
It is well-made & don't feel cheap or flimsy.
It takes 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Okay so, how does Santa's Enchanted Mailbox work?
MAGIC! Obvs.

Here's what you do:
You open up the mailbox, & put your letter in.
We have only used the envelopes that came with the mailbox. I will update if you can use any envelope or if there is a certain something {weight ect} that you can only use theirs. I don't think that's the case but I'll update this post is so. 
*UPDATE* It says online to only use their envelopes. But I think it only because of the size. If you find the same size I think you will be good. Maybe try yourself with your own envelope before letting your child use it!

After you put your letter into the envelope & into the mailbox, put up the "flag" on the side. Right after magical music little diddy will play. You have to wait until the music ends, then put the flag down. Now it's time to open the enchanted mailbox back up AND GUESS WHAT? The letter is gone! It is magically transported to the North Pole for Santa to read right away! 
 Here is a video of it in action:
My girls are just in awe of this thing. Especially Kensley. Her eyes were saucers with wonder! I think she has told her entire class & anyone, that will listen all about it. There is so magic this time of year. & I just love this is brining even more Christmas magic into our home for our girls. 


17 Magical Ways to spend Christmastime at French Lick Resort

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We want to thank French Lick Resort for hosting our family during our stay. We had such an amazing time & made lifelong memories. As always, all thoughts & opinions are completely my own. 

17 Magical Ways to spend Christmastime at French Lick Resort

We just got back from a quick amazing 3-day getaway to French Lick Resort in French Lick. Indiana to kick off the holiday season! We kicked off last year by going to Disney World & honestly, this resort was the Christmas Disney World of Indiana. They kick off the holidays with their 50 days of lights & there is just so much to do to get yours in the Christmas spirit!

 If you're reading this & wishing you were closer, which will be about the only time in your life you wish that you were in Indiana, let me tell you this is WORTH THE DRIVE. {it's also a short drive from Cincinnati area & Louisville area}

We are in North East Indiana so it was about a 4-hour drive for us, however, on the way back home Brandon & I were talking and we both agreed we would have traveled at least double that to come here. When we took our caboose ride {see below} the conductor told us people travel from all around the WORLD to come to the resort. Just that week someone from Saudi Arabia & the Netherlands! So, like I said totally worth the trip.

Before we dive in let me explain the resort because it can be confusing & I want you to understand when I explain where things are. The resort is technically made into 2 parts. French Lick & West Baden. Whichever you stay at you have access to them both. There are multiple transportation methods to get back & forth between the two. There are trolleys that not only take you back & forth but anywhere within the city pretty much. The city is VERY small & it will take you to any shops or restaurants etc around. They also have a little caboose train that takes you back & forth between just the two hotels, it can also stop at Polar Express to drop you off {the trolley also does this} The caboose is SO fun! My girls wanted to do this several times not even to go back & forth but just to ride ha!

Okay let's get into the trip & what there is to do.
* Everything I mention will be included in your stay unless otherwise noted*

1. Christmas Decor

EVERY inch of this place is decorated. And not like some thrown together dollar tree decorations. They are beautifully intricate decorations. To the giant nutcrackers out front to every table, every corner you are surrounded by Christmas. AND IT IS WONDERFUL.

2. See the giant Christmas tree in the atrium

This one is at West Baden. It is breathtaking! With the dome, it just makes it even more beautiful! At night they have live music. & at 9:05 {I believe} they do a little light show on the dome. This is {one of the} perfect spot to get a Christmas card photo!

3. Polar Express

This isn't technically in the resort, but it is sorta on-site between the two hotels. I won't spend too much time on this since I already wrote about it. {You can read my post about the French Lick Polar Express by CLICKING HERE} But, I personally think getting tickets & making a whole weekend out of doing this & staying at the resort would be the most perfect weekend!
*not included in stay*

4. Have a meal by the Christmas Tree

There is..*goes to count* I believe 13 places to eat on-site! All of them are so good but I really recommend going to Ballard's in the Atrium in West Baden. The food is delicious & you get the ambiance of the giant Christmas tree! For sure, get the famous dome chocolate cake as dessert!

Pro Tip: If you are doing the Polar Express I would get in early enough to eat here then be taken over by the small train to be dropped off at the Polar Express. Make sure you let your server know that is where you are heading so they can make sure you make your train on time! They have a special menu that is foods to get to you swiftly!

5. Meet Santa

Let your kids meet the big guy & get a beautiful photo! You can bring your own camera to take your own photos! The set up is beautiful! {on select dates check online before you book}

6. Story Time & Cookie Decorating with Mrs. Claus

Meet Mrs. Claus as she tells you a story & decorate some Christmas cookies with her! {on select dates check online before you book}

7. Holiday Movie Madness

On select nights, Settle in & watch one of your favorite Christmas movies!

8. Kids Fest

This is such an amazing thing they offer at the resort. & I think sets it apart from so many other travel destinations for traveling families. There is an entire building for kids. They have movies going, video games available, games & tons of crafts that your kids can come in & do. They also have premium crafts available at really great prices. My girls did the KidFest plus pass. They were able to do all the premium crafts like make their own stuffed animals, sand art and picture frame. When you do the plus pass this also included as a session of "kids club". Where you are able to leave your kiddos with their amazing staff while they do tons of fun things & you can visit the spa, get a bite to eat, go to the casino {there is one IN the resort} or go & take a nap LOL

 Bonus: Saturdays in November & December they have a Santa's Toymaker Workshop

9. Breakfast with Santa

On Saturdays, in December they offer Breakfast with Santa. 
*Meal purchase required*

10. Take a carriage ride

Take a horse carriage ride at West Baden & see all the Christmas lights on the grounds. The girls adored this. It was so magical. On the ride, we got a history lesson from the driver. They also offer amazing historical tours, because there is SO much history within the hotels. I highly recommend them & reading the plaques & memorabilia they have around the grounds. It's so so neat.
*Additional charge. Reservations are recommended, you can do so at the mercantile in West Baden*

11. Watch the projection show

At 6 & 9 PM they project a light show outside on the front of the French Lick Resort! Remember when I said it was like Disney World? The projections are Disney quality! We absolutely loved watching these!!

12. Cookies & Canvas

This would be great for the older kids! An afternoon of learning how to paint a Christmas themed canvas while enjoying fresh warm cookies from the bakery. There is 12 & under group & a 13 & up
*Additional charge*

13. Gingerbread Display

Above the West Baden lobby, they have a ton of Gingerbread displays to view. They were amazing & they even had one of the West Baden dome! I have no idea how they did it to be a dome! 

14. Christmas Card photos

There are million different photo ops for Christmas card photos here! The Christmas village seems like the hoppin spot for a lot of people! There is reindeer, scrooges office & so much more!

15. Sounds of the Season

On the weekends there are amazing holiday choirs at both hotels! & there are even Dickens Carolers at West Baden in the Atrium on select Saturdays! They wear period time costumes with velvet dresses with muffs & top hats for the men!

16. Family Fun

This isn't exactly holiday, but it is decorated so cute for the holidays.. they have a bowling alley IN the resort. Yeah, I know. Within the bowling alley area, they also have an old fashion pizzeria. It is so freaking cute & the New York-style pizza was delicious. The KidFest plus pass also included bowling & a piece of pizza, the girls always love bowling... & pizza. This was so fun for us! There is also an arcade!
*Additional charge of renting shoes*

17.  12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Grab your clue list in KidFest & head over to the hotel! There are such fun clues that had the girls so excited & going all over the hotels to write down which "day of Christmas" was the clues!

BONUS: Swimming Pools, Front Porch & Shopping

My girls always love to swim, but there is something more fun about swimming during the winter. & hotel pools are the coolest for kids, aren't they? As with everything here, they were so unique & beautiful! The pool at French Lick even had a ping pong table & other fun things to do in the pool area!

The front porch wraps all the front of both resort & had filled with couches, rocking chairs {even baby ones are on there} to sit & relax.

I feel like I kinda have painted the picture of how large this place is, but if I haven't there are also like 6 little shops inside of the resort. They have great gift ideas inside of them & even a clothing store!

As I mentioned above there is also a Spa {which I had a delightful massage at} & casino on-site for things for Moms & Dads to do!

Phew, I think that is everything. 
Guys, can you believe all the things you can do here! We already are wanting to plan a trip for the summer!

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