The best swim suit brands for girls

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The best swim suit brands for girls

I am always on the hunt for a cute swimmie...for the girls!
We have too many! 
Today I am featuring my new favorite swim brands for little girls.
Now, some offer boy swim trunks as well.
But this specific post is for little girls this time!
Sorry boys!

Let's start!

This brand is to die for.
It has all the floral, whimsy prints that everyone loves on little girls. With the cutest cuts in all of their suits. Every thing is very modest & age appropriate, which I love! I love that you can do sister sets with this brand. They have so many option to coordinate sisters, cousins, friends you name it.

Each suit some in a little adorable plastic wet bag. & the quality of the suit is out of this world!

Use code: "MRSMUMAW" for $$ off your new suit!

Sizing: Runs true to size

I am so excited to share with yall this brand. It is so different then the others on my list. & really different than any other brand I have ever seen. Their number priority is sun protection. Which I am all for. Their suits have up to 50+ UPF sun protection!

Sizing: Runs True to Size

From sun hats, to jackets, or the whole suit. You will not have to worry about your kid in the sun. & that creates such a peace of mind. & somehow they do it with while looking so cute!!

Everything they have is so dang trendy & adorable I can't handle it!
I love that some of the styles are available in tween sizing & younger sizing!

Since it's so trendy, I swear every suit is straight from Instagram. It photographs so cute, & we get stopped a hundred times asking where these were from! They are head turners!

Sizing: Runs a little small, I would size up at least one size. 2, if you're in between sizing!

& there you have it! My top swim suit brands for this summer!! Which is your favorite? Go to each website & look at all the styles they have to offer, I only showed a little here!

Be the cool summer, water mom with these!

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Be the cool summer Mom with these fun products from Bling2o!

I remember when googles just came in 3 colors.
These googles from Bling2o are a complete fashion statement on their own!
I mean...
& no worries, boy moms! They have boy options too, & they are JUST as fun & cute!

*Use code "MRSMUMAW" for $$ off your purchase til 7/17*

Their googles are latex free, comes with a UV-protected, anti-fog lens and comes with a hard protective case to keep them safe!

My girls love the goggles that have the fun printed lenses!

*Use code "MRSMUMAW" for $$ off your purchase til 7/17*

But Bling2o doesn't have just googles!
This inflatable tote has left our side at the pool!
The girls fight over who carries it! 

It's adorable! Check out the cute little charms!

& no worries, it comes with a pump to blow it up! 

*Use code "MRSMUMAW" for $$ off your purchase til 7/17*

Mini Inflatable mermaid sprinkler
The girls are OBSESSED with this sprinkler!
Isn't it so cute?!?
I love that it can deflate for easy storage!
The confetti in the bottom is such a cute touch!

*Use code "MRSMUMAW" for $$ off your purchase til 7/17*

Nickelodeon Slime Fest

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This post is brought to you by Nickelodeon! Thank you so much for inviting us to Slime Fest! We had a blast! All opinions are my own

Nickelodeon Slime Fest
Tips, Trips & What to Expect!

We were invited to slime fest, & it was the best way to kick off the summer!
Even though I am a mean, mean Mom & rarely... okay really never allow slime in my home. My girls are just as obsessed with slime as the rest of the world.
Mix in a concert with JoJo Siwa & we were sure to have a great time!

Let first start with Q&A!

What is Slime Fest?

Slime Fest is a slime filled mutli-talent music & entertainment festival! There is mazes, dance parties, exclusive meet & greets, food, merch, character meets & of course SLIME!

At this fest, we had JoJo Siwa, T-Pain, Pitbull, BeBe Rexa. Meet & Greets with Nickelodeon Stars & other like Annie Leblac.

Where is Slime Fest?

It is in Chicago, Illinois at the Huntington Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island!

What will I need/ What should I wear?

I would bring a change of clothes, & a backpack to put your belongings in. I also suggest ponchos if you want to shelter yourself a little if you don't want to completely covered. Remember after you get slimed you have to be in it all day! Also having them will come in handy if it rains, like it did on us. They sell ponchos at the fest but they are $5.

Shoes wise, I would wear something that can be wiped down. I would't suggest flip flops for youngest kiddos because once you get wet from the slime, you will slip right out of your shoes. Something like natives is what I would suggest!
They have towels at slime central for you, thank goodness! Can you imagine doing all that laundry?!

  • clothes you don't mind being stained
  • change of clothes
  • backpack
  • ponchos
  • wipe able shoes with backs

What is there to do?

After you go through security, you will be tempted to head to the big Slime Fest sign! The line for it can get long!  & it makes for the cutest photo, but there is another towards the back that has no wait at all!If you're okay with not having the orange & green picnic tables not being in the back, head there!
 Of course, all around there is super cute places to snap pics! 

What I do suggest doing, is heading straight towards the merch tent. That stuff sells out fast. If you kiddo is going to want a shirt, bag ect, go right then. We waited & they had nothing left but exclusive JoJo slime bow, sunglasses & adult clothing!

Slime Central
This is the mother ship of the whole fest! It where you get slimed! You line up with several people, then there is a count down & they dump the slime right on you head!
The slime was cold, & much thicker than I anticipated! I got asked alot on Instagram if it smelled, & it did not! It can however, stain. So keep that in mind when dressing!

Slime Maze
Slime free, this a fun mazes with more than one way out with fun slime dividers!

Blow Ups
There is several "blow up" slides & houses every where! 

Slime Disco
This was a fun silent disco that seems to be pretty popular right now! They had this at Cedar Point while we were there too!

Slime Fest always has a awesome line up of artists! If you have any concerns on the artist & their lyrics, know that every artist that was there changed their lyrics. Everything was family friendly, including the dancing ect. 
*Tip: If you get close the stage, know you maybe slimed!!*

We were super bummed about there not being any of the iconic green slime foods the year we went {2019} we are hoping they will bring them back in the following years!

So that was our slime fest fun! For all the parents reading, take your kids! & Get slimed! I totally wasn't going to, but I am so glad  I did. I had a blast, & the girls loved seeing me do it as well!

Thank you again so much to Nickelodeon for having us!

5 best Sunscreens for Kids

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5 Best Sunscreens for Kids

Any one else up to their ears in sunscreen brand research?
Which is the best?
What do I even need to be looking for?
What happened to just buying any ole bottle with the little girl and her little tan lines?
I hear alot of people say we are just making things too complicated.
But yall, when you know better you do better. 
& I am not sure how, but there is some crud in kids sunscreens that you don't want on your skin let alone your child's.

What do I need to look for?

Back several years ago we were just buying sunscreen for blocking UVB rays, with SPF. But, with time & research we learned we also need to be blocking UVA rays as well. These don't necessarily cause sunburn but they penetrate deeply & can cause skin cancer.
So when looking you want a broad spectrum or multi spectrum sunscreen that will block both types of rays.

For kiddos I would recommend anything over 30 SPF to 50 SPF.
Remember the higher the SPF doesn't necessarily mean it protecting you more!

Another thing is finding something water resistant.
The ones I am featuring  are up to 80 mins which is phenomenal.

Some chemicals that are in adult sunscreens will very much irritate a kiddos skin.
 So, you want to avoid PABA {para-aminobenzoic acid} & benzephenones .
Much kinder ingredients  can be found in mineral screens for kiddos like titanium dioxde & zinc oxide. 

There is so much more to all of this, but take it from me who has spent late nights just wanting to make sure I am putting the right thing on my kids' skin & scroll to the list below

I was sent alot of PR mail for sunscreen brands, I have purchased alot, & I am putting together a list of the best that I have chose
& that I personally have used on my own girls. 

Blue Lizard

30+ Protection of UVA/UVB 
Mineral based
Water Resistant 80 mins
#1 Pediatrician Recommended
Reef Friendly meaning no Oxybenzone or Octinoxate
One thing I love about this brand is, if you are ever wondering if your kiddo {or you} need sunscreen or not-- simply take out the bottle.
The bottle turns blue when harmful UV light is touches it! 
The kids also think it is SO cool ;)

Think Baby/Sport

50+ SPF Broad Spectrum of UVA/UVB
Mineral Based
Water Resistant 80 minutes
Zinc Oxide 20% {this is highest level I have found in any other "clean" brand}
Dermatologist Recommended
No Animal Testing
No Paba, Parabens, BPA, Oxybenzone or other toxic chemicals

SuperGoop Play

I have 3 products from them I want recommend 
All of mentioned from this brand is mineral based & they are formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrance or Oxybenzone.

Non- Aerosol {this is huge & amazing}
Made with Marigold Extract
30+ SPF Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB
Water Resistant 80 mins
I am obsessed with this brand, but can we take a second to praise hand emoji a "spray" sunscreen without aerosol?!
Just shake to activate! If the mist is clear, keep shaking!
This also has a high Zinc Oxide percentage at 12% 

This is mostly so fun to apply for kiddos! It has super refreshing scent! It absorbs really fast, & because of the shea butter it leaves your skin nurished!

Other sunscreen we love that I was out of to take pics for this post are:

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

6:15 PM

Father's Day Gift Guide 2019

Father's day is quickly approaching! Getting a gift for Dad in your life is sometimes so tough! I put together a guide of things Brandon has loved that I have gotten him, & that he helped me put together & maybe a few things I have on my list for him ;)


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