How to get perfect hard boiled eggs in minutes

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How to get perfect hard boiled eggs in minutes

Need perfect hard boiled eggs quickly? 
Grab your Instant Pot & let's do this!

This is perfect for making deviled eggs or quickly getting your eggs ready for dying near Easter!


1. Add 1 cup water to bottom of your IP. Leave in the rack.

2. Add your eggs. You don't want to fill the pot all the way to the top, but you can get in quite a few! The most I have done so far is 18.

3. Set you IP to HIGH PRESSURE on MANUAL for 5 minutes.

4. After it has come to pressure, let it natural release for 5 minutes, then let rapid release the rest of the pressure.

5. Do a quick ice bath til they cool!

6. Enjoy! Perfect, fluffy hard boiled eggs!

Disney World Character Dining at Glance

10:46 AM
Character Dining is a fave of ours.
I have talked about it before, but when you have young ones; character dining is perfect for that character interaction without the lines.

I have broken down character dining in other posts. You can find them here:

But, I thought I would make a easy reference guide to quickly look at what character are where. This may also be helpful if you are involving your kiddos in your Disney vacation planning. They can easily see who they want to see!

As always, remember all character are subject to change at anytime.

Easter Basket Guide For Girls

11:36 AM

Easter Basket Guide For Girls

Easter is right around the corner.
I am unsure how since it was seriously just the longest January known to man, then I am unsure we even did February.
 March was only 2 weeks long,
But somehow we are in April. *shrugs*

When it comes to Easter baskets, I like to try to stay away from candy.
We do the surprise eggs but that really is about it.
Well, besides last year. I sent Brandon to the store for something last minute the night before Easter & ya'll this man came back with TWO ginormous Twix candy bar eggs. I couldn't believe it, he is the candy police. So I would him imagine him getting you know a normal size to small size candy, but nope. These puppies were as big as my head!

Anyway, so we like to keep candy minimal. & Christmas is really the only time the girls get toys or gifts, so for Easter I like to get fun little gifts of things they may have mentioned they wanted. I really like tying some sort of toy for outdoors to get excited for warm weather starting, since those things aren't typically on their Christmas lists.

So I put together some great ideas for your girls' or boys Easter baskets!

1. Scented Markers - Honestly, if you didn't love scented markers as a kid we can't be friends! We always get the girls some sort markers/crayons, & these are fun change from the classic marker. These color changing markers are always a favorite with the girls too, & me...I have fun with them too! LOL

2. Galaxy Night Light - A fun take on a night light! It projects stars & the moon on the ceiling at night! 

3.  Sunnies - Warm weather is upon us..I hope! If your kids are anything like mine they probably lost their sunglasses from last summer. Perfect time to get new ones, & I want these frames for myself!

4. Umbrella - Easter means Spring, & Spring means rain! This umbrella is the cutest!

5. Calico Critter Bunnies - So many toys lose the interest of my girls pretty quickly, but one thing has been consistently picked up to be played with every time they play & is never forgotten & that is their Calico Critters! & they are bunnies.

6. Bunny Water Bottle - You can kinda see by the list, I like to add some practical things they need & that I am going to have to get any way to their baskets. We are always using water bottles & this glass bunny water bottle is perfect for a Easter gift!

7. Makeup Set - This fake makeup set is so cute! It looks the most like mommy's make up & less like true fake princess make up! Which makes the girls so happy that they can pretend to do make with stuff that looks just like mommy's!

8. Bunny Purse - I don't even know what else to say, it's a bunny purse. What more need to be said!

9. PoGo Ball Board - A fun take on a PoGo stick, you bounce on the board just like a stick but without anything to hold on to! It's hard to explain, you will have to check it out! A fun outdoor game!

10. Zip Ball - Who remembers this thing? I loved this when I was younger & played with it all the time! Another fun outdoor game to get them excited about the weather warming up!

11. Magnetic Dress Up Doll - This is so adorable! & perfect for in the car! It's like paper doll dress up but with a cute cat & less paper cuts!

12. Scavenger Hunt - My girls love scavenger hunts, but sometimes my mind goes blank on what to send them to go find! This game makes it easy & it for the outdoors!

13. AquaBeads - These are so fun! Having a case to keep them contained & have so many is the perfect!

14. LOL Surprise Eggs - I am going to go ahead & assume that if you have a girl, they are obsessed with LOL like my girls! How fun are these? Chocolate eggs with little tiny LOL dolls inside!

To the one whose Mother in Law that isn't

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When you google Mother In Laws it will turn up about a million & one results.
All ringing the tune of "monster in law"
Complaints & crazy stories.

You won't find that here.

When I thought about my marriage, I often thought about my Mother in Law.
When I got married, It wouldn't be like the movies.
I dreamed of brunches & shopping.
I would complain about my husband not picking up his socks & she would laugh.
I would call her & she would call me.
We would laugh washing dishes together after Thanksgiving.
We would be friends.

I imagined our relationship to resemble what my husbands relationship with my own family would be like. Which is much like what I explained above.

But, sometimes that isn't how it goes.

I see in the mom's groups that I am in complaining about their mother in laws.
Things I see as things to be grateful for, others dislike.

This maybe a cruel reality for some, but your mother in law may not like you.
& sometimes it not the reasons you see on movies.

This isn't for the wives or husbands that can't stand their in laws. 
But the ones that are yearning, and trying so very hard.

You can try everything possible to get her to love & like you.
& it won't matter.
You can endure pain, things said about you that aren't true, listen to a false narrative about yourself being told to others.
& it won't matter.

I have always heard how parents love their children's significant other simply because their child loves them. 
But, sometimes they don't.

& if that is you. 
If you have cried & ached for that relationship; I want you pull up a chair. I have a few things to tell you.

The main thing is something that I still struggle with over a decade in. But, I want you to believe something right off the bat that I wish I would have way sooner:
I need to you know it's not you. At all
You are deserving of love & respect exactly as you are. The fact that you aren't treated that way, is very unfortunate for everyone involved. For you, your spouse, if you have children & other family members that have gotten in on the meanness. Because really it's a loss of so much good they are inflicting on themselves. Even though others can make you feel it's because of you, or their feelings are you fault - you must always know it's not about you, personally. I need you to know that.

It's okay to be sad things are this way. It's a very sad thing to be going through, and a lot of the pain you are currently experiencing is not wanting to accept that this is the way things are. Because they shouldn't be and you deserve better. You deserve love & acceptance & enthusiasm from your family. & at the very least, you deserve humane treatment. & that truth really stings. It's so painful & your heart will actually try to protect you from it by skirting it and debating it or distracting from it with constant attempts to make sense of them.  But the truth is, you deserve love & she or the family is incapable of giving it to you. 

You must look at that fact. & that you are not going to get what you want & accept it. Feel it. Mourn that truth & know it.

The mourning is the hardest. It hurts so much. 
But you, & maybe even your spouse really need to witness & accept the truth. Separate from you. You deserve better. I know your pain & it's can be unbearable sometimes. Friends may kid with you that they wish they MIL didn't like them, or wasn't around. But, your pain is real.
"but why don't they love me. why can't they see how great i am? "
Because they incapable.
No matter what you wish or try to change, they are who they are. 
& it has nothing to do with you.

Like me you maybe have tried to dodge the truth, justifications & rationalizations "but maybe I can show them in a different way. But maybe if I did this. But maybe if I didn't do this. they would HAVE to like me, they would have to understand"

The best thing you can do in this loop of hurt is to step back & look at them for what they are. Accept it & know that you don't deserve it, & that is very very sad. Cry about it. Mourn it. Feel that wound in yourself so you can come back to this & choose your relationship. What it will look like, or if one exists.  Because once you accept them, you stop getting hurt. You stop expecting them to be different, & instead you empower yourself to create something better. If you skip that stage what happens is, you blind yourself with hope & expectation that doesn't exist & you get crushed over & over again. "how could they be so mean? what did I do now?" They are the way they are. 

So what now?
Will the relationship ever change?
Sometimes a major milestone can shift a dynamic, a birth, death, birthday can hit a big reset button on a person. But that isn't something you should rely on. For you & your spouse, if they come around one day, that will be so awesome.  Leave others out of the equation.  In my case, they decided to complete walk away from my husband..her son & our family. A grandchild, our daughter almost losing her life wasn't even enough. The hate was too large. 
Whatever your relationship looks like now after your realizations & accepting reality.
Your job is to be loving to yourself & others.

I hope & pray you get the ending I didn't. 
& I hope one day, you will be washing dishes on Thanksgiving together.
Or talk on the phone every once in awhile, & you can complain about your husbands socks.
Or maybe just be at Thanksgiving together.

Because I am here to tell you, when done lovingly & right, seeing your parent love your spouse & them love them back; is a beautiful thing I witness with husband & parents, a cherished relationship that we both will never take for granted.

5 Things to do in St Louis with your family

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Things to do in St Louis with your family

Several of the places mentioned below provided our family with our visit & lodging. Thank you so much to them for having us! All thoughts & opinions are my own. Thank you for reading & supporting my family!

We just got back from a quick trip to St. Louis. When planning our trip I had no idea just how much there is to do in St Louis. What was even more shocking was the majority of it all is so family friendly. I wish we would have had at least another day to pack some more in!

Where to stay in St Louis with Kids

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 Where to stay in St Louis with Kids

Our stay was provided by Union Station Hotel. We can't thank them enough for having us during visit to St. Louis. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting my blog & family!

Finding a place to stay in St Louis was difficult. There is a lot of choices. Finding a place that was family friendly, made my search a little harder.

When I found Union Station Hotel, it hit everything we needed on our checklist plus more!

From the time we pulled up to valet everyone was so kind & helpful! We knew we picked the right place!

I know this sounds crazy, but there is enough to do at just hotel. Yeah, I said that. In size, it is huge. & there will be even more in the coming months. In the fall there will be an aquarium & Ferris wheel. the hotel.

As soon as we walked in they had us stop at the "whispering arch" & told the girls to go to one side of the stairs & Brandon & I on the other. Sure enough, being that far apart if you whisper you can hear it plain as day on the other side! The girls haven't stopped talking about it yet!

There is a seafood restaurant on site, which was delicious. As well as The Station Grille within the hotel. We had breakfast there each morning! For quick treats & food there is also a small deli like store that also serves Starbucks!

Ya'll they even have a peloton in the fitness center!

Obviously, the real show stopper here is the ceiling. It is magnificent! You can just sit in the lobby & look around at all for hours. If the hours happen to be in the evening, you will be in for a show! On the ceiling, every hour starting at 5 PM there is light show. IT.IS.AMAZING. Ya'll I can't. The show is set to such fun music & I just can't even accurately describe it! It is Disney like! A tip: When waiting for the show, order some apps & drinks to eat & drink while waiting & watching the show!

As if the light show in the lobby wasn't enough, there is another show on Union Station's property. The Fire & Light show is a multi-million dollar show of crazy flames & lights set to music. There is great seating all around the water. If it's chilly, try to snag one over by the bonfire that they light at night!

During our stay were put in a family suite. This gave us more than enough room to be comfortable while going about our activities & also a place to relax. After spending all day together doing activities it is nice to decompress on not be on top of one another back in the room. 

Our family had such a great stay! We already are planning our trip back when all the new additions are done!

Visiting The Magic House in St Louis

7:33 PM

Visiting The Magic House in St. Louis

The Magic House provided us with tickets to museum for our trip. Thank you so much to them! We had a blast! All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you for supporting my family!

Where to start!
A visit to The Magic House needs to be on your "must-do" list!

This children's museum in a giant house, each room filled with something different & exciting!

My girls had a blast, but I feel like this place is right up any toddlers alley! 

Who need's the stairs here?
There is a giant beanstalk that your children can climb to get up or down to the floors you are visiting! It was so much fun for the girls!

As of this post {March 2019} they have a exhibit featuring PBS' Splash & Bubbles! A favorite with my girls! They loved keeping the kelp forrest; where they picked up foam balls & thew them away. Playing with the puppets was also a favorite in this room!

They have a fun government section. You can go into the oval office & supreme court!

Make sure you look for the fun activity with stamps for learning the branches & symbols of the government!

The China exhibit was another hit! The girls cared for pandas &  Kennedy even wrote some!

Did I mention they have an entire room dedicated to bubbles?

The hands on learning is crazy here! Each room had books that went along with theme & so much info.

The biggest hit with my girls was the Children's Village.
It's an entire town that let's your child try a career in each section!
The faves here were the vet, grocery store & librarian! 

This stop is at least a half day trip! So much fun, & so much learning all packed into one. I am only wishing we had one closer!

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