Disney World 2018 Park Day 1

12:06 PM

Disney World Park Day 1

Our first park day!
We try to start our trip & end it with Magic Kingdom. It doesn't always happen because of dining but we like to!
& it worked out that this trip we got to start it at MK!

This day we didn't know til we got there & saw all the signs that they were recording the Christmas special for TV. The girls were really keen on trying to get on TV but we did our best to stay away from the filming areas! Brandon & I said how we must be old, because we really didn't know any of the musical acts at all! Ha!

We started our day with some friends at the hundred acre wood! For my guide on Dining inside the parks click HERE.

When we hit up Crystal Palace we always like to do the Pooh ride, right after.


Lefous Brew from Gastons Tavern! It is SO good! 

I didn't take a ton of photos this day, &  really any day. I am not sure why! I did video the trip & I am re caping each day before I put together a whole thing on YouTube! Check it out below!