I no longer have a newborn on my hands!
She is 3 months old today, & officially a infant!

Likes: Superman {putting you above my head}, standing...ALL the time,all of your toys, any book your favorite is the your light up sing along vtech book; the lights mesmerize you, music, when momma acts like she is eating your feetsies {tastes like chicken ;)}your bumbo; you feel like such a big girl in it, car rides, dancing with momma in the living room, in the morning when momma & da-da lay in bed playing with you, having no diapers on, bath time with momma,being in your sling, your little bunny blanket,sleeping, being held by me...all the time

Dislikes: being waken up, the first 2 minutes in your seat, getting tangled up in your monitor cords, when momma doesn't pay attention to you, when momma or da-da take to long to get you your bottle, reflux, throwing up-the kind that goes out 2 ft, when you wanna move in your bundleme & can't, when you try to nurse in the bathtub& only a little comes out :( {momma sorry.},being held by new people or people you don't see often, cold lotion,  the boogie sucker,when anyone has a harsh voice not loud but if they are angry; you scrreeamm, when momma makes you do a photo shoot & you are NOT in the mood, getting dressed you just wanna be nakie all the time

13.4 lbs
25 inches long
newborn & sometimes 0-3 onesies is they are small
0-3 pants, some days we can pull off newborn pants at home, but it looks like a flood is comin
size 1 diapers
eating about 6 oz or a little less a feeding

she also changed sling positions due to being older
from this:
to this:
little blurry.