Women Connect- Momma; 2 under 2

11:19 AM
Hi Ya'll!
I am Tara!
Im trying to think of a neat way to talk about myself with something that you cant read on my side bar, or by clicking "our story" & I have no idea where to start.  

First, I am fresh {almost 7 months in} to being a 2 under 2 momma. Let me tell you, hardest thing I have ever done. Since my oldest {Kennedy} was still very much a "baby" it made the first 6 month of my life TOUGH.& now with "terrible twos" more then settling into my luntic toddler & the other now moblie into everything; makes for a comical day. Im still learning new tricks, tweaks in our schedule to get thru the day without a tantrum & a screaming baby daily.
I feel like mostly since this is my outlet, it sounds very much like complaining about this amazing life ive been dealt. So when I read from Becky "write something challenging you at the moment" I thought OH, I can do that. But decided no, Im gonna change it up a little. 

While most days, I am counting down the seconds til my husband walks thru door from work; there are days  that make the "bad days" so worth it.

Having 2 under 2 has it challenges but if also has it advantages. I get to see my girls interact in ways Ive never seen longer spaced out siblings. The way my youngest {Kensley} looks at my oldest, is unreal in itself. She is constant in awe of her, trying to mimic things that she does. If Kennedy is in the room, Kensleys eyes are locked on her. She is doing things by leaps & bounds & I know its because of her sister, she longs to get up & go with her & I can't wait for that day to come. As for Kennedy, there are days when litterly she wants nothing to do with her sister & will stay as far away from her as possible; but most days? The first thing I hear in the morning coming from her room... "SISSY? SISSY! AKE UP! SISSY COME ON" or making sure she gives her kisses before she goes to bed.every.night. hearing "I ove yo sissy, oh mush" Is enough to make my life in that moment. On the days Kensley is inconsolable I can look over Kennedy is trying her best to make her better. Just this weekend she took two ornaments & was clinking them together cause that was making her happy, 

Sisters are such a special thing I know cause I have one & I feel so blessed that I was able to give that to them. There was a time, many actually I questioned myself. Was Kennedy supposed to be just a only child, was I meant to do this, was my infertility & risks the second time around the God putting road blocks for this life I was supposed to have. & now I am embarrassed & ashamed I ever ever thought those thoughts. This IS the life for me, I WAS meant to have BOTH of these miracles in myself, & our struggle to get them here make us all the more grateful.

So that is what I came up with! These humans are amazing be everyday, I may complain that I havent showered in days; im STILL in the yoga pants I was in the when my husband left in the morning til he got home, I rarely have it together, someone without a doubt is crying/screaming at my house at any given moment; & if you were to randomly stop by my house during the day what you may find behind my door may scare you; but this life in all its messy-tantrum-ness has been so amazing, so even on those "bad days" im thanking my lucky stars for this life.each.and.every.day.

CBL: Cut down our tree!

2:59 PM

First off the list!
We go every year to same place, cut down our tree; get our picture taken. 
I always cant wait {even tho we take one of our own} to see our picture from the previous year in their album!
We were so sad when the own came up to us & we caught up; talking about how we first started coming when we were dating; & he told us next year is the last year :(
In the mean time tho. We enjoyed it just as much as we did years past!

We borrowed my MILs truck, cranked up the Christmas music & was on our way!
Trying to explain a Christmas tree to a 2 year old is hard!
"a twee momma? we get a twee?"
Ok So let me just explain:
Brandon DID NOT tell me my hair looked like this haah
it was FREEZING. so we left the girls in the truck to find the free & i was trying to put my coat of my head, rubbing my ears & stuff to keep cold.
Pretty much the is a disaster photo, BUT, its not like this was a photoshoot anyway.
The girls can look back & remember what a goof momma was haha

this is Kennedy trying to tell Kensley to smile
I will always mourn not having the 2008 pic! :(
Also, You think maybe its time for me to get a new coat?!?! hahaha

Kennedys SECOND Cinderella birthday party! {the details}

8:44 PM
Can you believe it?
Shes TWO! I dont know how it happened! I feel like I started planning her party months ago...ok its because I did. I really really wanted to put alot into this birthday. Last year I was SO sick from being pregnant with Kensley & in & out of the hospital every other week, so if I had not of bought some things from Hobby Lobby that spring I wouldnt have had much for her birthday.

We were between two themes, Minnie & Cinderella. We decided with the Cinderella. I was shooting for only spending $50 tops for the party excluding food & her dress. I was going to make all the decoration with my Cricut. Which would save us lots of money. That in mind, I booked the cake, & started looking for a seamstress to make her dress. I knew I wanted a cinderella "inspired" dress. Not a costume. Something unique & not cookie cutter. 

The whole about 6 weeks before the party was a wreck, I get her dress. It is NOTHING, like what we talked about or even dress, yes I freakin drew what I wanted & it came out awful. THEN my old sister stole ALL of my cricut cartridges, including the to make her stuff. I looked it up on eBay & of course its retired & way more than what I wanted to spend on it! 

Things started to look up, a momma on the Matilda Jane board, gave me a great price & re made a dress for her. &  I ended up enlarging a cinderella printing it & cutting out each one myself. It was totally time consuming but it was my only option.

Here is what the ceiling was SUPPOSED to looked like but all the way around...it ended up falling the day before & I had no energy to re do.

Just about everything for the party was a 1 dollar or less.
I ended up doing the whole party {again minus food & the dress} for a littlle less then $30!
 I made little chalk board signs, from $1 serving trays with chalk board paint on the inside.

 the cinderella banners, were free; I had the paper & just printed the image off google images.
Sugar cookies I made from scratch, & bought the Cinderella cookie cutters on sale a few months ago for $2, there was also crowns.

Another $1 try with plasic silverware that came with both for $1.

The clock we already had but took out the battery to keep at midnight, & had the book as well. My mother in law picked up all the pumpkins for a a couple dollars, I painted them white & put glitter on them.

I did cake frosting no the pretzel "wands". Microwave the frosting & use just like it were chocolate then refridgerate over night. I added cotton candy to the bottom of the jars so they would stick out enough to grab.

 Pack of wands were $1! 
The party favors were just in cups {$1} with cotton candy {.98 cents a tub} with plastic gift wrap {$1} with the wand in it!
The drink was just Sprite with frozen blue Hawaiian Punch! SO GOOD.
The cake was done by Cakes by Laurie. It was the biggest purchase for the party & worth every penny. 
It was SO perfect.

Of course I couldnt get a good one of her dress. She is constantly on the move. Here is one from before the party.
The crown: Target
Necklace: Made my Me :)
Bracelet: come in a gift
Wand: Walmart

Pictures of the party up next!!

Our Christmas Bucket List

4:24 PM
Hopefully I will be better at taking pictures of these one then out summer bucketlist!!
Bring on the Holidays!!

Kensley- 6 MONTHS

9:52 PM
I am little behind. But better late then never!

Kensley is 6 MONTHS, crazy.  We just like Kennedy had a little half birthday celebration for her! & like I said last time, one thing I have learned with this babies is tomorrow isn't given. So if I want to celebrate the first amazing 6 months of my babies life, im gonna dag-nab-it ;)

I look at her & I just can't believe it, maybe its because she is such a peanut. I am not sure.
Its becoming more real 6 months in, I have TWO kids. I mean like the last 6 months of craziness hecitness hasnt? haha I think the first 6 months was just a blur honestly. I was/am SO tired & keeping up with both of them all the days just blurred together. Now that she is crawling & the girls are playing, it is amazing. Its letting me sit back a little, take in my girls. I am just so blessed. So incredbiliy blessed. I just don't know what I did to deserve them. They are my world.

Dear Kensley,
6 months baby girl, 6 months. I remember this time last year I WAS so sick. We didn't know if you would even be here today. I didnt even know if I would be here today. I look at you & can't believe you are mine. You look SO much like me, & I love it. I love that we have that speical thing like sissy & daddy have. There is something about having your daughter looking like you that seems just so special. You are just a absolute joy, I thank God daily for choosing us to your parents. We are so truly lucky.   This 6 months has been amazing. Its so fun to watch you grow, & turn into you. Daddy & I always look at you and say "how big you are" when really you are still sucha peanut. This has been such a fun month!

Heres what you've been up to this past month:
 You started sitting up months ago then regressed & wouldnt sit up at all! Then out of no where started again. You started crawling! Ok well I wouldnt call it a REAL crawl. But you army crawl like nobodies business you are SO fast. 
Food: You started babyfood & love it!  Although you much rather have whatever is on our plate or so you seem to think, you grab EVERYTHING. You are still exclusively breastfeeding, & loving it.

Sleep: We transitioned you into your crib. You are still sleeping thru the night, waking up at about 5ish to nurse I just keep you in bed with me to snuggle the rest of the morning

You are now in size 2 diapers & weight 13lbs! & in 6 month clothing!
We had your referal appointment for your eye & then have your pre op appt at the end of the month to schedule your surgery for your clogged eye duct. I am so scared, but anxious to get it done at the same time!

Your favorite things
Momma iphone
Your sister
bouncing in your bouncer

You laugh, you are so ticklish! You babble. & boy do you have things to say. You & your sister yelled back & fourth to one another! Its so funny! Pretty much anything your sister does is hilarous to you. You watch her every move & it warms my soul to the core. I see a relationship/bond forming & I couldnt be more proud of bringing to humans into this world to be together.

Your firs'st this month: First Halloween  first time smashing cake/tasting sugar, first baby foods, first time crawling, first time trying a sippy.

We can't imagine life without you here. Thanks for making this the best 6 month of our lives!
Love, Momma

Click HERE for Kennedys 6 month update, which is when I got my first script our first cycle of fertility meds!