6 weeks of Kensley

1:56 PM

2 of the newborn pics I took

This poor child has 2nd child syndrome so badly, I had a post for every single week for a very long time with kennedy & this girl is getting her first one at 6 weeks!
Lets do a little catch up!

For the first 2 weeks we had weigh check every other day! It was exhausting, but you finally started to gain!
We found out your digestive tract was a little under developed, so you were having trouble gaining but it would a-ok by your due date! & that has proven to be true!
Your cord fell off 4/28!!
& you kinda have a outtie!

you were primary in preemie clothes up until about a week ago & now fitting very nicely into newborn!

You proved everyone wrong, sleeping thru the night & being a "good baby" which is a term i never understand; all babies are good babies :) but you had a temperament & sleeping habits of your sister.
Had you say? Yes im speaking in past tense. Why you might ask? Thrush. At your last weigh in I asked if you had it, they said no it was just milk curds. Ok cool. Then the pain started, I hadn't had really any pain nursing you but lord did it come on strong all of a sudden & then your mouth looked every worse. So off to the dr we went, & low & behold. Thrush. When people tell you to listen to your motherly instinct do my friends. Right after this, you started crying...pretty much 24/7 unless your nursing, & nursing? was hurting real bad. So we started giving you pumped milk which you took but would be angry you couldnt nurse.
We are both on meds now! You are all clear & im still in a little pain! But your crying hasn't quite stopped; its worse in the evening which has me thinking its colic; but you are quite as soon as I put you in the wrap with a white noise machine!

Its been kinda tough of me. When you wanted to nurse it was so painful & i just couldnt do it; I felt like the worse momma ever. & this whole colic thing? such a whole new ballgame for me. Sister was had the most quite cry & you, oh you my friend have a cry that you could hear blocks away. But thats the thing, you aren't your sister. You each are different babies & I am working on remembering that. & having no expectations on how you are growing! Believe or not this new for me too & we both are growing & learning!
Which after putting all expectation aside & really getting to know you has been so fun!
You already have such a personality! & your lip thing? I love. you stick it out so far when your sad or want to be picked up {which is all the time} You loved being praised & being called "pretty girl!"
Your hair is staying so far! Making me think you may have more of my genes then we think!
But your eyes? Your daddys. Just like big sister! They are turning into the most beautiful blue!
You now way 7lbs 2oz! Which is wonderful!
You have a little problem with your eyes, we thought it was a clogged eye duct but its actually cause your eyes arent developed enough, they werent ready to see all this bright light so they are making extra gunk to make up for it! Your left is clear now but your right is getting there!

Thats all I got for now! I promise to be better on these, cause lord knows I will hear about this one day....."why did you write more in kennedys book then in mine?!?!" ahh yes.

Summer Bucket List: Spend a day at the beach

4:47 PM

Our floorboards are filled with sand, the coolers ice cubes are now water, our shoulders are pink & now
"spend a day at the beach" is crossed off our list!

Oh it was fun, so much fun!
This was Kennedys first time to any beach.
It took a little persuasion but she got in the water, eventually walked ON the sand & LOVED IT!
We didn't end up staying as long as we wanted, we wanted to grill out & make a whole day of it but, it got up to 92 & we were just so hot & Kennedy was ready for a nap!
Kensley slept in her seat with a neat UV protector net we got just for this occasion.
Kennedy loved being in the water & holding her legs up while I held her hand so the waves would move her all around!
We would count "one two three" & then dip her.
She had a blast & slept like a baby all the way home!
Here our some of my favorite pictures of the day!

she is so observant of other kids! she loves just sitting & watching them!

sandy toes!

Girlfriends got things to say & you WILL hear what shes got to say ;)

Summer Bucketlist: the zoo!

11:45 AM
Well we marked one off! I revised it a little & put alot; cause Lord knows we will be back again & again this summer! Here is some pictures from our first zoo visit of the season.

I only now realize we didn't get any pictures of sister snoozing away in the stroller. She only woke up to nurse & get changed once so here is one of her right before we dressed her to leave! One of her many minor struggles we have had with sister is being able to control her temp from being a little early so she is LOVING this 85+ degree weather! Evidence:

Bug is kinnnnda a monkey addict recently due to her Curious George addiction so when she saw some in real life? holy peas. Girlfriend was excitied!

"es oh mun-kees mommas!"

I thought they didnt like water? Homeboy got IN the water to fetch some popcorn.?!?!
Different monkeys in the African Safari, this is the "ohhh-there is a baby mun-kee over there" :P
I die. Look at their matching feets.
Whats a momma gotta do to get a good pic?
Again, with the pictures girlfriend. Obviously momma got the memo.
The carosel may or may not have been a huge hit ;)
it took some major bribing & around 10 mins to get her out of the tree house!
Also? all the DQ's are gone from the zoo! They had pizza instead. One guess who was super happy about that?

After what seemed like forever in fountain we headed to the "oats" aka goats!
I was super excitied to see her with them since I grew up with them & we will be getting some when we move to our next house!

"SIT" haha

Ended the day with talking daddy into getting her a "kitty"

Summer Bucketlist!

12:17 PM
We are so excitied for this summer!
Here is some things we are hoping to do as a family!
Each one we cross off, I will write about :)

on being a momma of 2

1:25 PM
For me being pregnant I balanced between two emotions unbelievable utter joy for this new little baby & some serious fear.

Sure I wanted this baby more than anything.
But I also have this little adorable toddler that has been my WHOLE world for the past 17 months.

During my last weeks of pregnancy I kinda went into panic mode.
Was she going to hate me? How would she react? Would she hate her sister?

& most of all how was I going to react?

I know I know, loving another child just comes to you; & its true it does. I love Kensley just as much as Kennedy equally & with so much love I really think my heart will explode.

But right before I had Kensley, I am talking in the ambulance in excrusicating pain, I got very still & quite & just thought about.  CAN I DO THIS?

I found out pretty fast that I COULD. & felt so silly for thinking otherwise.

There is still alot of questioning myself I wont lie.
When I have to nurse Kensley & Kennedy wants my attention NOW; as she used to get on demand I just can't do. & sometimes when Kensley is crying & I pick her up after being on the floor playing with Kennedy, there is a head flinging back all out tantrum because I was picking up the baby again & shifting my attention off of her.

& when one is crying so the other must cry louder which happens at least every day. I question again CAN I DO THIS? Ive only ever wanted to be a momma & when you put that  job so high up on pedestal; I doubted that i would let myself down, that I wouldn't be the mom I dreamt I would be my whole life. But then...

I see this:
& honestly every question & doubt I have goes away.

I am LOVING being a momma of 2. I generally dont sit but to pump before 9 o clock at night.
I thought I would be exhausted {which I am} & not be able to get off the couch. But I do. My house is acutally the cleanest its ever been because I am constantly up & moving & following bug again picking up the next mess she makes. The dishes are always done cause I have to have everything clean & on hand for whatever my day throws at me.

I am learning to juggle both of their needs & wants & some days its a struggle. But most the time? I am having a ton of fun, chasing Kennedy in the backyard, or playing chalk with Kensley in hand or in the sling.

I am far from perfect, lord knows that.
I am still trying to figure this whole 2 under 2 thing out.

But; I am exactly the mother I dreamt & wish I would be.
A momma of 2!