Another day, & she is still sick. I really thought I had kicked it in the butt last night, boiling, lysoling & starting everything ASAP but I was wrong.
On top of that, Brandon & I are getting it. Both of our throats are killing us. Bug & I went to bed at 11 last night, well she was sleeping at 8 & we woke up at about 1:45 this afternoon only with minimal feeding inbetween & diaper changes she has the *ahem* runs, really bad. She has been sleeping thru the night since 3 weeks but this is some serious sleep-age.
 I am crying more than her, she actually quite smiley when able to breath easily; but it is hard for me not to be able to instant make her better.
We have come to a mutal understanding about the booger-sucker. THANK GOODNESS. I think she realizes it is helping her, so it isn't a drama-crying fest. & which being able to do it more often is helping her breathing 100% better.

On a side note, while looking for more vicks I found this:
I must have bought it when I was a nanny with one of the children & forgot about it. If you see the most below I was using the old fashion temp. Well this thing rocks, I was ify on the ear ones, but I did a compare with the normal one & it was off by .1 degree, it also gives you a reassuring smiley if the temp is normal. It also takes the temp in seriously like 3 seconds. AWESOME! Brandon thought it was the coolest thing, he stuck up his nose { i cleaned it} to take his temp, in Kennedys belly button, it was hilarious. My husband...I tell ya.

Anyway, I am off to give another dose of meds. I scheduled a post for tomorrow, but I will do a update on Kennedy being sick as well; if I get time. 

Thanks to everyone for the lovely wishing her to get better comments & emails. You all are so nice!

P.S. It effing snowing out side? it was 60 last week! UGHH.