Disney stroller rental

10:56 PM

When I was planning my Disney vacation I was SO overwhelmed! There is so much info! SO much to know!
I had alot of help from our Disney Travel Agent & from my own memory from our last vacation & there was a few things I knew I had to have on this vacation.

One of the them was a great stroller.
We flew in & out of very small airports. The girls had very little walking & the use of a stroller just wasn't needed with their ages. & lugging our huge double stroller thru the airport & rental cars was NOT something I wanted to do. However, the need for one at the parks was HUGE.

Yes, you can rent a stroller at Disney. But they are HARD & do not recline & honestly I wouldn't even want to sit in one.

We knew out hours are the park were going to be long & our girls needed somewhere to sit & possibly nap!

When I found Kingdom Strollers the angels sang!

They couldn't make it anymore easier.

You get to choose from a variety of luxury strollers & plenty of extra options {most free} like a rain cover {GET ONE!} & a cooler for your drinks! They will even put water bottles cold & in there for a small fee!!

We chose the City Mini Double. {colors vary}

Okay so after you choose, you let them know where you are staying. You can choose your Disney Resort like us, but they are also delivery to some area good neighbor resorts! Oh wait, did I forget to mention that? THEY BRING YOU THE STROLLER. I arrived at our resort somewhere around 630 AM to check in, & there it was at the bell hop, ready to go!

Your Stroller comes with a tag on it with your family name so it will not get lost in the bustle of stroller parking!

The girls loves the stroller. They had plenty of room & seemed to be pretty comfortable! ;)

Then when our vacation was over, cue sad face. We simply returned the stroller to where we picked up! Right at the bell hop at our resort & tada! That's it!
It is that easy!

Kingdom strollers doesn't do just stroller either! They have cribs and bedding too to make your vacation even easier!

Disclaimer:As of owner of this blog, I received services from this company. All opinions & feedback are my own.

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Dance Recital 2015

9:40 PM
Our 2nd year of dance! You can see last years photos HERE
We started a little late this year. But Kennedy grew so much in the short months left in the dance year.
I remember her first day back, someone said "it isn't like she is going to learn the dance by recital"

I of course didn't tell Kennedy such a thing, but boy did she blow that out of the water. 

Her love & passion for dance has completely soared this year! She memorized her dance in about 2 months, & was doing it without music! I couldn't believe it. She would see other girls being able to do certain things & would keep practicing til she could do them. She is so much more flexible than she ever was by stretching every day. She will ask to stretch at night! I am just SO proud of her.

When you put your children in these things you just never know how THEY are going to like. & she has showed me just how much she loves it!

Next year start a whole new chapter for her in dance. She joins the competition team & adding Jazz into her classes! She said she wanted to "shake her booty" this year, so I think she is going to be able to do that ;) & Kensley starts up ballet this fall as well! 

This years dance was so perfect & was to "A Spoon Full of Sugar". Mary Poppin is the girls' favorite movie! 

Anyway here is the pics that you want to see :)

Fourth of July

9:27 PM
What a weekend!!
We had so much & it was so nice to have Daddy home for a "real" weekend! Those glimpses of how normal families have it always nice every once in awhile ;)

We spent pretty much the whole weekend at the campground! We dont have a "new" camper yet, but while we were looking my mom liked one we were looking at; so we are using their old on in the mean time! It is so so much smaller than our old one, but it does the job!

On Saturday my cousin & his family came to visit & that was wonderful! We always love when we get to see them!

Every fourth of July isnt completely without tons of sparklers, of course!!


Kennedy was killing me with her expressions here!

This is my cousins little girl, my girls just adore her!

& we ended ths weekend with a trip to the zoo!!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend!