Sensory Project: 2 ingredient moon sand!

12:49 PM
Its FREEZING today. & we have cabin fever, I am constatly looking for good, cheap fun on the weekend to spend time as a family!
This was so fun & cost me maybe 5 bucks!

What you need:
Box of Cornstrach/Corn Flour 16oz {or more if you are making a big batch"
Can of Shaving cream {11 oz}
plastic container {i used a GLAD reuseable long dish}
clothing {optional, haha}
I suggest doing it on a non carpet surface, we did it on the kitchen floor with a sheet down & still made a massive mess!
It was worth it though!

Just mix equal parts of both corn starch & shaving cream!
Its that easy!
The moon sand doesn't stick to your hands & is mold able!

Kid approved.
Momma: Kennedy did you like the moon sand?
Kennedy: YES YES YES accompanied by toddler victory dance

So my best friend is pregnant..

11:10 PM
My very best friend is pregnant.
I hosted her baby shower last weekend, & in my panic to make everything perfect for her I forgot to give her, her card & letter.

So here it is, my letter to my very best friend before giving birth to her first baby. Its full of laughs & cries & is completely 100% us, so if you dont like foul language, skip this & just look at the pictures ;)

Dear Shelby,

In some ways I envy you. I envy your big round belly, constant admirers, and excuse to down your lunch, cheetos & a candy bar all in one sitting. I envy your time, your naps, your organized nursery and neatly folded baby clothes. I envy your ignorance; your wonderful, pregnant, pre-baby ignorance.
I don’t envy your birth, or more accurately your post-birth. You know this because I have told you the in's & outs of every detail, you don't even want to know about my births. I’m sorry because everyone says “the pain is worth it,” but fails to acknowledge how you shit glass for weeks afterward. I’m not sure why no one tells you this. Someone should tell you so you don’t call your doctor in a panic and say something ridiculous like, “I don’t think my anus is in the right spot.”
I feel like just yesterday we had our "fake" babies for Child Development class,luckily that class doesn't really teach you much on being a mom. Beings I broke my key, shooved my baby in a closet under some blankets for the weekend; & I turned out to be a great mom! None of my babies have been shooved in a closet for the weekend..yet ;)
Theres a few bits of advice I want to give you, cause I am your best friend & its my job to tell you these things: 
Breastfeeding is super tricky. Even tho we have been going steady for the past 9 months, I hate to break it to everyone but its not "the most natural thing in the world" & the whole "it shouldn't hurt" I call  bullshit on, cause its does. If it ends up not working & you go formula, don't feel bad or think any less of yourself, you won't go to mommy hell.
 Secondly, there is gonna times after you have the baby that people say that are gonna make you want cut them; these things could be similar to:
"you need to him on a schedule.."
"is he sleeping thru the night yet?"
"its such a magical time isnt it?'
"don't you just love being a mommy"
& my favorite " just wait.......followed by something equally as annoying as before said comments"
or when your walking thru the grocery & everyone tries to touch your baby, & they WILL no matter how much blue you put on your child they WILL call him a girl.
Hold back, fight the urge.
Thirdy, after the baby there is blood; lots of blood. Like some SAW movie crazy amount of blood. Ive found it best to just  not look. Don't look down there at all
& Finally: Call your mom, turns out; they do know everything. Just don't tell her that.

In all seriousness, I can't believe we are to this point in our lives. Us BOTH, having children.
I want you know how proud of you I am. I see you already becoming this beautiful soul of a mother. The thought of you the day you have him, looking down at him for the first time; seriously makes me want to cry. Ive been telling you about this feeling & now you get to feel it. Its so amazing. 
& I know you wonder how do I KNOW your going to be a great mom?
I know because you have been my best friend for years now. You have picked me up when I am crying. You have comforted me when Ive needed it the most. You have given me the best advice & given me a swift kick in the ass when needed. All of those things you will do for you son. 

There is something about when your best friends becomes a moms. They "understand" my lack anything other than yoga pants, why exactly its been 2..3..4. days since my last shower & join "the club".

& while I am so excitied to welcome this beautiful life into the world I am excited about being there. Being there for you, like you have been there for me. Showing me what its like to have a best friend while being a mom. Its different then. Not only are they mostly likely the only adult conversation you will have weeks, but you need your friend to let you know you are doing great job. & friend, I am gonna be there for that. Im gonna be there to cheer you on, to remind you its all gonna be ok & help you figure out "is that chocolate or poop" cause babe, that is a more common question than you would think.

Your beautiful, Your amazing, Your gonna be the best momma, for this I know.

I will pray for you.
I will pray for your son.
& most importantly I pray for your first post-labor poo.

You know Im just a phone call away.
Welcome to the club.

Love you always,

& now for the baby shower pics!
I designed every.single.thing.
from the cupcake toppers to the diaper cake :)

'Ready to Pop" popcorn bar!

popcorn bags

my two year old drinks a bottle.

6:18 PM
Ok so she doesnt.
But the title got your attention right?!
If my title had been my two year old still breastfeeds I think, half you would have been more pleased than to see it replaced with a bottle, correct?

Well I am here to tell you my two year old DID drink out of a bottle.
Put your pitchforks away.

We had full intention in taking away her bottle when she turned one.
I mean that what everyone says, so naturally; it would just come that easy that we would do that.
We got her some what weaned, but then I went thru all the preterm labor & was in & out of the hospital & she totally regressed; it was her "comfort".

It also helped her acid reflux a night, sucking on a bottle of milk always helped. She wouldnt fall asleep with the bottle in her mouth, she would actually drink the thing down then throw it across the room when she was done & was fast asleep. Which is the only time she would have it after she turned one with exception of a ocassional nap.

I know your gonna come at me with some orthodontic mo-bo-jum-bo but my girl looked at her bottle like a BF'd baby looks at nursing. She was doing it for comfort.
We dont {normally} force a BF baby to give up nursing the day after the babe turns 1. Yes, there is more benefits, but the baby is seeing it as one thing: comfort. Just like bottle was for my girl.

If I had a penny for every side look I got when saying Kennedy got a bottle at night, lordy; I would be rich. "really?" "still?" YES & YES.

The night before she turned two, we gave her a bottle to fall asleep & told her, this is your last "baba", after this you wont get one ever again. She said ok, baba go bye bye.
& our bottle relationship was over from that day forward.

Why am I posting this?
I recently saw a momma get the wrath for this, yall when your baby is ready taking away baba or paci will be easy. When you get past a certain age I do thing more intervention is needed. But for the most part? Trust your instincts  my number one go to for all momma advice. I knew she was fine, her teeth werent rotting out of her head, she doesnt have a crazy over bite, my girl went thru a huge transition with a new baby in her life all the while still being a baby herself.

Don't fret, it will happen..
Don't let those evil looks & glares get ya.
When your babies ready, it'll happen :)

2012- our year in review.

11:35 AM
First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope this year is so special & wonderful to you all.

2012, was a amazing year for us.

I started with my long battle with bedrest with a toddler & pre term labor scares!
We took kennedy to the circus for the firs time!
& started on Kensleys Nursery
Celebrated Valentines Day
More labor scares

We had a CRAZY heat wave for Indiana

St Pattys day


We celebrated Easter

Daddy turned 27!
Our dreams came true & we became at family of FOUR!


We settled into having 2 babies!

 We enjoyed warm weather

Kennedy moved to a toddler bed!

Kennedy started book buddies & toddler tuesdays
Jessi came for the summer!
We celebrated Fathers day
I went to Art Fair!
 On our anniversary, My uncle got in a horrible accident; & we spent the remainder of month going back & fourth to Ohio staying in the ICU

We celebrated 4th of July
Sister started sitting up
Mystel & Jeremy came to visit!
I lost one of the most influential men in my life, my uncle.
We enjoyed the last of summer!

Annual Moms night out with Ally
lots of zoo trips:

Labor day weekend with car auction activities
For my birthday we went to Indy to the Childrens Museum!


Celebrated Halloween

Celebrated Kensleys half birthday!

Kennedy turned TWO!
& potty trained!

Kensley moved to a convertible car seat!
Celebrated Thanksgiving
Celebrated all things Christmas

2012 was unforgettable, but im SO excitied to bring on 2013!