still sick {quick post}

1:18 PM
We are still sick.
Well I should say just me, Kennedy just has a icky nose.
all better momma.
Which bring me to this baby.
The thought of a auto nasal aspirator kinda freak'd me out. But with the "boogie sucker" it was just back to far & it didn't suck long enough to get it out. This thing is the bees. Amazing. The only way she has been able to breathe since last night when Brandon went & got it at ohh 11 @ night! Thank you Graco!

That's all. Have a good day.

Like in my "so what" said I had a slight LH surge on my OPK Tuesday night, Wednesday afternoon -, night slight line then this afternoon the darkest it has been but not quite as dark as the control line, BD? Most likely.
I should just give in & temp, but with everything I do in the morning that is just one more thing. Ugh.


10:30 AM
how is it possible for an 4 month old to get a pre-paid credit card from her insurance?
On the back it says it has to be signed, umm do I forge my 4-month-olds signature?

so what wednesday

10:21 AM

I haven't link'd up in so long, So i thought I would today.

I am saying so what to..

  • If I cry when I watch "One Born Every Minute" like every episode. every single one.
  • If I haven't wore matching socks in 2 weeks! 
  • If I am giddy as a school girl about going to Disney World in May/June
  • If I have only had two boyfriends my whole life, my second is my husband. 
  • If sometimes when I get home I wait probably longer then I should to let the dogs out of the cage; some days I just don't want to deal with them. {bad dog-mom}
  • If my living room looks like a episode of hoarders, ok its not that bad. But i feel like like death, & laying on couch with bug being sick together is better then cleaning.
  • If I never want to leave Kennedy.
  • If I am totally ready for summer, but the thought of a swimsuit sets me to tears.
  • If I had a slight LH surge last night on my OPK, but didn't BD cause I just didn't feel like it.

What are you saying so what to?

Folic Acid.

2:07 PM
*****note I am not a Dr, this is just the research I have found & was given by my Dr, always ask your dr about how much you can take*****

I sent one of the pictures below to a fellow IF & RPL friend. & She was dumb-founded on why I was taking Folic Acid. I also, was commenting to another blogger about my morning TTC regimen explaining a Dr I had saw about my RPL said there was a study that showed taking Folic Acid reduces your risk of miscarrying. I didn't know if I believed it, but hey I was already taking so much what is one more itty pill! Well that is the one thing I did different with  cycles before Kennedy.

So I thought I would do a short post for those TTC, thinking about it in the future & for those who are TTC with RPL.

There was a study in Sweeden that showed women that had low folic acid levels were FIFTY PERCENT more likely to miscarry! FIFTY PERCENT.

It is always recommended that women trying to conceive take folic acid before they become pregnant and into the first trimester, in order to reduce the possibility of birth defects. Folic acid is crucial in the development of the neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord of the fetus. & since over half of pregnancies in the world are unplanned most women do not know they are pregnant til the 4th of 5th week of gestation. At this point, important development has already taken place, and without folic acid, the risk of birth defect can increase by as much as 70%.!

So how much folic acid should you be taking? A month before conception you should be taking 0.4 mg{400 mcg} Then while pregnant it jump to 600-800 mcg while most prenatal vitamins have 800mcg; it is also recommended those with RPL, take 4mg {4,000 mcg} a day. 

I take 1,200mcg a day which includes a prenatal plus a addition folic acid tablet.

Again this is only one study, & it could have been just GOD's will that I didn't miscarry; but I will be taking my folic acid again this round, just in case.


4:53 PM
I took Kennedy into the Dr cause she spiked a fever. She is ok, just need another med for her nebulizer! We take her to our family doctor; whom I've been going to since I was 5ish. He then asked why my files were being shipped all over the place, since I am leaving my old OB/GYN I was going to do consult with other drs {high risk} & he gets faxs of everything that happens!

Well turns out he can take me on as a patient! with my high-risk-ness {yes I made that a word} But if I start to go early, due to in my cervix {which is incopetent} I would have to sent somewhere else. Anyways, he wants us to do clomid NEXT cycle. He said "times a wastin" which we know. But we REALLY want to do a few cycles naturally, with twins already in both of our generations & the chances with clomid; we need to be fully ready to take that on! & we don't know if we should do a cycle with clomid at all because that maybe our sign we shouldn't proceed. SO MANY DECISIONS.
 Also,he was SO much more positive than the Dr I am leaving. He said it is only a slight incopetentence, rather than my cervix is DONE-ZO, so I may be able to carry alot longer than we were originally expecting!

So AF, is gone. I am hoping I get a positive OPK & hope it doesnt take us over 6 cycles to get pregnant again!

weekend recap

10:14 AM
Friday we rented The Switch.
A scene all too fimilar with her charting on the back of her bathroom door haha
& stay in cuddling as a family :)
which is my kinda Friday night.
PS the movie def not as funny as they made it out to be. Needless to say, I wouldn't buy it.
Saturday I had a early morning session with an adorable 6 month old.
then we headed up to the carter's outlet
& threw down almost $200!
Got some seriously cute stuff, & her summer wardrobe is pretty much bought!
Plus, we got so many stamps I got alot for free too!

Then Sunday was spent with both families. We spent the morning and afternoon with my family they had just gotten back from Jamaica {LUCKY} & spent the evening with the in-laws!

All around great weekend!
What'd you guys do?


5:36 PM
I dont know if you know this, but I LOVE hello kitty.
So in turn I Kennedy does too :)

& yesterday we found this adorable-ness @ H&M
the outfit not the baby ;)

10 things not to say {part 2}

10:30 PM
I am doing a second installment of "what not to say" after the huge hit my "what not to say to a new mom/first time mom" I really felt like I had to post one of what not to say to some one TTC {trying to conceive} just to avoid anything in the near future.

I google'd it, & got some of the exact stuff I have already have experience either before Kennedy, after I found out I may not be able to carry, & just yesterday after my post.

I will say I know all that has been said I know was not done in malice or ill-willed. But, if you really don't know what to say the best thing to say is "I'm sorry you're going through this.  I know it's difficult, and I hope things work out for you.  Let me know if there's anything I can do."

On to the list, in no particular order.

{1.} you need to relax!
The fact that rape victims can get pregnant puts this one to rest pretty quickly.  I can't think of too many situations that are more stressful than that.

Of course, I was experiencing anxiety over this, but telling me that I need to relax sounds like you're blaming me.  Infertility is a kind of illness, a malfunction of one of the body's systems, so please treat it that way. & mine is unexplained at that. You wouldn't tell a cancer patient that she'll get well if she will "relax", would you?
When TTC Kennedy, I wasn't ovulating; that has nothing to do with relaxing!
Also, although I have a problem getting pregnant, my biggest problem is I can't stay pregnant.

{2.} This applies to right now.. You already have one, be thankful
I have & will never ever lose sight of what a miracle Kennedy is, but that doesn't take away from the hurt that we may not be able to have another & that we have a strong desire to have another.

{3}  You want kids?  Please, take mine! {or you don't want more than one anyway}
I get it raising kids is hard. I already knew this. & no I don't want yours, I want my own; hence the ongoing trying & charting & OPKs ect ect.
or when I am with a friend with her kids & they act up "you WANT this?"
{4} Oh your still young, it'll happen.
I'm not that young and how do you know it'll happen? Can you guarantee me ovulating this month? can you guarantee I will carry this one to term? 
{5.} I wish I had that problem!
So you're...what?  Hyperfertile?  There are things you can take for that, you know.  Now please go away before your water breaks on my carpet.
{6.}  There are too many people in the world anyway.
Thank you for that, if I do get pregnant I will make sure to kill myself right away to even things out.
{7.} If it's meant to be it will happen.
While, I say this. It instantly hurts when someone else does, cause its like saying I wasn't meant to the have another child, while I have a strong feeling in my heart I was meant to be a mom..of more than one child.
{8.} There is probably a reason for it.
What my baby is going to be the next hilter? 
{9.} Do you really want to be pregnant, it sucks {go thru another rough pregnancy} 
My dr actually had the nerve to say that to me.
All I can about this is, with every complication besides pre-term labor I loved going thru, that is why I think being pregnant after a struggle is so different {my blogger friend Holy, put it into term perfectly HERE} morning sickness in my mind = im STILL pregnant, & my baby is growing! The heartburn,back pain, uncomfortable-ness, weight gain I LOVED; & would do again in a heart beat.
{10.} "I know what you mean, with our first one it took 2 months to get pregnant."
even if we get pregnant right away since my dr SAYS my fertility should be tip-top after bug, I still sigh at the fact how long it took us to get Kennedy.
Like I said above if your not sure what to say, I honest think the best thing to say {to me} is really just "man, this just plain sucks"
I hope this post will help not only those who have heard these things, but those who are trying to support loved ones going through this.

what do all these have in common?

10:02 AM


are you ready?

11:30 AM
*please read privacy on side bad*
for the news?

do you wanna know?

are you sure?

hehe ;)

Well, this is actually quite serious but very exciting!
I loved all of your answers on what you thought the news was on the survey, & some of your answers made me tear up on why you come back to my blog! you all seriously rock.

Now back to it.

about 75% of you were right, we are TTC!!

I know, *gasp*

let me explain.

If you are a active reader you know that at my post-op; I found out my chances of carrying another child are pretty slim. We could try now, but there are alot of complications come into play. So, I am supposed to go back in um a week to find out my "fate". Well I am not going.

I understand there is a lot of judgement right now going thru ALOT of you heads, & that is why we are keeping this pretty private. So if any of you reading this know us in "real-life" like over on my sidebar asks; please keep what you read on here to yourself.

But guys this is what it comes down to, Brandon & I can't deal with that fact that we never tried. I don't want to go on & on for year but just a few cycles & if we don't get pregnant, I truly feel that is GOD tells us listen, "this is it for you". & ya know what? we will be ok with that.

But we are gonna give this one more shot.

The longer we wait, the great chance we have of never carrying.

It gonna be hard, really hard. But with the help of our families {since i will probably be on bedrest practically my whole pregnancy} I believe we can do this.

Yes, we understand the complications, & no we aren't ready for them. But, we want more than one child, & I think we are entitled to try. & whatever GOD gives us to handle we will take.

I am hoping you all will fully support us on this decision, because you guys have been such a great support group so far. & since no one but family will know about this; you guys will be rock thru it all!

So where to go from here? I am calling new ob/gyn's today to set up interviews, & see where we have to go with a high-risk dr & go from there. I want one set up & ready to go if for some reason we were to get pregnant this cycle {hey a girl can dream}

Speaking of cycle, I thought I may have to start Provera but AF came a knockin yesterday evening. {for all of you momma bloggers that don't know the TTC lingo, i will post a key over on a side bar soon!} 

& today is CD 2!

Got my FF all reved up again, I am not temping this cycle. I will the next along with PreSeed. 
I don't know if we will do a  cycle with Clomid, we will take that hurdle when it gets there.
But we are banking on my fertility being tip-top {again a girl can dream}

Well there is the news, feel free to ask question, email anything!
But I am very excited & I hope all of you are too! :)

Lilypie Trying to Conceive 21 to 37 day cycle tickers
11:07 PM
nope not the exciting news yet

but wanted to thank everyone that has taken the survey below thus far, if you haven't yet; umm do it! :)

I haven't really touched base on how Kennedy has been!
She is back to her normal self, BUT; we are pretty much dependent on a nebulizer
we do it 4x's a day
if we don't she sounds like she can't breath at all.
my vicks vaporizer is on constantly; & my home sounds like a vicks factory
I don't think it is so much her being sick, but I think maybe the crazy doctors were right on the mucus in her lungs
so the albertol should clear her up within a few weeks

she looooves the mask! 
I do the mask just when she is awake, purely cause she loves it
i do at least two a day when she is sleeping & just use the handle

if she didn't look so happy, these would break your heart

exciting news & survey!

3:11 PM
..that you will you will have to wait to hear, but soon enough ;)

gotcha thinkin huh?

what do you this it is?

in the mean time, we are a Avent using household
& I noticed they have 4 month bottles that have training handles on it
& it also comes with a slit nipple, & sippy cup replacement insert
the slit was a no-go, way to much at one time
but since she is pretty much holding her bottle by her self all the time, we would try the handles!
have a little trouble on learning to tip it when it gets low, but i was proud ;)

take this plllease, it is anonymous!

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another sneak of family pictures! *UPDATED*

9:35 PM
this one I really wanted to do, but was terrified to try! But kennedy was litterly sleeping like a rock & this went flawless-ly & she caught it in like 10 seconds from us putting her on there to running in the car!
she litterly slept the whole second half of the session never waking up with us passing her back & fourth & everything haha
So if you live in the Indiana area, well first call me as your photographer; but if im booked the def hit up Morgan Ruth Photography! ;)

a day in bed

6:19 PM
these are actually from a few weeks ago, but me & her did the same thing today :)
I was just to lazy to get my camera!

chubby belly 

it happened.

11:00 PM
today I became offically the worst mom in the world.
I put Kennedy on the couch sitting up in the corner of the pillow & back of the couch. I was between the couch & the coffee table cleaning it. & she wants so bad to sit up by herself she always does like a sit up thing...
....& that is when......

she fell off the couch.

I cried, she cried.
It was awful.

On a side note, we randomly decided to do family pics today.
I have been wanting some obviously but I am always behind the camera not in it!
I had sooo many ideas, but just couldn't do them.
My photog friend said she would help me out!
& she totally got my vision!
Here are some sneaks, I will add some more thru out the week!

Photographed By: Morgan Ruth Photography