3 giant cookie cutters for easy Christmas Cookies

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3 giant cookie cutters for easy Christmas Cookies

I love baking for the holidays! It's so fun! The Christmas cookies on Pinterest are great but sometimes a couple dozen in & the girls are now bored & uninterested and it's no longer a Christmas cookie Hallmark movie seen, I just gotta use up the dough & make enough to give to friends & family.

Target, Wilton & Williams Sonoma apparently has been there too because they are both selling HUGE cookie cutters that cut over 20 cookies!

Targets Giant Cookie Cutter

This one is like $15 and there is nothing that makes me happier than a bargain during the busy holiday season! I can check off an item on my holiday bucket list in one swoop!
This cutter makes 24 cut-out Christmas cookies!
Wouldn't you know it's from our girl Joanna Gaines from her Heart & Hand with Magnolia Target line. I feel like she made this because she has been in my very situation! The thing, of course, is cute itself, it could be decor without even using it!


William Sonoma Giant Wreath Cookie Cutter

Next is the Williams Sonoma giant cookie cutter. This one offers way more variety in different cut-outs which I love! This handy dandy tool has you covered too, just roll out your dough and you are basically done. You press the giant cookie cutter in & you have 24 easy Christmas cookie cut out just like that!


This cutter only cuts 14 Christmas cookies, but hey! You're still knocking a lot out! I am obsessed with the little car & the Christmas tree on top cut-out!


23 amazing 12 days of socks advents for this Christmas

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22 amazing 12 days of socks advents for this Christmas

You know when everyone days the month before Christmas anything you ask for your mom will be like "Okay, but it will be a Christmas gift" even if it's a new toothbrush?

Well, these sock advents are the perfect answer!
You get socks & a fun advent out of it!

It also isn't overwhelming being only 12 or 15 days, not an entire advent of 25 days!
& honestly who doesn't love fun socks? Why do they make us so happy? I am not sure, but I am here for it. My feet are always cold.

Our elf normally brings ours, the girl looks forward to it every year because I am a boring mom & only buy them white socks. Mostly because I can put all of the white socks in one bin & not have to match them. You just pick two socks & no matter what they match!

I hunted down all the best days of socks box sets I could find! 
Ya'll there is like A LOT of options nowadays. Like ALOT. This ended up being a lot of work!
Which will be your favorite?!

Disney 12 days of socks

I mean, of course, I had to start with Disney socks!

This Disney Parks holiday food set is the one I would buy myself!

WOMENS Mickey & Minnie socks

Perfect for the classic Mickey & Minnie lover in your life. I don't know what woman wouldn't want these on their feet & if they say they wouldn't wear them...they are lying ;)

Lilo & Stitch 15 days of socks {Womens}

Honestly, it's about time Lilo & Stitch get more love! This set is for 15 days instead of 12!


For womens Disney princess socks there is two options! 15 & 12 days boxes!

Toy Story 12 Days of Socks

Can't forget about the Toy Story lovers

Disney's Frozen days of Socks

How can you have a Disney category without Frozen! I am so pumped for Frozen 2! There are women's &  girls in this & I think this would be such fun for mom & child to do together!

Jurassic Park Days of Socks

For your dino lover!!

Jojo Siwa 15 Days of Socks

I know plenty of you have a JoJo fan in your house! They will love these!!

These ones are a little bit more subtle JoJo

Minecraft Days of Socks

LOL Surprise 12 Days of Socks

We did  LOL days of socks 2 years ago! My girls LOVE anything LOL!

Star Wars Days of Socks

Buddy the Elf Days of Socks

I'm jealous these come in men's. Maybe I could just get the smallest size & wear them myself!

Cat Lover days of socks

Who doesn't love cats? Well, me... but I don't mind cute cartoon ones on my feet! 
The box KILLS ME!

Holiday Critters socks of socks

Harry Potter Days of Socks


Men Marvel Days of Socks

Game of Thrones Day of Socks

12 days of sock game of thrones for the GOT lover!


Everything you need to know about the Polar Express in French Lick, IN

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Everything you need to know about the Polar Express in French Lick, Indiana

My post about the Polar Express & YouTube video get a ton of views & I can't help but think how disappointed they must be when they land on there, because blogging back then was really just talking about your weekend & what you did. & from what I can tell they are coming to those pages for info!

So I thought I would make a post giving the info they are looking for! It's been 2 years since we went last, however, we have been several times so I've become quite the expert on the Polar Express in French Lick.

You watch our video below. Note: GoPro video quality is MUCH better just years later. The video is so so dark!

1. Get your tickets early

I put a reminder in my phone to buy my tickets at the end of JULY. Yeah, I know crazy. But, these tickets sell out quick. However, our last time going you could buy them already for next year while we were there. So, if you can even think about Christmas time the following year DURING the current Christmas time, you buy them starting in November the year before.

2. Ticket Info

There is no novelty ticket like the one in the Polar Express but I print them from HERE & have the girls carry those to give to the conductor for him to hole punch.

Currently{2019}, they start November 6th as the first weekend and run til the day before Christmas Eve.

Ticket prices {currently as of 11/2019}
COACH -- $40

Car selection: I personally don't think what car you in makes a huge difference. If you choose first class the dome car is very neat!
NOTE: if you want to purchase first class, you must purchase the entire table. Tables sit 4 or 2 people.
Assigned Seating: there is no assigned seating in coach, only assigned cars. If you have a bigger family or group, for sure arrive early for the best chance at all sitting together though.
In first-class, you are assigned by table when you purchase your tickets.

Are Polar Express tickets refundable?
Really think about the dates when you book, as you more than likely are making them months or a year out. Tickets are non-refundable and not transferable to a different date.

 Also, there is never a Polar Express promo code.

3. What to Wear

This is totally up to you! My girls always wear their PJ's in true Polar Express fashion. One year we had to layer as it was very chilly, another year it was very warm & were good to go with just PJ's. Us parents do not wear our PJ's, however, I would say 75% or more of parents DO dress in theirs as well. Wearing PJ's children or adults is not required at all. Go in whatever you would like!

NOTE: the cars are very drafty. Dress warm if it is cold outside. Bring a small blanket if it is very cold.

Pro Tip: take a copy of the Polar Express book with you. They play a narrator reading the book over the speakers, it fun for the kids to follow along as they read.

Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

4. What all happens? Where do we go?

From their website :
THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is a re-creation of the classic children’s story on board a real train. Passengers are served hot chocolate and a treat by dancing chefs, enjoy a reading of the book by Chris Van Allsburg, and receive the first gift of Christmas (a silver sleigh bell) after Santa boards the train to greet families. Elves lead passengers in caroling and fun holiday activities on the return trip to French Lick.
Surprisingly, I have seen some bad reviews on trip advisor for the ride. So many people were complaining that the elves were just high school girls. & I am semi confused because... I am trying to imagine what they were expecting? Actual elves? Nevertheless, the elves ARE what I assume are highschool girls. They go above and beyond with the kids. They are lovely singers. On the way back, they play games with them and get the kids to get up & dance.

The hot chocolate is always good, & very hot hot hot ;) The Christmas cookies aren't anything to rave about. Just a generic grocery bakery cookie, but still delicious. We didn't ride this for the quality of cookies.
Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

Where do we go: 
Why the north pole of course! :)

How long is the ride:
First, please please do arrive early. There is fun stuff to do ahead of time & plenty of photo ops. They depart promptly at your reserved time. They will not wait for you. If you are traveling to get here, like us, leave with ample time! We leave with wanting to get there a little over an hour early.
The ride itself is about 70 minutes long.

Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

5. Extra Fun

-The ride itself is enough. But, after you pick Santa up at the North Pole he comes on board & you are able to get a professional photo taken with him on the train. Then, he gives the first gift a Christmas. Just as he did in the Polar Express, it's a bell. It's great quality & engraved with the "Polar Express" on it & tied, of course, with a red bow.
Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

-They have a gift shop full of amazing souvenirs. Like the conductor's hat, light-up wands, you can buy the actual book there, ornaments etc. 

-There are a few photo opportunities while you are there. In the gift shop, they have where you can buy prints on-site or buy them on a USB. Every time we have gone the best purchase for your money is to just buy them all on the USB.

Polar Express train ride, Polar Express, French Lick, Polar Express French Lick

- Activites tent, they have a tent full of fun things to do. Lego table, coloring pages, a huge board to write a letter to Santa. In there, is where you can also pick up a Polar Express newspaper. This makes a keepsake as it has the date on it!


Hope all of this was helpful when planning your ride on the Polar Express train ride in French Lick!