Beckett Wesley

12:03 PM

He's here!
There is something about when your friend has a child. Particually your very best friend.
The love that I have this child is much like the love I have for my own.
He is so perfect.
Red curly hair like Mom & Dad.
But the part I love most? He has his mommas nose & lips.

Welcoming life is just
The little bassinet, the little stripped hat, the tiny mittens so they dont scratch their faces.
Those hospital rooms hold so many stories, stories of such joy, yet fear.
I will always remember who visited me at the hospital, who stayed, who held my daughters during those first days of their life.
I hope when Shelby looks back at the day her son was born, she can remember the feeling that I did looking at the people that love her, & most importantly that baby.
I hope I captured that for her.

You did it, Shelbs.
So proud of you.

Kennedys Favorite Toddler Apps!

9:42 PM

We love all the cards by iTot. I haven't downloaded the counting one on my new phone since I broke that one but I recommend that one too. This is hands down Kenendys favorite. She could sit for hours just swiping over the cards. We bought the upgraded verison so she could hav e more of a selection {1.99} She learned so many words I would not have taught her as they aren't in are day-to-day life. LOVE. Lots of caterorgies to choose from as well. We always choose "mix it up"

This app is great for recognizing colors. Kennedy loves the praises when she gets one right. I love that when she gets one wrong it eliminates the wrong one. Only part of the game she has challenge with is when it asks to "touch the different color" but with time she will understand what that means.
This is a new app to us introduced by our friend Lauren. We just in the past week learned matching. So it was a bit challenging at first for her to learn to drag the letter to match up with the same letter. But after she got the concept she does pretty well. The letters as you are holding them down make the sound of the letter & say the letter when it put in the right place. Great for learning their letters.
This is a close tie to her favorite. We are obsessed with shapes right now. Learning them, finding them in everyday objects. This is matching & shapes all wrapped together as one. We love love love this app!
I love the customization on this app. Kennedy doesn't know some of the animals pictures on here, cause well some of them are funky looking. They name the animal,color, shape ect. & you click which one they say from 4 options. You can customize which ones you want to be asked. Like for shapes Kennedy doesn't know rhombus, so I just check mark what we are working on; triangle,square,star,circle, heart ect.! 
& there you have it! Our favorite top 5 apps!
Just for show of attention/entertainment  Kennedy is 2.

All About Kensley: Feburary

8:00 PM

any attention big sister will give you
playing castle & princess with kennedy
bathtime, recently standing up in it & bounching up & down
mac & cheese -- hands down your fave
mickey mouse
playing your piano
cooking/playing on the play kitchen
mommys iphone

getting dress
getting your diaper change
pretty much anything that involves you NOT being naked you hate
when Mommy makes dinner , you stand at the gate & SCREAM the whole time
when sister doesn't give you attention
when the dogs like your face
getting buckled in your car seat
you eat everything we eat, well have been for awhile now
you are cruising along the furniture
tonight 2/11/13 you stood up unassisted & just walked several steps down the hallway- you sat down & wont do it again
you say: mama, dada, hi, eye {bye}
& mimicking noise like: moo, whoa, growling noise, & the word mickey
you give kisses
your nursing less & less each day
\you clap & play paddy-cake