American Girl Doll Dollars!

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American Girl Doll Dollars

I don't know about you all. But we are knee-deep in the American Girl obsession over here! Kensley loves the bitty babies & twins. Kennedy is now into the "big girl dolls" & Kennedy lives, breathes, sleeps her doll. She has very much wanted another & I wanted her to "earn" the doll rather than us just give one to her


Which brought me to "doll dollars"! I was messing around & came up with these! Since my girls are young a visual is always helpful but these work great for big girls too! I made these for her earn & keep track of how much she had to get her doll.

I didn't make these to be the actual dollar amount of the doll, just a dollar to earn up to however many you may choose for them. 3 dollars for cleaning her room. 2 dollars when she was caught doing something nice without being asked etc. It all is how you want to create your award system! As she earns them they go into the jar!

After putting it out there that I could offer these to other AG moms in a group the response was overwhelming. So, I decided to put them on here & create other options for yall to download. I hope you enjoy, I took a lot of time making these, &I am so glad you all love them & will use them in your home

Before you download just a few notes.
-When you share please share this post & not the link.
-These are for personal use only.
-When printing this is how they came out best for me. After you SAVE, view them in the PICTURE GALLERY, then click PRINT.  Then click the 3.5x5, uncheck the FIT PICTURE TO FRAME & click "4" in "copies of each picture. *you, of course, can choose to make them bigger*

I tried to think of all the dolls that most are wanting, but there is also a dollar with a group of girls for maybe if your going to the store & your child hasn't picked which one she wanted. There is also just a AG star one if they are saving for a accessory or outfit! :) If I missed someone comment below & I will try to make one & give link for it!

Click the links for each doll.

American Girl Doll Store Chicago

Snow Day Fun | Top 5 Snow Toys

12:46 PM
I don't know about ya'll but we got ALOT of snow.
A lot is melting, so before it goes here are some great ways to have some fun with snow before it goes!

& you guys, number 3 is a real thing! I mean. Amazing.

1. Snowball & Snow Fort Maker | LL Bean // 2. Sno- Marker | POOF Slinky // 3. SnoBall Blaster | WHAM-O // 4. Children's Shovel | Wader Toys // 5. Family Snowman Kit | LL Bean