Amazon Sweater Try On

11:47 AM

Amazon Sweater Try On

It's sweater weather *inserts SNL skit*

I am all about the sweaters.
& obvs love the over-sized sweater trend.
butttt being mid-sized it's hard to find one that is:
1. Flattering 2. Doesn't make me look homeless
& most importantly WHAT is with every sweater being cropped right now?!

After some trial & error & annoying returns I found some amazing, flattering & great quality sweaters at great prices on amazon!

I broke down all the sweaters to shop, but also added everything at the end including shoes, hat ect.

I am calling it & saying this is best fall sweater!
The knit is so luxurious! The color & fit is perfect!
For whatever reason this didn't have a tag & I saw that in the reviews too!
From what I could tell, the back & front are the same. IDK hopefully I am not wearing it backwards. However, it looks pretty cute backwards if so! ha!

 I am all about the wide sleeve trend right now!
Since it's still so cold in the Midwest for the Spring I feel like this one would transition well into the Spring! & I love a piece that can do that! I also really love the neck on this!

How annoying am I saying every one of these are my favorite! But I think this one really is!
This one is truly over sized. I would size down. I like wearing this one off the shoulder!

I hate, hate that I can't find my exact sweater. But, I found this one that is very very similar! Its a waffle knit & the reviews were glowing!

This one is obviously not a fall sweater, but is from Amazon & what i will be lounging in all day!
I love this off the shoulder. It is for sure see through. I wore a tank under, but I saw someone on the reviews wear a bandeau & some one with just a sports bra & all were so cute!

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Gifts for the Nutcracker ballet dancer in your life

1:57 PM

Gifts for the Nutcracker ballet dancer in your life

Kennedy has been in the Nutcracker for a few years now! It is her, & the rest of the family's favorite time! We look forward to it every year!

If you have a dancer in your life that is in the Nutcracker, I am sure like it is to her, it's a very special time for them. The Nutcracker is a big deal in the ballet world. & for most dancers, it is for them too. Kennedy looks forward to it all year round. 

Every year we get Kennedy an actual nutcracker to celebrate her dancing in it. We like to get one that signifies what role she had that year if we can. But I also like to get her a little something else too. It is a lot of work to be in the production. Early into rehearsals, I might get her a sweatshirt to wear in, a bag, water bottle, or like this year some nutcracker scrunchies for her bun! It's always a hunt to find cute stuff, so I put together a fun list of things I loved that I think your dancer will too!

I broke everything down into categories, but everything is at the bottom to just click on & shop!

These are all so cute! If your dancer has a principal role, there are some role-specific tops too!
The "I can't I have Nutcracker" is in my cart!

These are fun little things to give!
Something for the LEGO lover or Barbie lover! I like the idea of giving a nutcracker ornament too & thought this precious moment one was so sweet.
Kennedy LOVES adult coloring books, she will love a nutcracker one! & I got the elf on the shelf nutcracker outfit for the day of performance! They will get a kick out of that! I am thinking of using the cookie cutters for sandwiches! 

Ya'll already know I love a themed jammie!
How can you choose they are all so cute!!
Love the ones with a matching doll gown!

These are the scrunchies I got for Kennedy! The socks are adorable! & love the jewelry! We got Kennedy a similar bracelet a couple years ago!

                   AT THE STUDIO                  
These are so great for taking to dance! The water bottles are so cute & I love the themed bag to take to rehearsals!

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Kohls Mini Fall Try On

10:08 AM
If you're sleeping on Kohl's you are really missing out!
I am obsessed with their LC Lauren Conrad line. The jeans are AMAZING.
& their Sonoma brand is killing it this fall!
This is just a small try on with some things that I got in!
Everything is so comfy & fits so great!!

"AGAIN 20"

I have never done flannel really before! But I'm obsessed with it! I like it by itself but then I decided to add the cardi & I am obsessed with this whole outfit!

 I love the arm coverage on this top! I get self conscious of my arms, & it a great long sleeve to conceal them, then the ruffle adds so much fun to it! I'm ordering every print they have! It looks like this solid is sold out.

I bought this top in 3 different prints! The tie-dye is so trendy & it isn't too grateful dead! The fit is really relaxed & reminded me of the Disney spirit jerseys!

 If I had a dollar for every leopard cardi right now...I would buy more leopard cardis! LOL I love it & I generally do NOT do animal print! This is the softest & I love the leopard prints color & size! I am in the large here, & want to try a medium. I feel like it runs generous for sure!

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Halloween Pajamas Round Up

10:11 PM
Ya'll know I am a sucker for holiday-themed clothes, but I have an extra weakness for holiday-themed pajamas! I love all of these, & I feel like with Halloween there is no gender-specific kind!

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