another month & more new things to share :)

  Bunnies By The Bay Security Blanket: She has it in a actually blanket but this thing is so small & so soft, Kennedy LOVES it. She grabs it & puts it up to her face or shakes it {it has a little rattle noise} it instantly comforts her, & I for see it being in her life for some years to come. Its a little pricey for such a little thing, $20, so hopefully we wont be lossing it anytime soon. They have them in blue too for little boy :)
Nivea renewal creme.First off let me say this upfront, I am a wrinkle creme fanatic, to the point that I have been using wrinkle cream...since.. I was 16. {dont judge haha} anyway, now that I rarely have time to do my at home facials or put on moisturizer during the day, & sometimes not even wash my face. This stuff ROCKS. I put it on at night the instant moisture is great & last thru out the next day, when I don't wear makeup..which is often anymore. So if you are a skin-freak like me. Try it :) 

Leg-a-rooz. They make changing diapers soo much more easy, & are super cute. I always get compliments on them, she can obviously only wear them in the house because it isn't quite warm enough to wear them outside, but for now they are def making daddy's life easier, he doesn't do well with buttons down the legs with sleepers.

Parents Choice Cloth Wipes. I lovee these wipes. First, They are cheaper than a "name brand" but totally work the same if not better. Secondly, they are so much better than a normal wipe, they don't smear the "ickys " around, they don't tear & are gentle enough that I use them for in between bath days for "wipe baths" 

Gain Febreze air-freshener. Ok so this this isn't a essential, but if you are as obsessed with the smell of gain as I am, get ready to fall in love. MMMM :) 

Mylicon Gas Drops. They are seriously a life-saver. I don't know how many of "those moms" told me they are a waste of money, & burping works just fine. UH, NO. She has really really bad gas bubbles sometimes, & with her reflux it makes it worse I think. This instantly, & I mean instantly makes her feel better & helps her get those big ol' bubbles out. Lots of mommas use all different kind, colic calm,little tummies; which do you love?

What is getting you by this month?