Strawberry Freezer Jam

9:39 PM
Our summer has been pretty laid back this year. Its been wonderful. But until nationals is over, dance is still a almost every day thing. & since it is, somehow strawberry season came & went without me even realizing it. I went to go to our usual place; & everyone was done for the season. 

I asked my friends on facebook, & we found a place. It was a little bit more of a drive than I was hoping but it was SO worth it. The grounds were amazing, the family was nice I wanted to take them home & it was the perfect weather.

We ended up with around, 9 lbs of strawberries!
The girls will easily eat all 9 lbs of them. ha!
But they can go bad rather quickly, so I love making strawberry jam!
I don't really have the time to jar things, but freezer jam I can do!
Its super simple, & quick! & I love the idea of this jam being made by us with no outside dyes ect.
& holy heck is it delicious!!

freezer jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam

yields 4 half pints

2 quarts fresh strawberries {about 3 1/3 cups when mashed{
1 1/3 cup sugar
4 tbsp Ball RealFruit Instant Pectin

First, wash your berries. Then, you want to mash up your Strawberries. You can either do this with something like a potato masher for a chunkier jam or in the blender for a smoother jam.

Second, you mix the sugar & pectin in a seperate bowl. Then, add to the strawberry mixture.
Then, you mix them all together for about 3 minutes. I have the girls take turns because I have a small attention span & get bored! LOL

Third, You ladle them into your jars! Make sure you leave some room at the top!

I let mine stand for about 15-30 minutes with out the lids on before I get settled before I freeze!
& there you have it!
I told you so simple!!

freezer jam

Here are some questions I got on my Instagram today!

How long does freezer jam keep?

In the freezer jam can be kept up to a year! When its in the fridge, it keeps about 4-6 weeks!

What do you store them in?

I use just a glass ball jar, but you can use any freezer safe container!

Do you have to use strawberries freshly picked?

No! I like picking them mostly because of the experience, & it is cheaper {in my experience} to pick & pay per pound at a farm rather than the store. But, you can use store bought & get the same result! Just make sure they are ripe!

Teach Your Child Good Habits + Giveway

6:41 PM
Am I the only one that gets pretty sick of constantly repeating themselves?
Shoes...brush your teeth..get ready for dance ect.

I hate that it can turn into arguments.

I feel like I have very accurate age appropriate responsibility expectations for my girls.
I know what they are capable of doing & what they will need me to help with or do myself.

This smart watch isn't your typical kids smart watch.
There are no games. It has a very simple interface & even simpler kids friend operations to control it.

On your phone, you make a profile for your child, or children.

Keep in mind, this is her summer wake up time :P

I choose to just get one for Kennedy as I feel she is at the age where she can take on more, & be held responsible for more good habits than Kensley.

After you make your child's profile, You set their schedule. 
You can make one time entries, or can make when weekly occurring.
& you sync with your child's watch through Bluetooth. 
I love that the bluehtooth is on only for sync then turned off so your child isn't exposed to the frequency the whole time.
When it's time for the event you have put in, it gives a gentle vibration, when your child does it they just click the side button to confirm its done. If they don't complete it in 15 mins {or however long you choose on your app} it reminds them again. Each prompt is a simple icon that easily recongizable for your child.

You can also purchase this neat nightlight companion, that also doubles a charging station for your watch at night. It is magnetic & super easy for little hands to just tap it on to charge.

Are you loving the sound of this for your child in your life too?

I am having a giveaway to win a watch & a nightlight charging station on my Instagram! Head over there to enter!

If you don't want to wait to see if you win you can purchase the watch with a discount HERE with code: MRSMUMAW

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#mfamilyfridays Family Movie Night Ideas :: The Incredibles

8:38 PM
Another fun themed family movie night!
With the release of Incredibles 2, on June 15th I decided the first Incredibles would be the perfect movie for our movie night this weekend!

I was a little low on creativity this one, but we still loved it!

 First off, Pizza! We generally always make homemade pizza on movie night. But I can never get it in a perfect circle so bought some pre made pizza doughs this time & used the toppings to make the "I" icon for The Incredibles! It turned out pefect!

Disney Incredible Pizza
 The grocery had these Juicy Juice, juice boxes & they were perfect!! I was afraid the icon would get all messed up after it was cooked, but look!! How perfect right?!

 I also made masks out of felt for the girls to wear! Use the template HERE

I also attempted to make this fruit platter I saw on Pintrest.. obvi was a huge fail! HA!

 & there you have it, for a simple Incredible Movie night!!

Summer Treats :: Homemade Fruit Popsicle's

5:39 PM

Blueberry Fruit Popsicle's 

It's summer & I can't keep any frozen treat in the freezer longer than 2 days!
My girls are outside from the moment they get up til they go to bed it seems & every hour I feel like someone needs a snack!

I found THESE Popsicle bags on amazon & decided I wanted to make a more healthy option for a summer time treat! These bag are so cool, & reusable!  I love that they have a ziplock like closure!

There are so many different recipes you could use to make these. You could even use a great organic juice just my itself & freeze. The options are endless!


What you need:
-Juice {I used Honest Juice}
-Blueberries {you could use any fruit}
- Vanilla Yogurt

Blend all together. I use measuring cup to pour into the baggies, a funnel would be helpful too if you have one.

Freeze for 4+ hours. 
& Enjoy!