We are alive! - What we've been up to!

2:56 PM
I *think* maybe we kinda sorta on a schedule now so I can get back to blogging.
maybe not quite as much but I will certainly try!

Whats been going on with us?

this little girl is FOUR yes FOUR months old!
I can't believe it!

We had a wellness check on Monday & she was 13lbs! she is SO tall, 87% on height & 42% for weight! She is blowing me away everyday with how awesome she is!
She started to army crawl & started sitting right before she turned 3 months! For being early she is SO ahead.
Kennedy is almost TWO!
We are going thru a tantrum stage, its testing me to say the least. It has gotten better; but for awhile I was seriously afraid to go in public with her.
Its been SUCH a adjustment for her. Going from having me full time, to now sharing me with this little baby that was thrown into her life. There was to no way to prepare her as she was so young & it hit her really hard. With adjustment to Kensley, 4 teeth STILL coming in the & infamous "terrible twos" I have had my hands full!

This whole two under thing?
I am getting the hang of it. I keep waiting for it to get "easy". But I dont think it ever will. It has gotten easier. & to be honest I dont want it to, I worked so hard to have to these little people in my life, why would I think it would be any different having them with me in my arms.

They are always teaching me something new. Teaching me patience, self control, boundless love & to enjoy the small things in life.

I thought I reallly knew who I was before; but they changed that.
I now know more then ever I was put on this earth to be a momma, & more importantly THEIR momma.

Every night I go to bed thanking GOD for them, & thinking to myself "it can't get any better"
most nights after a really trying day I thinking can I do this? can I handle this ? 
They do it for me all over again making more grateful & thankful for them then the day before. I love them a little bit more each day, after thinking there is no way I can possibly love them more!

Im pretty excited to be back blogging, having a little "me time" doing what I love {writing} & hopefully your reader will brush off the dust from my name & you all havent forgotten about us!