to whom?

Today oh montior, you will be taken away & have all of your memory downloaded.
We pray, the alarms that went off aren't over the limit & we won't be seeing you all year. 
If so, Kennedy will have Sandifer Syndrome & will correct it with meds! Which are just for reflux, no major meds.
But now, we say hello to...
The angel care monitor. This is for the nights that she is in her bassinet, tho rare we will have it & for whenever the time comes when we put her in her crib.

& after a Mrs. Mama did her review on the Snuza, it looks as tho this might be joining the family as well.

I am so so happy to get rid of the monitor. Not that I don't love the peace of mind I get from it. But with all the skin issues it has given us {kennedy is now completely discolored where the skin came from the pads now} I just hated seeing my child hooked to something. With the two products I mentioned, it won't seem so scary. 

Her breathing has been GREAT! Last week was a big hurdle, it was even harder for her with her cold. But now she is back to normal, & We haven't had any alarms at night or any episodes of her stopping!
This is all great news so now we wait for the results!