one of many to come newborn pictures

9:48 PM

Kennedy Leigh

6:21 PM
Proud to announce Kennedy Leigh, 7lb 5oz ,21.5" long changed my whole life on the 16th @ 11:49 AM & taking my breathe away every minute.

in labor!

10:31 AM
In labor as I type! Will update soon! I am going to be a mommy today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNEDY!

mommy's newest DIY project

8:51 PM
Kennedy's 1st Thanksgiving outfit! Made with love from mommy! (the tutu that is)
the onesie is a 0-3 im going to try to shrink it, if I can't. I am back on the hunt because finding one that is newborn has been brutal. I have not found any. But one, & it didn't have a turkey or anything on it.

Anyway. This is my second tutu attempt, the first was a sewing one & this one is the knot one which I like better. I need to trim it up, but other than that I must say my daughter will be one adorable looking baby on her first thanksgiving! GOBBLE GOBBLE! :)

37 weeks!!

2:32 PM
How far along? 37 weeks!

Total weight gain/loss: lord, i don't even want to know.

Sleep:  mm 20 mins a night? & maybe a nap if I am lucky

Food cravings: making pumpkin bread this evening. it sounded delish.

Best moment this week: got THEE cutest ralph lauren dress (one of my fav desingers) for drum roll please TEN DOLLARS! normally 40! so whoop whoop! Her RL collection is still small but growing :)
This is the dress but in pink! it comes with a diaper cover as well! & the horse is in a different spot it is up where it would be on a polo, which is why it was on sale instead of on the pocket like the picture. odd, but saved money in pocket :)
we also did alllll of the paper work you usually do when you first come in for delivery! Including her birth certificate & social security number paperwork, just had to leave the date & time blank! Brandon was smiling from EAR TO EAR. So adorable. 

Movement: still pretty painful, i have to push in her body parts which frequently

Labor Signs: 2 1/2 cm dilated & head stationed as of last thursday! & barely any contractions this week. Will update with dilation & what not tomorow after my appt.

Gender: pretty pretty princess

Stretchies: i dont even want to talk about it.

Belly Button in or out? not quite out but you can see it pokin thru my shirt!

What I miss: SLEEP!

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival anytime now!!!!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: making it another week!!

Weekly wisdom:  when having back  and pelvic pain, getting on your knees and forearms spreading your legs open shoulder-width relieves alot of pain (not as much as I would hope, but for those that haven't had a baby stationed for weeks, it would probably be more beneficial)  as well as "baby pose" for yoga. 

Emotions: happy, ecstatic, exhausted

cutting the cord.

4:20 PM
So I have to turn in my official birthplan on Thursday! I had already written for Brandon to cut the cord (I had just assumed this was a given), & when I was reading it to him. He kinda gave a funny look. & I asked what? Do you not want to? & he replies "uhh, I don't know" but he wouldn't answer why he didn't know if he was going to. I talked to my mom about it & she said she wanted to do it then. So today, I went & visited him at work to eat lunch & told him that my mom said she would if didn't want to. He had this huge fit, then finally told me why he didn't know. The poor man thinks he is going to hurt her. I couldn't help but giggle but felt so bad about it. I told him he def wouldn't be hurting her & there is a small chance he wouldn't even be able to with the cord being around her neck.

So my question is to my preggy friends, if your husband nervous about cutting the cord & I am werid for assuming all husbands/partners are automatically going to want to do it?

36 weeks!

5:25 PM
How far along? 36 weeks! HOLY COW!

Total weight gain/loss: with this halloween candy, im prob up 100lbs we will see hahah

Sleep:  still getting 45min to a hour of sleep a night

Food cravings: nothing really, im just eating everything in sight.

Best moment this week: painting my belly to look like a pumpkin :)

Movement: its gone down considerably. but she is running out of room in there alot of it when she does is very painful.

Labor Signs: 2 1/2 cm dilated & head stationed as of thursday! & as always contractions.

Gender: a daddys little girl

Stretchies: i dont even want to talk about it.

Belly Button in or out? still flat when she moves certain ways it comes out just a little but not a offically "outtie"

What I miss: nothing that i wouldn't trade for my buggy

What I am looking forward to: Her arrival anytime now!

Symptoms: everything. if it is a symptom of pregnancy i have it at this point haha

Milestones: making it another week!!

Weekly wisdom: As much as your husband thinks it funny to watch you try to get up off the couch, it isn't & gives you every excuse to slug him :)

Emotions: nervous,happy, ecstatic,PAIN