Mandy over @ a sorta fairytale
is doing a valentines day link up! 

I'm going to do a few of her ideas on an valentine post.

First, how we met:
I first meet Brandon when I was a sophomore in high-school he was an sophomore in college. He lived in a house that was pretty much a frat house. Anyway, My best friend had thee hugest crush on him & I tagged along with her to hang over there & be a irresponsible teenager. The first time i talked to him, my jeans completely ripped from the top of my jeans to the zipper. It was horrible, ask him about; know what he will say?
I don't remember you. RUDE. haha
He only remembers my bff.
We hung out a dozen times, & he has no memory of me. hmpf

Then fast forward a couple years, two of our mutual friends got a townhouse together, I was "one of guys" & was there constantly & so was he. He hated me. I hated him.
He was "so immature" & I was "so annoying" :p
We then became the best of friends & after a late night convo, we saw more in each other
& well the rest is history :)

so young.
The qualities I love about him?
-First off, he is the best father
-he has the ablitly to make me smile no matter what kinda of mood I am
- he loves for my faults {& there is alot}
-he stood by me thru infertility & miscarriages
-he continues to stay by me even after I may not be able to give him the family {dream} he wants
-his eyes are breath taking, & kennedy inherited them
- he treats me like a princess, honestly I wouldn't have to lift a finger if it was up to him
- we can be totally dorks together 
- his honesty
- he is not only my husband, he is my best friend
- he rubs my back almost every-night so I sleep
-he will sit & watch all my shows with me {including all the real housewives & my one tree hill obsession}
-he works so so hard to provide for our family & I can't talk about this subject enough

I could go on & on but we would be here for weeks, mostly he is just amazing. I don't understand how I got so lucky.
He is the best man I have met.
I only wish to be as great of a person he is.

Here are a few of my fav pictures over the years:

baseball game
dave matthews concert

my birthday

at a friends wedding

on a ferry, brandons first begals game!