Disney World 2018 Park Day 1

12:06 PM

Disney World Park Day 1

Our first park day!
We try to start our trip & end it with Magic Kingdom. It doesn't always happen because of dining but we like to!
& it worked out that this trip we got to start it at MK!

This day we didn't know til we got there & saw all the signs that they were recording the Christmas special for TV. The girls were really keen on trying to get on TV but we did our best to stay away from the filming areas! Brandon & I said how we must be old, because we really didn't know any of the musical acts at all! Ha!

We started our day with some friends at the hundred acre wood! For my guide on Dining inside the parks click HERE.

When we hit up Crystal Palace we always like to do the Pooh ride, right after.


Lefous Brew from Gastons Tavern! It is SO good! 

I didn't take a ton of photos this day, &  really any day. I am not sure why! I did video the trip & I am re caping each day before I put together a whole thing on YouTube! Check it out below!

iPad Lover Gift Guide

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iPad Kid Games Gift Guide

Tis the season for gift guides!
This one is for the iPad lover in your life.
I find that technology with kids can be a very taboo subject, especially with children it is often looked at as negative.
& I am the first person that doesn't do technology with my kids.
We have zero screen time during the week, & my girls iPads go weeks, & even months without being turned on.
But technology isn't going any where. & I know in some cases iPads come in handy with children.

ipad gift guide, osmo, square panda, tiggly, ipad games

So, why not make their screen time worth while?
Both my girls have learned tons that I couldn't get through to them, & even learned things without even knowing it thanks to great games on the iPad!

So here are some of our iPad games that get the most use at our house, that will make any iPad loving kiddo so happy this Christmas & their parents too!

ipad for kids, ipad kid games, osmo, tiggly, square panda

1. Osmo {iPad needed}
More than likely you have heard of Osmo! There are plenty of add ons now that we don't have that the girls are asking for Christmas. Kensley has really strengthened her number & letter recognition with this. & the both enjoy the masterpiece drawing apps the most! It takes your child's drawings & brings them to life right on their iPads! The girls think it is pure magic!
The Genius kit includes the shapes, numbers & letters
The Creative Kit includes the writing board & markers

They also have a great coding game, a hot wheels game & now a mystery game!

osmo for ipad, osmo, kids ipad games

Shop below:

They recently came out with a Disney collection, & you already know we had to have one! We got the princess one & the girls adore it!

Shop below:

2. Square Panda {iPad needed}
If you follow me on IG, you see this one alot. It's Kensleys favorite! & can accredit this & it's many games to her huge growth over the summer with letter recognition! Here's to hoping they come out with a numbers pack!

Shop below:

3. Tiggly {iPad needed}
These are geared I feel towards toddler, & early kinder kiddos! The math games are fun, & the girls love using the letters in the Sesame Street app as cookie cutters! They now have shapes which they didn't have before!

I had to mention these iPad covers. They first are so adorable. But they are incredibly durable, & the wings function as a tripod to hold up the iPad for viewing movies ect! There is also THIS super cute elephant one for something more gender neutral!
Shop below:

And there you have it! There is a game for any age & kiddo on your list! What are you favorite iPad games?

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What's in My Bag: Disney Parks

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Disney World Tips :

What you need in your bag for you day at Disney World!

I get so many questions on Disney every time we go.
Each visit, one question I get the most, is what do you pack in your park bag?
I am always wearing my bag or its on my stroller!
{I'll drop here, that if your bag does not already have a long strap to go around your stroller handle. Getting stroller bag clips is so helpful to give your back a break & hang it from the stroller}

Well I am finally getting around to it this trip & rounding everything up that you need to be prepared for your day at the parks!
Because trust me. Going into a full park day & not being prepared with kids, can really put a damper on the magic.

* make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for a packing list printable*

Ill have a post all about our stroller, & how we pack it later!

Before I get into whats in my bag. What I try to do when organizing everything that is in it by keeping them in separate clear bags. This helps security a breeze. All they have to do is pick up the bags & see straight through versus going through everything in your bag one by one. You don't necessarily need the plastic bags I use, gallon ziplocs work just fine too!

First this is the bag I use, previously to this Mickey & Minnie print, I always have carried a Petunia Pickle Bottom.
The quality is amazing, & it is perfectly made for a mom. It is technically a diaper bag. But I obviously have used it way past the diaper phase in our life. It has pockets for everything, & I can either use it over my shoulder or as a backpack!
petunia pickle bottom, disney bag, disney, petunia pickle bottom disney, petunia pickle bottom mickey

Here is what is in my Disney Parks bag:

disney world tips, disney world bag, disney bag, petunia pickle bottom mickey


- Battery Pack

You will be surprised how quickly your phone dies at the parks with using the MDE app alone. Add in any social media usage, & taking photos & your battery is dead just like that! I really love the fuel rods & stations to exchange them. But I always keep at least two battery packs on me to charge up my phone.

- Ponchos

Florida weather is very temperamental! It can down pour at any given moment. Sometimes it's brief & sometimes longer. Ponchos are always good to have on hand for that reason. But also, very important for water rides when you don't want to get soaked!

- Gum

This one is a little weird. But if you are a gum chewer, make sure you pack some with you. They do not sell any gum on Disney property!

- Ziplock Bags

This is also one you may not of thought of. They are great for on water rides for you phone ect. Now on splash mountain they give you one, but I am unsure how long they will offer that. Also, for snacks & treats that you don't finish while eating that you can snack on later

- Cooling Towels

These are a lifesaver on hot days! They are also great for wiping down seats on rides or benches ect after it rains or for rides with water.

- Portable Fan

Also, a must on hot days! The one I have is also, adorable. Which just makes you happier as you are burning up. I got stopped by so many people on mine. This one is rechargeable, lights up & has different blow speeds. It being rechargeable by USB was so great to not have to worry about batteries!

- Autograph Books  & Clickable Sharpie

Autograph books are of course optional, but I find kids really enjoy it. It also helps when kids get a little nervous when meeting characters. It's a great ice breaker. & so fun to look back at. The clickable sharpie is such a brilliant thing at the parks. No having to keep track of a lid & it makes it so much easier for the characters.


With kiddos having band-aids on hand is never a bad idea. But they are also great to have for sore ankles & other feet problems from being on your feet and & walking all day. Of course, first aid & the baby center have them for you, but sometime you just need one now & can be far away from getting one.

- Sunscreen

Trust me you do not want to forget this then end up having to buy it at the parks. Sunscreen can ring in at around $20 for a bottle! Yikes! I love the little to go size sunscreens to keep in my bag. Any travel size would be great for convenience but if you have a large family or need more lotion then most don't worry about bringing in the whole bottle.


Wipes can be used for anything. We have used them for anything from cooling ourselves down, wiping off tables or seats, & of course using them for messy faces & hands!

Like most of the general population. Momma don't have a thigh gap. Walking all day can quickly bring on the, ahem, chub rub, from the friction of your thighs rubbing together. Glide looks just like a deodorant {which I also heard works} that you use for your inner thighs that prevents that rub. This stuff is kinda hard to find. It's hit or miss at Dicks or other sporting goods stores, so your safe bet is to order online!

-Hair Ties

Because, you can never have enough. & you always need one when you don't have one.

Here's a little tip for you, all counter services will give you free ice water.
 But, and maybe I am just a water snob {its a thing} I think it tastes funny. & don't even get me started on the water fountains there {besides the one at Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios} bringing a water bottle with a filter is the way to go! Fill it up with the water you get & drink it through your bottle for the best taste

- Hand Sanitizer

Because germs

- Compact Umbrella

I know you are thinking, why do I need a umbrella if I had a poncho. But hear me out, sometimes there is just a small enough rain that you don't want to get out a whole poncho. & on hot days, a poncho can feel like a hot trash bag suffocating you. This umbrella is as big as my hand in the carrying case, & folds out to be a normal size umbrella! I love it!

Tripods are great for when you can't find anyone to take your family photo for you, or its too awkward to do so! I always keep a small one in my bag for my phone for this very reason. I also got one that stabilizes it, so I can take videos with out it being super shakey!

-Camera & Memory Cards

Make sure your camera is all charged up & good to go. Always remember extra memory cards. You don't want to have a perfect moment come about & your card be full so you miss it. & trust me, at Disney you are just destined to take a million photos!

Even though Disney is the most magical place. There is some people that come there, that aren't so magical. Up until this trip we had never had any issue. Although totally our fault for leaving them out, someone stole the girls lanyards full of pins this trip :( We did however take steps to ensure if something was stolen like my camera or bag were stolen we would be able to find it. These little Tile GPS trackers are easily put onto whatever, you can track where the item is right on your phone & also make it beep so you can hear if someone has it! It really gave us a peace of mind.

And finally reusable straws. While the parks haven't gone fully straw free, they are on their way. All places still have straws available, some aren't offering unless you ask. I foresee, them getting rid of them little by little. I carry them on me anyway, so I thought them along. In my little bag that came with them, it also came with the larger bubba straws. Those came in handy with slushies we really love at the parks. Much easier to drink from!

Feel free to print out the printable at home for you to use while packing your bag!

And that is it! That's my Disney Parks bag! I hope this answered all your questions! Is there anything you take with you, I didn't mention? I am wanting to find new things I hadn't thought of, or that would make our trip easier having on hand! Let me know!

Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast

9:52 PM

Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast

Like most of you I am gearing up for December, which means our Elf is about to embark on its journey to our house. I started racking my brain & the internet for new ideas for our welcome breakfast when it occurred to me that maybe ya'll were too. Then I remembered I never blogged our breakfast..I think the last two years! So I am going to go ahead and share our breakfast from 2016

This was actually my favorite breakfast! It was pretty simple & so freaking cute!

elf on the self, elf on the shelf welcome breakfast, elf on the shelf northpole breakfast, elf welcome breakfast, northpole breakfast, christmas pancakes, christmas breakfast

elf on the shelf breakfast, elf on the shelf welcome breakfast, elf welcome breakfast, elf on the shelf northpole breakfast

The pancakes we just added green food coloring & made various pancake sizes and stacked them on top of one another to make the "tree" then topped it with a gum drop!

The cinnamon rolls, we just added candy eyes & the antlers are pretzels!

  I put their syrup in little bottles which they thought was the coolest thing! It helped with syrup control & was so cute! Plus, don't act like you don't love the little bottles from Cracker Barrel too!